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Rose (dottedlines) ((Yay!! Thanks :D))

Angeline walked in through the double doors. Chris's party was on Rosewood's biggest and wildest campus. The scene in front of her consisted of drinking, doing drugs, dancing, and a whole lot of making out. "Just my kind of party." She smirked as her favorite song blared from the large speakers behind the DJ. Chris spotted her and cam over, wearing an ear to ear grin. "Hey, glad you made it babe." He said, grabbing her around the waist and kissing her. "Ugh. Don't call me babe." Angeline teased before kissing him back. "Who's the hottie?" He asked once he pulled away, gesturing to Claire. "That's Claire. Do me a favor and find her a hot guy." Angeline said, pushing him away and towards the direction of his crowd of friends. Once he left, Angeline rolled her eyes. "He's such a dork, but he's cute and he throws the greatest parties." She smirked.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline shrugged. "I've tasted better." She smirked. Then she laughed as Claire shooed an okay looking guy away. Angeline understood how she felt. Average guys weren't worth their time. They were average everything-- average looks, average body, average kisser, average sex. Ick. As a guy came up to her and offered her a drink, smiling like an idiot, she scowled. Couldn't two attractive girls go to a party without being bombarded? Angeline decided to play it out. She accepted the drink with a coy smile to which the guy reacted with over joy. Then she shooed him away, to his great disappointment.

((Her outfit: ))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((I know xD Where is the dear Jude?))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Yes please :D ))

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline chuckled, attracting the attention of several guys dancing next to the duo. They came over, their faces like hungry lions, ready to eat her and Claire up. She quickly shooed them away with a disgusted look. "Ugh. Where are all the hot guys?" she asked Claire, dancing like a professional. She took a gulp of her drink, loving the way the alcohol slightly burned her throat and buzzed her brain.

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yael Jude arrived at the party, his eyes scanning the few people that arrive. Most he knew of the girls he knew--pretty, and with a bad attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot girls. Truth be told, a party was just what he needed. Jude rolled his shoulders back, hoping to take away the stiffness that settled there. He walked deeper into the crowd, blending in the mass. Someone dropped a bag of weed on the floor, and Jude picked it up and stuffed it in his pocket. There was no way in hell he was going to get arrested at this party. Mamá would freak.

((Sorry it's terrible. I'm on a roll with the other guy XD))

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline glanced over at Jude, who had just arrived and stuffed what looked like weed in his pocket. "Yummy." she laughed, knowing Claire had a major thing for him. He was hot and all, but she needed more of a bad boy. Angeline downed her drink in another gulp and headed to the bar. Claire would know where she went. Or maybe she was too infatuated with Jude. Whatever. Angeline got another drink and downed it. She started to feel a bit tipsy, no longing caring when guys started to slap her butt. She walked-- or more stumbled-- back to Claire with a two drinks in her hand. "Here ya go." she giggled, handing it to her and sipping her own.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline sipped her drink, this time more cautiously. She told herself she had only been at the party for five minutes, she could not be wasted already. She popped a mint to clear her mind. It half worked. "Go talk to him." she encouraged Claire, brushing off the advances of a horny guy near her.

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Ruby grabbed a bear bottle and chugged the cold liquid down her throat, her hips grinding into the guy who had his chest pressed against her back, his arm around her waist.
She was wearing a tight pair of blue jean shorty shorts, a low cut red top that showed too much cleavage and barely covered her flat stomach, and lastly, some blue converse.
She dropped her bear bottle to the floor and giggled, wrapping her arms around the back of the boy's neck, bring him closer to her.
Ruby was ah ing fun, this party was so her scene. She loved dancing, especially with another guy, and today was no exception.
She was about to grab another beer when she spotted a very attractive boy, scratch that, a very attractive man come through the door.
She quickly grabbed the boys arms around her and pushed him off, running her hands through her shoulder length curly brown hair.
"Yum..." She murmured, her brown eyes sparkling as she found her new prey.

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Rose (dottedlines) "Go!" Angeline said once again, pushing Claire towards Jude as she saw Ruby approach him. Claire was gorgeous, but Ruby was pretty as well. Damn, all the hot guys have competition fighting for them. She thought hazily.

