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message 1: by Periklis, Fafhrd (new)

Periklis (periklisbegzos) | 427 comments Mod
Janrae Frank, author of the Sword & Sorcery stories of Chimquar the Lionhawk, collected in In the Darkness, Hunting will be discussing her work.
Thank you, once again, Janrae for joining us!

message 2: by Janrae (new)

Janrae (cussedness) | 9 comments Thank you, Periklis. I have been setting all of my fiction on the world of Daverana since 1978 when I sold my first Chimquar story. The premise for the world that Chimquar lives in is that an alternate earth shifted away from ours during the Sumerian period. The Sumerian deities lost their hegemony, altered, added and lost members, and eventually came to be referred to as hellgods by the pantheons that rose up in later periods.

Civilization rose to the point of establishing a moon colony, only to see everything destroyed when the cold war between the pantheons became a very hot war.

The cultures that Chimquar rides through are the result of immigration from our world brought through the Gates Arcane by the surviving gods blending with the surviving indigenous groups.

All of my novels and shorts are set in the world of Daverana. I'm looking forward to discussing them.

message 3: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2222 comments Mod
The necromancy-rich series starting with Blood Rites caught my attention. I would be interested in learning your inspirations behind that.

message 4: by Janrae (new)

Janrae (cussedness) | 9 comments The Dark Brothers of the Light series, of which Blood Rites is the first book, actually started as a long thread in the Journey of the Sacred King novels. The book titles for DBotL were actually the publisher's decision. My original title was The God Box.

However, my interest in necromancy related ideas goes back to my interest in zombies as a child. Bela Lugosi appeared in a number of Caribbean voodoo movies, such as White Zombie. As a teenager, the novels of Hugh B. Cave expanded on it. I also found the black and white Dracula films and later the Hammer films versions very, very scary growing up. I would periodically cover my eyes and ask my brothers to tell me when it was okay to look.

I wanted to blend my interest in necromancy and scary vampires into my desire to write fantasy. The result was my sa'necari necromancers who have stolen the powers and appetites of the vampires.

message 5: by Janrae (last edited Dec 28, 2012 10:18AM) (new)

Janrae (cussedness) | 9 comments Here is a coupon to get Blood Rites free. The code is not case sensitive. This is on Smashwords

Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: YT63D
Expires: January 28, 2013

message 6: by Periklis, Fafhrd (last edited Dec 28, 2012 04:34PM) (new)

Periklis (periklisbegzos) | 427 comments Mod
Janrae wrote: "Here is a coupon to get Blood Rites free."

Thank you for offering this! (here's the link for Blood Rites)
I've started reading In the Darkness, Hunting and was wondering which series should be read next. I noticed the first book in the Lycan Blood Series, Serpent's Quest, which is offered for the bargain price of $1!
Since all your books take place in a shared world, is there a suggested reading order (perhaps based on its internal chronology)?

message 7: by Janrae (last edited Dec 28, 2012 10:30AM) (new)

Janrae (cussedness) | 9 comments I would ordinarily suggest starting with My Sister's Keeper (Journey of the Sacred King) but the fourth book will not be out until late next month. It was expanded and given a fresh edit. I'm working my way through the edit now. But it's a huge book. 300k

So I think that Blood Rites is the best place to start.

message 8: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2222 comments Mod
Janrae wrote: "Here is a coupon to get Blood Rites free..."

Just used the code on Smashwords--thanks! Admittedly, trying to read one of each member's work (my personal goal) is getting tough, but I at least have it in my queue/kindle now. I am a sucker for necromancy laden adventures. Thanks again.

message 9: by John (new)

John | 4 comments @S.E.

Admittedly, trying to read one of each member's work (my personal goal) is getting tough,

My own most recent, The Lonely Hunter, published by PS Publishing a few months ago, is only a novella -- so at least it's short! It's a fantasy, although not S&S. If you'd like a pdf, contact me off-list. (Obviously the usual rules apply: the pdf's for your own personal use only.)

Same offer to other group members, although I'll have to be careful of sending out too many copies in case my publisher kills me . . .

message 10: by Janrae (last edited Dec 30, 2012 02:29AM) (new)

Janrae (cussedness) | 9 comments I'm free to do as I wish with mine. Back in 08 I took my rights back on all of my books from my then-publisher, Renebooks, over a breach of contract. Afterward, I re-issued them myself. :)

message 11: by Janrae (new)

Janrae (cussedness) | 9 comments Free copies help discover new readers. I'm very much in favor of them.

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