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Maggie K | 106 comments A'Karonys: High Mage to the Empress, killed at Pale, uses Fire Magic

Ammanas: see Kellanved, ShadowthroneA shadowed figure in black, a sorcerer, Ruler of Shadowthrone and the Shadow realm, former Emperor of and creator of the Malazan Empire

Anomander Rake: The Knight of Darkness, Mane of Chaos, Lord of the Tiste Andii, and wielder of Dragnipur, a soul-stealing sword of power. Eleint Soletaken Dragon.

Antsy: Sergeant in the Bridgeburners, 7th squad

Aragan:-a recruiting sergeant in Itko Kan

Baruk: A high alchemist and sorcerer in Darujhistan, has many agents among the city. Head of the Torrud Cabal, target of Vorcan's assassination attempt.

Bellurdan Skullcrusher: Thelomen High Mage to the Empress, studied the scrolls of Gothos' Folly, killed with Tattersail when taking her hostage for Tayschrenn

Caladan Brood: Warlord and Man of Legend (and healer)opposing the Malazans at Genabackis

Calor:-2nd Army Mage, lover of Tattersail, uses Mockra warren, killed at Pale

Challice D'Arle: a noble daughter, object of Crokus's attention for a time.

CircleBreaker A spy for the Eel. At the end of GotM, he is retired and taking the same boat out of Darujhistan as Sorry and Crokus.

Coll: a Drunk at the Phoenix Inn, formerly a councilman before being 'killed off' by his wife, Lady Simtal

Cotillion: see The Rope, Dancer A tall shadowed figure, a holder of the Shadowrealm, partner to Ammannas, Patron of Assassins

Crokus Younghand: A young thief in Darujhistan,apprentice to Kruppe, caught the spinning coin of Oponn. being guarded by Baruk's agents and the Crimson Guard. Saves Baruk and Derudan from Vorcan's assassination attempt. Escorts Sorry back to 7 cities at the end of GotM

Crone: Eldest of the Great Ravens, messenger for Anomander Rake, also serving Caladan Brood

Dassem Ultor: Former First Sword (military leader) under Emperor Kellanved and Knight of Death, killed in Y'ghatan under mysterious circumstances after breaking faith with Hood,

Derudan: Member of Darujhistan Torrud Cabal, uses Tennes

Dujek Onearm: a sergeant for Commander Whiskeyjack High Fist of the 2nd Malazan Army, extremely loyal to the Empire, commands fanatacial loyalty from his troops

Eel The Master Spy of Darujhistan

Felisin Paran:-Ganoes' soft sister

Fiddler: a young soldierSapper in the Bridgeburners, current contender for the role of Mason of High House Death. Escorts Sorry back to 7 cities at the end of GotM

Fingers: Member of the Crimson Guard

Gamet:-a Castillian at the Paran estate

Ganoes Stabro Paran: a young noble-born wine merchant's son, wants to be a soldier, then a lieutenant in Itko Kan, now reassigned to Adjunct Lorn's staff. Assigned Captain to the Bridgeburners, killed by Sorry in Darujhistan, then saved from Hood by Oponn. Fights Gear and severely injures him with his sword 'Chance'. Rescues two of the Hounds from Dragnipur. Meets up with the young reincarnation of Tattersail on the Rhivi Plain.

Hairlock: Cadre Mage, 2nd Army currently residing in a wooden puppet, wielder of Chaos, becoming insane. Killed by the Hounds on the Rhivi Plain

Hedge:Sapper in the Bridgeburners 9th squad

Horult: Tiste Andii Assassin Mage

Hounds of Shadow: Gear, Baran, Blind, Shan, Doan, Rood, Pallick

Icarium: Maker of the Calendar in Darujhistan

Irilta: Regular at Phoenix Inn

Jorrick Sharplance: Member of the Crimson Guards, commander for Caladan Brood

Kalam: A 7 Cities Bridgeburner in the 9th squad, assassin, former claw. At the end of the novel he escorts Sorry back to 7 cities

Kallor: Caladan Brood's 2nd in Command. Very Old. Never learns

K'azz DeVore: Prince and Commander of the Crimson Guard

Korlat: Tiste-Andii Assassin Mage Blood kin to Serrat and Orfantal, Soletaken Dragon

K'rul: an Elder God, lost from memory but reawakened upon blood spilling in his former temple.