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yael ((This is sizzling with drama. XD I love drama. But sshhh! Don't tell no one D:

I'll just wait here a bit since I don't know what the hell to type yet :P))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Karkat! Finish your other guy pweety pweese so Angeline can have someone to be infatuated with :D ))

Angeline shrugged. "Ruby's lovin' him." she said, flipping her hair back. She sipped her drink once more before deciding she had had enough of it. "Can you throw this out for me?" she asked the nearest guy, batting her eyelashes. He nodded eagerly and rushed away with the drink.

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yael ((okayokayokayokayokay :DDDD EFF ALL OF THIS. COPY AND PASTE TIME XD ))

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Ruby smirked when she saw one girl push the other towards the new hot guy.
Sh chuckled.
These girl really don't know who they're up against.
She grabbed another beer bottle from some guy, ignoring his signs of protest, and leaned against the wall. She sipped slowly, waiting for the girl to make her move.

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Yayayayayayayyayayayayayay! Dank you Karkat ^^))

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline rolled her eyes. Ruby was okay-- she was a popular who dressed a bit slutty but wasn't an actual slut. Angeline could talk to her for a good half hour before pissing off. She was with their crowd. When Claire came back with the fruity martini, Angeline felt as if she was going to be sick. "I'll be back." she said before going to the restroom.

As she was washing her face, her cellphone buzzed. When she looked at it, the screen identities it as a text from an unknown number. Angeline scrunched her nose up and slid the arrow to unlock the phone.

The text read: Be careful who you're friends with sweetheart. -A

Figuring it was a prank, Angeline finished freshening up and walked out back onto the dance floor.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Mia walked to the party with Kaeden by her side.

"So, meet you at the car two hours later." Kaeden told her and Mia squinted her eyes at him. "What? You just leave me?"

Kaeden nodded absently. "I'll find you when I need some kiss and 'hug'." He grinned wickedly at her and kissed kiss her cheek. "Gotta win some money tonight, darling."
He said before walking to his friend.

Mia huffed. When she saw Angeline, she started to walked to her
"Hei!" She practically yelled.

(Mia's outfit:

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yael ((@Vixen: No problem ^ ^))

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Ruby started to feel very tipsy as she downed her fourth beer, she was giggling like mad. She had smoked some pot half an hour ago, probably wasn't a good idea.
She took her phone out from her jean pocket when she felt it vibrate.

'Careful Rubes, some guys don't like to be messed with- xxx A'

-the text read.
Ruby laughed, figuring it was just a joke, and dropped her phone on the floor.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline gave Mia a quick hug-- someone she rarely did. She was feeling a bit strange tonight. "Hey." she said, leading her to Claire. when she reached Claire, she grinned and pulled out her phone. "Look what some idiot sent me." she joked, showing her the earlier text message.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Mia read the text and everything around her suddenly felt so cold. "Hei, I got a message for A too. Do you know A?" she rubbed her arm absently.

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Ruby stumbled towards the girls as knew from school, hopefully one f them could give her a ride home later.
"Hey, I got one too. Do you know A?" She heard one o the girls ask.
"You got that text too?" She slurred when she reached them, putting her arm around one of then, feeling like she'll pass out.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Mia grabbed Ruby waist to help her stand. "Hei, Ruby. Yes, I got a message from him at school this morning. Do you know A?" she asked again. Suddenly feeling scared.

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yael ((*flips table* I messed up. DO OVER. JASMINE PLEASE. Delete that comment. I can't at the moment. My laptop is jacked ; A ;))

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline frowned and shook her head. "No idea who the bitch is." she shrugged, laughing it off. Truthfully, she felt a bit shaken. What the hell was going on? Four girls just don't get texts from the same person without knowing who it is.

(OMG! Like the original five:
-And when Mai comes back on, Audrey)

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yael ((Yesss. Comment #35 ; A ;))

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Ruby groaned, leaning forward to rest her forehead on the girls shoulder.
"Please tell me someone knows who this A is, I'm so pissed its incredible!" She moaned.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline whipped around at the sound of Kylie's voice and giggled. "If it's you, then yes please." she said, giving him a hug. He was her rock when she felt as of she was in the middle of a tornado. At least he could take her mind off the mysterious A.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "I don't think this is a prank. Oh my god, Im freaking out." She whispered.

