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Similar books to Murder on the Orient Express?
Rade Rade Dec 26, 2012 02:47PM
Hi, I read this book recently and I enjoyed it very much. The characters, the plot, the pace, and the setting seem to work perfectly in my opinion. I was wondering if there are similar books by this author that are also good and easy to keep up with. I know she wrote a lot of them that has the same detective as this one, but I wanted to know your favorite ones or the ones that are worth reading. Thank you and have a good day

Christie wrote over 80 books, with more than half of them featuring Hercule Poirot, and most of them are quite similar to each other (in a good way), so you have a pretty wide range of choice if you want to read something similar. Murder at the Orient Express is certainly one of her best, and one my personal favourites. Others in a similar style are: Death on the Nile, Five Little Pigs, Appointment with Death, Three-Act Tragedy, Taken at the Flood and Murder in Mesopotamia. All of these feature Hercule Poirot as the detective. Some other very good ones are: And then there were None, Crooked House and Towards Zero, but these don’t feature Poirot.
I hope these will be more than enough suggestions for you to start delving into Christie’s vast and very enjoyable body of work.

Agatha Christie was one of the Pillars of the authors who wrote in the golden age of crime fiction. Along with her there were three other woman writers who were nearly as good, in few instances even better. Margery Allingham, Dorothy L. Sayers and Ngaio Marsh. I've finishe Chritie long ago and now I.m reading Marsh (Detective: Cheif inspector Roderick Alleyn), R. Austin Freeman (Dr. Thorndyke) and C. Auguste Dupin (Arsene Lupin). Marsh & Freeman's writing is good. Si if you finish Christie you can turn your attention to them.

All of them Christie is the best. My favs by her r "And then there were none; and the Murder of Roger Ackroyd"

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Few stories have the extraordinary showpiece Poirot delivers at the end of that novel; where he basically holds a court trial to array his suspicions and exhibit the evidence. In Christie's canon alone, probably the closest resemblance is found in 'Ten Little Indians'.

FYI, there's plenty of novels written by other authors, where elements of 'Express' story are shared. 'Journey into Fear' (Eric Ambler) for one. And Alistair MaClean also wrote a lot of stories where a group of people are trapped somewhere; desperate to uncover a saboteur or murderer in their midst.

Try "4:50 from Paddington" also. It is perfect for a Sunday afternoon :)

I haven't read an Agatha Christie I didn't like. If you start with one and work your way through all 80+ books, you won't regret the time spent!

I have read two of her books so far and then there were none and Charles Osbourne turned one of her plays into a book the unexpected guest they were both amazing you couldn't put them down.

My husband and I have read all the Agatha Christie books - they are slow, methodical and entertaining to a past era. Now we are hooked on watching them all on Netflix. Enjoy!

Priyanka Haldar most of them.....
Jun 09, 2013 11:33AM
Diani Permasih Hi Rade, My most favorite is "the murder of roger ackyord" and "and then there were none". Have read it? if not, it's really good to read ...more
Jul 02, 2013 03:41AM

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