Kruppe: a mysterious, obese thief and mage, has the power of foresight, Agent of Baruk and The Eel. Later assists in Tattersail's reincarnation

Krute of Talient: an agent for the Assassin's Guild

Laseen/Surly: a former serving wench, taking on the title 'Thronemaster' in the Emporor's absence
Creator of the Claw, Empress of the Malazan Empire, purportedly killed Kellanved and Dancer

Lim: an ally of Turban Orr assassinated by Rallick Nom

Adjunct Lorn: Adjunct to Empress Laseen, antithetical to magic. Killed by Meese after fighting the Crimson guard

Mallet:Healer in the 9th squad Bridgeburners

Mammot: Uncle to Krokus Younghand, Mage in league with Baruk, later possessed and killed by the Jaghut Tyrant

Meese: Proprietor of Phoenix Inn,

Murillio: a courtier, agent for Baruk. Set up Lady Simtal and assisted in avengin Coll

Nightchill: High Sorceress to the Empress ripped apart by a demon at Pale

Ocelot: Clan leader in the Assassin's Guild, killed by Rallick Nom while trying to assassinate Coll

Onos T'oolan a clanless T'lan Imass assisting Adjunct Lorn on her mission to find the Jaghut burial. Helps to defeat the Jaghut Tyrant

Orfantal: Tiste Andii Assassin Mage, brother to Karlot

Picker: a soldier in the Bridgeburners 7th squad

Pran Chole: a bonecaster of the Kron T'lan Imass. Assists in Tattersail's reincarnation

Quick Ben: Mage and Bridgeburner, 9th squad. Reveals he can master seven warrens

Raest:Jaghut Tyrant released by Tool and Lorn to wreak havok on Darujhistan.

Rallick Nom: an assassin in Darujhistan, agent of Baruk. Develops an affinity with the Darujhistan Azath, and takes Vorcan inside of it.

Rigga:-a Kanese wax-witch

Scurve: barman at Phoenix Inn

Serrat:Tiste Andii second in command to Rake, killed by Vorcan while attempting to protect Baruk

Silanah: Eleint Soletaken and companion to Rake

Lady Simtal: Lim's lover, an enemy of Rallick Nom, commits suicide after Turban Orr's death

Sorry/Apsalar: a young girl with some 'riders'
possessed by Cotillion, now a dread inspiring recruit among the Bridgeburners 9th squad, killed Ganoes Paran, possessed by The Rope
restored to her body, being cared for by Crokus and the Bridgeburners.

Sulty: A Barmaid at the Phoenix Inn

Talo Krafar: an assassin in Darujhistan killed during "Assassin's war"

Tattersail: Cadre Sorceress, 2nd Army, uses Thyr warren, killed with Bellurdan on the plain seemingly reincarnated as a Rhivi child

Tavore Paran:- Ganoes' sister-quite capable

Tayschrenn High Mage to the Empress

Toc the Younger:Scout in Onearm's host,disfigured at Battle of Pale, a Claw, missing on the Rhivi plain

Topper: Clawmaster. Part Tiste-Andii

Trotts: Bridgeburner, 9th squad, a Barghast warrior

Turban Orr: a powerful councilman in Darujhistan. Killed in a duel with Rallick in order to avenge Coll

Vorcan: Mistress of the Assassin's Guild, hired to assassinate the Daru Torrud Cabal, kills Serrat during her attempt on Baruk, and felled by a brick thrown by Crokus. Now in the Azath house with Rallick

Whiskeyjack: Commander of the Third Army a Sergeant amongst the Bridgeburners, 9th squad, possibly the Mason or soldier of High House Death. Broke his leg at the rising of the Darujhistan Azath.

Maggie K | 106 comments I will try to edit this at each chapter...adding on new accomplishments and characters.

Hanne (hanne2) | 228 comments That would be brilliant Maggie!
So this will be a spoiler-free list then?
(That is, spoilers up to the point we've read but not beyond?)

Maggie K | 106 comments Hanne wrote: "That would be brilliant Maggie!
So this will be a spoiler-free list then?
(That is, spoilers up to the point we've read but not beyond?)"

Exactly :)

message 5: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
I like this idea, the thread is going to be very long with all the characters :) Probably better served on a wiki style page, but then that makes it hard to keep spoilers to a minimum.

Maggie K | 106 comments updated thru chapter 2

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Chaz | 297 comments Canadian Brood wasn't at Pale; he's allied with K'azz D'Avore and the Crimson Guard against the Malazans in Blackdog Forest (5th and 6th armies).

message 8: by Chaz (new) - added it

Chaz | 297 comments Stupid autocorrect, *Caladan Brood

message 9: by Rob, Quick Ben (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rob (robzak) | 1055 comments Mod
Chaz wrote: "Stupid autocorrect, *Caladan Brood"

He is mentioned during the planning period of the battle though. I assume she's just filling in and updating information on characters as we learn it.

Traci | 34 comments Now I'm going to think 'Canadian' every time I see 'Caladan' Lol. Auto correct is a pain for every fantasy reader. :)

message 11: by Chaz (new) - added it

Chaz | 297 comments Rob wrote: I assume she's just filling in and updating information as we learn it.

Yes, but Maggie's blurb for Caladan Brood is currently inaccurate. It says that he is opposing the Malazans at Pale but he is the best part of 1,000 leagues North of Pale at the time in the Blackdog Forest opposing the Malazans there.