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Grr! We're all posting at the same time and it's insane!!))

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yael ((@Vixen: I'm sorry I disappeared earlier DX I thought she was still on the dancefloor. I just commented without refreshing for any new replies.))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((It's all good, just a bit flustered with the torrent of comments, that's all))

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"Mia!" Ruby yelled, letting go of the other girl to grab onto Mia's shoulders with both hands.
"Ca down women!" Ruby said, shaking Mia's about for a few seconds.
"Just read out all our texts ok?" She said to the group.

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((I mean Calm :) ))

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Rose (dottedlines) Lucy (^.^) wrote: ""I don't think this is a prank. Oh my god, Im freaking out." She whispered."

Angeline turned back to Mia and nodded. "I know." she whispered, her voice betraying a hint of fear. God, she was Angeline DeVar, she wasn't supposed to get scared like this. Her phone buzzed again. Swallowing hard, she picked it up.
You and your pretty little friends better get ready for a surprise. -A.
"Oh god." Angeline moaned, feeling nauseous. Who the hell was this. She handed the phone to Claire.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments "Me too. My text says, Watch your back, sweetheart. Don't you think it sounds like a threat?" She silently thanks Ruby for clinging to her side. She need a hug rally bad now.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Mia gasped when she read the new message on Angeline's phone. "Oh, my." She looked around. "Is she here? The one who send the message."

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Ruby gulped nervously, hanging into Mia tightly.
"Dudes! I can't die ok! I haven't had sex yet!" She exclaimed.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Mia pinched Ruby's waist. "Sober up, Ruby! This is scary." She looked at the rest of her friends. "What are we going to do?"

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline laughed nervously at Ruby's statement. "I don't know, she has to now we're all together." she guessed, addressing Mia. She clung to Kylie, her heart caught in her throat. This wasn't supposed to be happening, she was Angeline DeVar-- her life was supposed to be perfect. When Ruby asked what to do, Angie shrugged.

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I"my text said "Careful Rubes, some guys don't like to be messed with" maybe it's a guy?" Ruby added, trying to be as serious as possible in the state she was in.

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Mia nodded at what Ruby said. "Yeah, maybe a guy. Guys love to play prank, right?" She really hope this is a prank.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline shook her head. "I don't think so. It seemed like the person who texted us knew more than they need to." she muttered uncomfortably.

((Are Jasmine And KV still here?))

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Lucy Tearling | 136 comments ((Hei, guys. Got to go. Save some fun form me, okay? :3))

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Rose (dottedlines) ((Everyone's leaving me D:))

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"Guys like to do a lot of things honey, but playing pranks...nope, unless they're 13 years old" Ruby gushed, feeling the need to jump on Mia and make her carry her.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline swallowed hard. Her head spinning. Oh god. Could it have been those guys who gave them drinks when they first walked in? Because she was pretty sure they were spiked somehow. "Claire, did you know the guy who gave you your drink?" Angeline asked, every word sending a pounding throb to her already hurting head.

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Rose (dottedlines) Angeline nodded in agreement. "Me neither." she said, her breaths coming short and rapid. Her phone buzzed once more and she hazily took a glance at it.

Be careful sweetheart. Bitches get what they deserve in the end. -A

Angeline let out a frustrated scream. "Who is she? What the fuck does she want?" she cried, her head pounding. The music is the background seemed to blare out even louder. Angeline couldn't take it. "I have to go get some air." she said. She pulled away from Kylie and the girls and stepped through the double doors. Once outside, she felt better. The music was now only a distinct blur and she could breathe again. Just as she was about to sigh in relief, her phone buzzed again.

You shouldn't have left alone. You never know who's out there. -A

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Ruby let go of Mia and went After Angeline, pushing away random guys that tried to wrap their arms around her waist.
She got outside and breathed in deeply, the fresh air opening up her senses.
She saw Angeline staring down at her phone.
"What is it?" She asker her, coming up behind her.

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((You gonna kill her?))

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