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So, I have this theory that Katy might be pregnant?!?!?!?!?!!!???!?!?!?!
Like, they did it and stuff but what if the protection didn't work or something and she's pregnant and I can't even
There could be a baby Daemon..

Ok, I'm probably working myself up over nothing, but thoughts!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

I seriously doubt that Katy's pregnant. So don't get worked up about it. They used protection. And remember, Dee & Adam used protection as well. Cos Dee said she wasn't ready to start having babies yet. And Dee & Adam had sex like all the time. So I think it's safe to say whether it's alien dna together or alien dna & human together, if protection is used during intercourse, then it has a high rate of being effective.

i had a thought that it may be a direction that they go in the next installment once they wrap up where she's at now - but we'll have ot wait and see. i think that it would kind of be like 'jumping the shark' though since she's only in high school and that would be yet another thing to add to the stress and anxiety that she's living with.

I have thought that but...I don't want to get my hopes up for nothing(;

OMG! Seriously? I think she's going out there kicking everyone's asses, also that the DOD are going to change her from that warehouse so Daemon can't find her, she's going to super-develop her abilities and source. and maybe in the next book they all will try to save the rest of the luxen and hybrid... just thinking, it's going to be a pretty long time waiting.

One thing I want to know is if she would have one child or three.

I don't think Katy is pregnant. I think that twist is gonna come from Dawson and Bethany's relationship. I haven't read Shadows completely just a few chapters. But my theory is that Bethany gave birth while she was captured with the DOD and may be that was what she was mumbling about when they were escaping. But of course I haven't read Shadows so I don't know if anything really happened between Dawson and Bethany.

thats what i was thinking that she might be pregnant and when they get her out she might have alredy given birth to the kid and then yeah so thats what i thought
i hope she does have a baby though that would be so cute

Alli wrote: "So, I have this theory that Katy might be pregnant?!?!?!?!?!!!???!?!?!?!
Like, they did it and stuff but what if the protection didn't work or something and she's pregnant and I can't even

ooh yeah... They did make out make out?
After Lesa asked her she flushed ..... ooooh NICE

That would be so epic ;)

Something inside me goes "HECK YEAH LETS GIVE HER A BABY! ONE OF THE BEST PLOT TWISTS EV-A!!!" and then something else screams "NOOOOO!!!!!!" And I think that part of me thinks that it's a little to much like Breaking Dawn installment of Twilight. Sure, it would still be awesome, but it would turn some people off from the series, maybe.... IDK. Also, we don't know much about Luxen children, or how they grow up, other than quickly, and that's a lot to cram into two books when the 3 books before average out to about 423 pages, meaning that Origin and Book 5 will most likely be around the same amount..... Anyway, I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL JULY!!!!!

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I think that may be right too because they have to make her being captured, different then Beth's! & It would be a reason not to hurt her because they'd deff want to see how a human/alien baby would work out lol overall, I agree!

Anything is possible, it would certainly add a real twist to the story!

Thats what i was thinking... but then i didnt want to get excited for nothing if she isnt but i really think she is

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That would def. send Daemon over the deep end with trying to get her out asap. I think that Blake and Chris are going to play a part in getting her out in the long run, if Daemon doesnt kill him first.

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