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Juliet stepped into the house hesitantly, trying not to make a noise, trying not to get noticed.
"Who was that boy?" Her aunt asked loudly from the living room.
She stopped in her tracks, cursing quietly.
"He's just a boy aunt Rachel," she answered, still standing in the hallway.
"Yeah, sure, just know that if you get pregnant I'll beat you with a chair, whore" Aunt Rachel threatened.
Juliet gulped, making her way up the satires and into her room. She stripped and changed into her night clothes and went to bed with tears in her eyes.


The next day Juliet got up early for school, changing into a pair of blue high waisted shorty shorts and a white and yellow tank top tucked in lazily with blue converse.
She sighed, creeping down the stairs so that her aunt wouldn't hear her.
Juliet grabbed her backpack of the hook and stepped outside.

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yael ((Beat her with a chair! XD))

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yael ((The chair would still be funny though :P))

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((Haha, yeah, a chair, I was watching glee today and someone said that so, yeah...:) ))

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