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So Many Tears D:
Ryan Ryan Dec 26, 2012 11:57AM
Hey everyone,
I'm finishing up Home Front by Kristin Hannah right now, and I was wondering if anyone else gets so emotionally attached to the story that they start crying? Every novel I've read by her ends in tears. I put Firefly Lane as the "discussion book" because it was my favorite Hannah novel so far...and the one I cried over the most :3
So what does everyone think? Is it her writing or the stories themselves that are so heart-wrenching?
Thanks :)

Oh gosh this book brought me to tears, it pulled me so into it I read it all in one night, from maybe like 9pm to like 4am I just couldnt keep my eyes of it, it was such ana amzing, emotional, loving, friendship story. I dont know what to day...just one of the best books ever, I admire the writer

I think she does a great job developing characters! I cry because I feel what they are feeling. Love Kristin Hannah's books! I think Firefly Lane is my favorite of all of them I have read.

Did you read Winter Garden? I actually sobbed

Patty i loved this book. so heart warming and the story was amazing. her description of the war and the hard life she led was heart wrenching.
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Terri I think Winter Garden was amazing also. I listened to it on CD though rather than reading it.
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