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Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
Dujek has been mentioned twice, so should be added. In the first prologue, WhiskeyJack gives instructions to Fiddler to order Dujek to find some Sappers and stop the fires.
Then Sorry asks to join High Fist Dujeks forces at the recruitment centre, showing Dujeks promotion against Whiskeyjacks demotion.

message 13: by Rob, Quick Ben (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rob (robzak) | 1055 comments Mod
Chaz wrote: "Yes, but Maggie's blurb for Caladan Brood is currently inaccurate. It says that he is opposing the Malazans at Pale but he is the best part of 1,000 leagues North of Pale at the time in the Blackdog Forest opposing the Malazans there."

But do we know that as of chapter 2 of the book? I certainly thought he was there at Pale opposing them the way they talked about him. Though he didn't show up during the battle.

I've re-read the planning part now. They don't seem to indicate clearly where he is, just that he's a threat.

Are you sure that's not just knowledge you have from reading this before?

I expect things to be wrong if she's only filling in what we know as of chapter 2.

But maybe I missed it though. There is a lot going on.

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Chaz | 297 comments Rob wrote: "They don't seem to indicate clearly where he is, just that he's a threat."

Quoted just before 'Sail and Calot go into the planning meeting; 'Sail is looking up at Moon's Spawn and recalling how it came to be involved (pg 61 in my paperback Bantam 200 edition):

The Moon's reappearance here on Genabackis had been a surprise. And this time, there was no last minute reprieve. A half-dozen legions of the sorcerous Tiste Andii descended from Moon's Spawn, and under the command of a warlord named Caladan Brood they joined forces with the Crimson Guard mercenaries. Together the two armies proceeded to drive back the Malaz 5th Army, which had been pushing eastward along the northern edge of the Rhivi Plain. For the past four years the battered 5th had been bogged down in Blackdog Forest, forcing them to make a stand against Brood and the Crimson Guard. It was a stand fast becoming a death sentence.

But, clearly, Caladan Brood and the Tiste Andii weren't the only inhabitants of Moon's Spawn. An unseen lord remained in command of the fortresss, bringing it here and sealing a pact with Pale's formidable wizards.

Then quoting Dujek in the meeting on pg 68:

"We're desperate mage. The North Campaign has gone sour. The Fifth is damn near gone, and won't be getting any reinforcements until next spring. The point is, the Moon's lord [who is Anomander Rake] could have his army back any day now. I don't want to have to send you up against an army of Tiste Andii, and I sure as hell don't want the Second having to show two fronts with a relieving force coming down on them. Bad tactics, and whoever tha Caladan Brood is, he's shown himself adept at making us pay for our mistakes."


Calot was right: the name of the man commanding the Tiste Andii alongside the Crimson Guard did sound familiar.

The idea is that Caladan Brood led the inhabitants of Moon's Spawn against the Malaz 5th Army in a campaign that is still ongoing but will be ending in Malaz defeat very soon. Rake remained in Moon's Spawn alone and came down to Pale where he has been for three years and the fear of whom has prevented a Malaz assault. The ostensible reason that they are to assault the Moon now is that the 5th Army can't hold out any longer and when Brood has his imminent victory in Blackdog Forest he will bring the Tiste Andii army back to Moon's Spawn so the 2nd Army must attack now against Rake alone rather than face the combined force of Rake and Brood a month (or shorter, or longer but soon) from now. Hence, Brood is not at Pale in chapter 2, he's in Blackdog Forest half a continent away.

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Rob (robzak) | 1055 comments Mod
Yeah. For someone reading this for the first time, none of that was clear. Even rereading it.

I got that they wanted to attack Rake before his army returned, I guess I missed the connection that Brood was the leader of that army. Thanks for the clarification.

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Chaz | 297 comments You're welcome. There is a lot to take in.

Maggie K | 106 comments updated through ch 4!

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David Sven (gorro) | 2042 comments Mod
Thanks Maggie. Love that you've done this. It's a lot of work.

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Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
Excellent work Maggie. I bet you are enjoying this.
Note: Toc should be Toc The Younger. yeah I know, pick pick pick.

Tavore - Quite capable :)

message 20: by Rob, Quick Ben (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rob (robzak) | 1055 comments Mod
Yeah. I've been keeping this thread up as a reference, so thanks!

message 21: by Chaz (new) - added it

Chaz | 297 comments Thank you Maggie, you're a star.

Maggie K | 106 comments well, we dont know that yet thought do we Lee? ;)

message 23: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
Well, yeah we do, since he said that was what his name was.

Only, if you get into trouble, you get word to Toc the Younger, that's me.

Woot! I scored a point against the Queen of Chaos!

Maggie K | 106 comments lmaooooooooooooooooo

Captain Sir Roddy, R.N. (Ret.) (captain_sir_roddy) Nice job on this list, Maggie! This ought to be hugely helpful for those indulging in GotM for the first time--maybe it helps make the 'frying pan' and/or the 'fire' not quite so hot. ;-)

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | 38 comments Omg! I love the Tavore description! Quite capable indeed!

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