City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1) City of Bones question

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patch is not from city of bones but when i read hush they almost seems thesame,thesame attitude, sexy body and same sense of humor, which brings the question patch or jace

Okay if I were given the choice to choose between Jace or Patch, NO doubt would I choose Patch!<3 I really love the Mortal Instruments but Hush hush is addictive. I mean the attraction that Clary and Jace have for each other is nothing compare to the seductive desire that Patch and Nora posses. Something bad always happens to tear C+J apart and stuff. And they weren't even together until the fourth book, hardly anyways. Yeah I have to agree that TMI is refreshing from the whole werewolves/vampires that sparkle in the freaking sun light crap, but compare to the Hush Hush series, its nothing.

Hush hush to me has been the best series that I've ever read after HP that is. Nothing compares to HP:D Anyways Patch will always be a better man than Jace. He will forever be the best male character ever. He never once lied to Nora. He was always upfront about things, even if they would cause Nora to worry. And Patch always found a way to be with Nora even if it was dangerous.

Okay Jace wasn't at fault here. You know who the real culprit is? Clary. Oh gawd I love Clary but she was always the one pushing Jace away. Telling him that what they felt for each other was wrong. Bitch please if I were you, I wouldn't have cared. Why? Because the desire to be with someone you want should be stronger then what people might think. Nora never pushed Patch away for stupid little things. The times she pushed Patch away were because people were putting things in her head about Patch being evil and stuff. But Clary, nothing was stopping you. You were your own limitation.

Though I have to say that Patch and Jace have some same personality traits, they are nothing alike. Jace is light while Patch is dark. But when pushed, i'm sure that their roles can switch.

Cindy I very much agree with everything you have said
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Narlyn omg me too
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Oh my god. This is such a hard question!!! i love them both so much :( Patch is so, amazing! Jace is just...Jace haha. I think that Jace's physical appearance is more appealing, but personality wise i can't decide.

i am sorry Patch ( i love you) but Jace all the way!

jace! I love patch and all.. But I just have a better feeling about jace, I think that that is because i feel like jace has more humanity under his cloak of arrogance.

solo he leído CDS 1, así que con Patch

They seem like two completely different people to me, but I do have to say I am more fond of Jace. Patch is nice and all if you're into the major bad boy type of guy, but I think its a no contest that Jace is all around just a little better than Patch. Sorry Patch, still love you and all.

I love Patch...He is dark, mysterious, sexy, and bad ass...but Jace is all that and MORE!! JACE is my choice..


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Jeez thats a hard one....

Definitely Jace. He comes out with some brilliant lines.


JACE JACE JACE JACE JACE JACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUCH MUCH MUCH SEXIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what type of question is this? obviously jace he is so amazing and funny and sexy jace is a beast its the only way to describe him

What the hell.

No. NO.

Bad bad bad BAAAAAD!!!!!!

Do not mention that creature here again.


Wooo! I love Margarita's brain. Except I kind of hate Jace. PATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jace, jace, jace!!! I LOVE HIM

I love fallen angel stories, but couldn't get into Hush. I don't think it was because of Patch, more that the book had a lot of poor editing. So, I have to go with Jace. I'm a big fan of ALL of the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices and I'm anxiously waiting for The Clockwork Princess. :)

it has to be jace :)

I want to go with Jace because.... well there isn't an explanation. I mean, it's Jace so no explanation needed.

Oh jeez, a hard one.
I love both of them very much.
I love Patch's seductiveness, and I love Jace's sarcasticness.
I guess I'd have to go with Jace (sorry Patch ^^) because he's related to Mr. William Herondale, and I'd pick a Herondale any day over a Cipriano.

Jace (He's got a bit more character, I like Patch though)


Definatly Jace!!!

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