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Avril of Themyscira The young teller sat at the counter. No one ever showed up this late. She sighed, fixing her long brown ponytail.

Avril of Themyscira She jumped, looking around as the other two teller ducked. The manager's office wall was gone, and dust was everywhere. The one customer ran out as three guards came running.

Avril of Themyscira They fell, and the tellers fell, screaming. There was a strong looking boy with red hair, and an elderly man with a gray beard.

Avril of Themyscira The tellers only screamed frantically in response as the Wingcycle sped through the mapped Gotham streets.

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"God well ya shut ya trap darlin its buggin me " she pulled out her shooting gun filled with gases from posion ivy as she shoots it at her the gases killing her as harley smiled

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One security guard who had been up stairs begins to take pot shots at the joker with a large automatic rifle. But is trembling so terribly none of his shots come near.

Avril of Themyscira She stilled as the boy reached out to her, his eyes pained. They stared at the two helplessly.

Avril of Themyscira The old man stood, handing his keys towards them. "Take it," he said, his voice deep, masking fear.

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Harley was giggling behind the joker "Scaredy kitty" she said to the old main

Avril of Themyscira Nightwing leapt down from the upper level, slamming Joker's head into the floor hard enough to make him bleed and picked him up, throwing him into a crumbling wall.
((Hey Ben feel free to play the tellers!))

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Harley giggled "How could i kill the man i love Mr.J " she twirled her hair smiling

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The boy with red hair ducked below the counter and reached past the original teller who had been bound and gagged. He grabbed his helmet and slipped it on then checked the ammo in his pistol. Jason Todd closed his eyes, counted to three then leapt over the counter and landed a powerful kick to the back of Harley's head.

Avril of Themyscira "Red Robin! Sup?" he called, slamming Joker's head through the glass of the teller window.

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Harley winced in pain "My Joker you cant hear well " she giggled "I love nighty over there " she smiled cutely

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"Night wing! I heard you got my old job? Ain't it a hell a lotawork?" Jason called back pickling up Harley by the collar

Avril of Themyscira "What?!!" Nightwing called, laying a fist into Joker in shock.

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Jason looked at Harley in confusion. " I honestly dot know who to hit right now..."

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Avril of Themyscira "What old job? " he called in confusion. He leapt to the upper floor. "Double R come on!" he called, rewiring the ventilation.

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Harley kicked jason in the stomache "Dont touch me sweetie " she rolled her eyes

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Jason toppled back then stood up again. He sprung onto the teller window then up onto the balcony, moving decidedly less acrobatically than night wing.

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Glancing back at the two clowns he cocked his gun "which one you wan me to shoot, wing?"

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Harley gasped in pain falling to her knees letting out a whimper "M-Maybe if you s-spent time with m-me and treated me with s-some respect..i wouldve s-stayed with you..but batty was only l-love yourself " she said with a weak smile

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Avril of Themyscira "Shit," Nightwing called. He snapped oon a gas mask, tumbling back down like he was doing a stunt and landing, slamming Joker into the wall. He pushed Harley away, slamming him. "Joker!!" he called up through his com.

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Jason sighed "just fuckin' got up here..." He swung down again relying on his helmet to protect him.

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Jason grimaced under his hood "oh, damn, you did." He glanced at night wing then raised his gun and shot through jokers left arm

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Harley was trying to pull the knife out but hurt like hell as she whimpered again gasping in pain again

Avril of Themyscira "Jason get your ass back up there!" he yelled, turning his back on him and grabbing Todd's arm.

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Jason shook him off. "why the hell should I? He killed me, and you aren't handling him very well, and apparently you are in bed with the one over there who is currently bleeding to death!"

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"God..he should kill you again " she muttered pulling the blade out then weakly stood up as she threw the knife back at joker the knife landing in his stomache

Avril of Themyscira "I am not... shut your mouth!"he yelled, letting go and pushing him away roughly as he growled with anger. He grabbed the Joker's head and slammed it into a counter, making his nose gush blood, then he picked him up, sending him sailing through a window.

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Jason threw his hands into the air "I try to help" he mutters as he walks off. When he reaches the door he fires once into a large chandelier suspended above the odd trio. With a loud tinkling the light fixture crashes down around them. And Jason is gone.

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Harley winced pushing him back hard "And do you realize your ruined my life!?" she shouted at him stepping closer "You dont love anyone! You kept hitting me and hurting me for what? nothing it just pleases you yes it does..and what did i get in return..nothing!"

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(( felt like maybe I messed stuff up, sorry guys))

Avril of Themyscira "Damn Todd. Batman is hearing about this!" he screamed, pulling the Joker away from her and walking towards the door.

Avril of Themyscira ((No you made it awesome!! You play him really well!!))

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((No >< ben you made things much more epic xD ))

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Harley gasped and tried to get away "Why?! i thought you hated failed with me just like you fail everytime you try to kill batman!"

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((Ooh! Idea! Joker can in list the help of mad hatter to control Harley!))

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She broke away then kicked joker hard in his gut "Jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk! Coldhearted asshole!" she kept kicking him until he was against the wall

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((Oh gosh me poor harley in for a trip >3< ))

Avril of Themyscira Nightwing watched the two, sighing. He then realized the blood pouring from Harley. "Aww, shit," he groaned, pulling out his sticks and beating one into the Joker's head as hard as he could.

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She winced in pain her wound still bleeding as she slide down the wall her strength leaving her

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Jason leapt back in catching nightwing an throwing him down beneath the force of the blast

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Harley gets pressed into the wall her body burning with pain as she weakly said "You are right..i didnt get the joke " she said softly

Avril of Themyscira "Shit!" he yelled, wondering if Jason was okay. When he stood, the west wing entry of the bank was rubble and smoke. He coughed,looking for Todd.

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"Damn you, wing, why can't you leave well enough alone!" Jason said angrily jumping up and rounding on the joker

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Harley was bleeding badly her blonde hair covered in her own blood as she coughed some blood up weakly her eyes closed

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Before he could reach the clown, his leg gave out and he fell on a large pillar clinging it while he gritted his teeth in pain

Avril of Themyscira His eyes found Joker and he picked him up, throwing him through the wall and into the street. "I get it, and here's the punchline!" he yelled, slamming his head into the concrete so hard his mouth leaaked blood.

Avril of Themyscira He turned back, sprinting inside and handing Jason morphine. He stood, walking to Harley and feeling his back burn in pain. "Quinn," he said, pulling out his first aid and sewing her up, pouring medication down her throat.

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