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message 1: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) Everyone in Rosewood belongs to a clique, whether its the populars or the nerds or the rebels. There are 4-5 people in a clique. Please request a clique. If you are not accepted into a clique, please don't be offended, it's just RP :)

message 2: by Rose (last edited Dec 27, 2012 03:24PM) (new)

Rose (dottedlines) Pretty Little Devils (PLD)

message 3: by yael (new)

yael Airheads. Children who are overly dramatic and plan on being some sort of drama or musical prodigy of some sort.

Tree Huggers. The hippies and advocates, all about world peace and standing up for rights.


message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Popular kids/Jocks- These are the popular kids, that play lots of sports or cheerleaders.
Nerds/geeks- these are the smart, nerdy, star-wars obsessed kids who get bullied and tormented. Their all smart and probably Harvard-Bound.
Loners who hand out but don't talk- Just the loners
Stoners- The dope sellers that are dropping out by 10th grade when they get the 3rd girl pregnant.
Punks- the anarchists who go to slipknot concerts and get suspended for wearing 666 bodies.
The Christians- The enemies of the Punks. In some way they are bigger losers than the geeks when they go around trying to convince everyone evolution is not true. They make A's in every class except science, because they still believe the world is 6000 years old. Idiots.
Goths- Death. Death. Death.
Ghetto wannabes/pozers- They all think they are ghetto, even when they aren't.
The Smart Popular one- Notice how I said one. The only smart person, that maybe plays one sport no one cares about like swimming or cross-country. They hand with the popular kids, go to their birthday parties and the popular kids love them. But they are still in a way outsiders.
The preps- They wear knee high socks, and golf shirts to school.

message 5: by yael (new)

yael The Crew Lovers. The ones who think they're cool, and pretty much tags along with popular kids to make them feel special.

message 6: by yael (new)

yael The Jokers. Some of the funniest kids of different grades.

The Omens. The book lovers who believe in the supernatural and are just....wierd in general. Whether a good wierd or bad.

message 7: by yael (new)

yael The Dingies. The ones with rich families, though lack a bit in social popularity. They're smart about money and saving, and most likely the ones to manipulate others for their own benefits.

The Bulls. Also known as the bullies.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

'Smart Asians' + 'Cool Asians'
I got that from Mean Girls :)

message 9: by yael (new)

yael The Goldens = Populars and Jocks

Smart-Es (like the candy) = Nerds and Geeks

The Shadows = The Loners.

The Drugees = The Stoners

The Rockers = Punks

The Innocents = The Christians

The _________ = The Goths

____________ = The Ghetto/ghetto wannabes

The Sinners = The Rebels

((The '___' means I'm still thinking of a name. For now, here's another clique:))

The Dreamers = The good writers, debaters, and artists. They're generally nice people, and many are poets, that are into the sappy romance.

message 10: by Mai (new)

Mai Oooh, I wanna be a pretty little devil, if that's okay. (: i love that name btw!

message 11: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) Yay! Three Pretty Little Devils :D And Jasmine came up with the name.

message 12: by yael (new)

yael Mai, hold on. Which character is being a PLD? I need to add their name to the list.

message 13: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) Audrey.

message 14: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) I'm going to delete some useless comments so prepare to see them disappear :P

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey can Ruby be a PLD?

message 16: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) Sure :) And I'm pretty sure Mia is a PLD as well.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)


message 18: by Mai (new)

Mai Oh yeah, add Mia! I am srpure Lucy wants to be one!

message 19: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) So I guess that's it. There's no more PLD spots open :D

message 20: by Lucy Tearling (new)

Lucy Tearling | 136 comments Yay! Im one of PLD.

message 21: by Rose (new)

Rose (dottedlines) Yurp :P

message 22: by Kyland (new)

Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 25 comments Never Mind That Last Post. I'd Rather Just Be Adopted By A Clique, So Someone Can Just Choose It For Me.

message 23: by Kyland (new)

Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 25 comments Alright So I Made Two Of My Characters. And They Both Need Cliques. :D

message 24: by Totally/In/Love (new)

Totally/In/Love (Totallygabrielle) | 43 comments Can I be Angeline as a cheerleader

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