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Avril of Themyscira ((But there is no Batman!! Is there an Alfred or anyone?))

Avril of Themyscira ((Crap. WAIT! "Light buulb!" I'm quoting Gru. Why don't YOU play him. I bet you could play dark and intimidating REALLY well!))

Avril of Themyscira ((ooh...but. Noo! Trust me, I make a CRAPPY Bats))

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(xD i think damian would make a great joker! seeing how black is in the hunger games rp xP and for batman... .-. i dont really know xD i know my friend can rp batman amazingly ))

Avril of Themyscira ((Aww pretty please? *pouty face!!!*))

Avril of Themyscira ((well get them here!! They should be on alot tho))

Avril of Themyscira (kkayy. Harley could face bats and nightwing vs. Joker))

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(Yush! Harley takes on batman! ^^ )

Avril of Themyscira (okay...I'll try for bats i guess... can't do joker tho.))

Avril of Themyscira Bruce rared in to the cave on the Batmobile, opening the top and lifting Todd out. "Why..Master Todd? What has happened here Master Bruce?" he asked, pulling out a table and hooking it up to the monitor.Bruce laid him on the table, inserting an IV. "I'm not sure Alfred," he muttered, walking to the Bat Computer.

Avril of Themyscira (and...arise young Todd!)

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Jason groaned then rose onto one elbow, his other hand clutching his forehead. And rubbing his still closed eyes. "Fuuuu..." He didn't finish his curse because he began coughing sending specks of blood all over the table.

Avril of Themyscira Wayne came back, laying him back down and drawing blood with a needle, handing it to Alfred. "Put this in the scanner," he muttered, pulling his cowl off and running a hand through his hair.

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Jason flinched as the blood was drawn, and opened his bloodshot eyes seeing Bruce he started "Bruce?! How the fuck did I get here? I was in Penguin's icy wonderland... And then..." Jason looked down at his hands, still covered in the blood if the thug he had killed. Panic was visible in his eyes. " oh god" he looked up at Bruce. "Did it happens again?" He softly asked

Avril of Themyscira HE nodded, grunting and walking to the computer, pulling up his other tests for comparison. He came back and put his hands on the table, his eyes narrowing. "You know what's causing this. Tell me." he growled, compassion on the edges of his eyes.

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Jason laughed bitterly "Hell I know what causes it! I only know that three times now I have woken up with another man's blood on my hands and no memory of what happened. The best I can give you is that this has only been happening since" he shuddered "the pit"

Avril of Themyscira "Damn R'as," he muttered. He walked back over, and flipped him on his side, pulling out a needle and lifting his shirt and jacket to reveal Todd's spine. "This might hurt," he muttered.

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Jason struggle weakly. "Damn Bruce, I'm not a kid anymore, you can't just throw me around"

Avril of Themyscira "Do you want to die again? Because I'm not going to let you keep killing," he muttered, wiping his back. He began to press the needle in between two vertebrae. "Don't move. And if you kill anymore, you're benched. No debate," he warned.

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Jason gritted his teeth, not sure which was worse, the feeling of a needle slipping into his spine, or the idea that batman still felt he had control over him.

Avril of Themyscira As he pushed the needle all the way in, he began to draw the fluid, holding him in place.
((He should have like a girlfriend or something.

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((Yes, but whom?))

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Jason lay flat, every muscle tensed. God he hated needles. He decided to say so "God I hate needles, Bruce. You done yet?"

Avril of Themyscira He drew it out, tapping the clear spinal fluid as he bandaged him. "yep"
((uuuh make someone up?))

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((Just a regular civilian?)) Jason shuddered with relief as soon as the needle was out and rolled over onto his back, then swung his legs over the side of the table and sat up.

Avril of Themyscira "Todd, I WILL NOT stand for you killing people," he said, turning to the computer and inserting the vial.
(Yeah, then you have the whole identity and death thing)

Avril of Themyscira (Aww pweasee it would be dramaa))

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(lol damian did you see are idea for alice in the mad hatters wonderland thread))

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Jason grunted "you never did, and I abided by your rules while I lived under your roof" he stood, shakily. "But I've moved on, I don't want to be your enemy, Bruce, but I will be making my own way." Jason popped his neck, sighing in satisfaction. And turned to leave " let me know what your tests show, I'm living with Charlotte and her friend, you remember her, right? The zoologist we saved from killer croc? Write me." He opened a door and nodded to each of the men "Alfred, Bruce." And was gone.

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((She might not be a girlfriend, but he Is living with her))

Avril of Themyscira Bruce sighed, leaning over the computer. "I..I'm just trying to help him Alfred, but he refuses me at every turn. I don't...I don't know what to do," he muttered. "You will figure it out Master Bruce. Everything has a reason," he said politely, handing him a suit. "You have a dinner to attend sir,"
(Oooh you start I wanna play her!))

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((Sure thing, I think she should be a bit of a genius, I think we should add a new base though, redhood's apartment? Damien?))

Avril of Themyscira (Charlotte!)

Avril of Themyscira ((Thanks!!))

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((Thank you))

Avril of Themyscira (Should we just start here for now until it gets made?)

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((Soooo... Should we role play here?))

Avril of Themyscira (for now I guess. )

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Redhood arrived at the thirtieth floor apartment late that night, helmetless and bruised he defeatedly let himself in "Char? You home?"

Avril of Themyscira ((I'll move that post)

Avril of Themyscira Bruce sat waiting for his butler's return, drinking coffee.

Avril of Themyscira "Let me take your bad to your room," Alfred offered as he opened her door. She nodded, following inside and feeling her jaw drop. She had been here many times before, but it still made her jaw drop.

Avril of Themyscira Charlotte came to the west wing room on the second floor. She had stayed here twice before when she was younger and her parents would visit the Waynes. She grinned, flopping onto the mahogany four poster, with red covers, before rising and glancing out the large window

Avril of Themyscira Full of delicious food and a night of conversation with Alfred. She turned the tempurature up, undressing and crawling under the red comforter with gold silk sheets, settling into bed gratefully.

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There was a light rapping on the window and a large shadow stood on the window sill.

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Avril of Themyscira She sat up, pulling the covers to cover herself. She grabbed the letter opener off her bedside table before stepping gingerly onto the plush carpet and fumbling with the latch before undoing it and pushing it open. She shivered as the freezing winter air of Gotham hit her bare skin. Her eyes strained to see the visitor in the dark.

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Jason swung into the room, frowning. "And just what would that have done against a villain like Bane? For pities sake you are practically nude!" He said sternly, easily disarming her and pushing her to sit on the bed. He scowled for a moment longer then broke into a huge grin "and god I've missed you" he said sweeping her into a hug.

Avril of Themyscira She hugged him back, then seemed to play cross herself. "And wh..what is wr..wrong with a wo..woman sleeping in her b..b..bra and pan..panties?" she asked, flipping on the bedside lamp and putting her hands on her hips.

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"Nothing at all." Jason chuckled, "but for fighting of a potential kidnapper, well, let's just say it is less practical than nightwing's little costume." He grinned and scooped her up, spinning her around "how have you been Charr?"

Avril of Themyscira "L..lonely," she giggled, smiling as she looked into his eyes.

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