Why Women Are Their Own Worst Enemies! Why Women Are Their Own Worst Enemies! discussion


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Andi He keeps using that word. I do not think it means what the author thinks it means.

Brandon Kelly Hello,

This is actually the author and I am a she : ) I have included a link to my bio so that you may learn more about my journey. I am a strident supporter of women's causes and I am an activist. I have also included links to my social media so that you may get a sense of my views around key women's issues. I am not sure if you completed my book, but if you haven't yet I encourage you to do so as it affirms my "feminist" declaration. Kind regards, Ms. Brandon Kelly. http://www.whywomenare.com/bio.html, https://twitter.com/BrandonNKelly, https://www.facebook.com/whywomenare

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