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Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 800 comments Mod
Rachael's bedroom

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Aubrey Cheesedoodles (aubrey5150) | 77 comments Aubrey came in and started to get out her pot " Damnit! Where the motherfuckin fuck did i put it?!" She found it and got out her lighter. She sat down on her bed and started to smoke it.

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Aubrey Cheesedoodles (aubrey5150) | 77 comments (SSSOOORRRYYY!!!Rachael )
Rachael heard a noise in her closet she got up slowly and opened her closet door and a white and gray cat jumped out on her face "Aaaaaaahh!"

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Aubrey Cheesedoodles (aubrey5150) | 77 comments She clawed it off her face and calmed it down "Aw your pretty cute when your not trying to rip my face off!" She looked at the cat adoringly. She picked it up and went to find her parents

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Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 84 comments Mod
Chanel was wandering in the hallway when she smelled it. She knew the smell well. Pot. It was coming from the room at the end that was Rachael's. She knocked on the door even though it was wide open.

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