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does anybody else love the stravaganza series too?

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fabby i read them all but the last book

Chris Read the first three, and have the next two to go. Ingenious and clever, though I feel a little disengaged with the characters so far, and the plots can feel a little contrived. But they're great fun!

Jayne I love them! It's a series I looked at for years and didn't bother reading but then once I did - wow I couldn't stop. I think Georgia was my favourite but all of the stories are great!

fabby yes they are great i don't have a favorite but i cant wait to read the new one ,not many people know them which is kind of sad because they are really good

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Meg I am on the first book, about 30 pages in. I was going to stop reading them, but maybe I shouldn't?

fabby you have to keep reading they become enthralling

Jayne Yes keep reading! It gets way better

Chris If you've ever visited Italian cities like Venice, Sienna or Florence it makes the reading experience richer, and if like me you're interested in the Italian Renaissance it's fascinating the way that Mary Hoffman recasts her love of that period in that country into something rather unique.

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They're really good but sometimes they get a bit boring like with all the politics and things but the story is great
the only other problem is im on #6 RIGHT NOW and only just got a copy and its been like three months since i read city of ships and I have forgotten almost all the talian charachters especially the ones who sound the same anyway
so thats a bit annoying and confusing

fabby this happen to me too so what i do is i skim the previous books to give me and idea and to remind me of what its about

Shayla Nuttall I loved these books!!! I will definitely reread them....And I hope Mary Hoffman considers continuing the series....I recommend this series to everybody!!

Marci I loved these books so much! I reread them all the time.

fabby i have yet to read the last book :(

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