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♪ℰʟɪzᴀʙᴇᴛʜ ▪❂▪ℋᴇʀᴏɴᴅᴀʟᴇ▪❂▪ (elizabethisafangirl) Name: Katelyn Granger

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Date of birth: December 23

Weapons: A dagger that has been passed down through her family; Bow and arrows

Powers: Faster and stronger than the ordinary human, much more coordinated and has more stamina than the normal human.

Appearance: (view spoiler)

Personality: Fun, outgoing, nice (most of the time), ready to fight 24/7, sarcastic

Significant objects: A necklace that her mother gave her when she was a baby. She never takes it off.
(view spoiler)

History: Katelyn grew up in a fairly pleasant home. She played with her friends and then one day her mother was killed by a demon. She didn't know why or how, just that a demon had killed her. Two months after her mother was killed, her father pulled her out of school and wouldn't let her see her friends. Her father told her that she was Nephilim and then sent her away to the institute. She hasn't heard of her father since then. She was ten when that happened, and she's lived at the institute ever since.

-Mean people
-People who tell her what to do
-Bugs of any kind

-Fighting with a weapon
-Sneak attacks
-Hand to hand combat (She's good at this, but she struggles with it)
-Her memories/past
-Has trust issues

Family consists of:
Mother- Jessica Granger
Father- Jacob Granger

Other: She's single :)

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Rebecca Zeno (becca_zeno54) | 1018 comments Mod
Accepted ;)

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Kendra (madamejade) Name: Fredrick Black
Age: He is bound to time, I honestly have no idea.
Date of Birth: September 18th, some year.
Gender: Male
Species: Nephilim, half-demon and half-human.
Father: Belial, General over all of Lucifer's armies, a scientist, a strategist, and a warrior. From ages 15-18, Fredrick and his father battled in wits and combat abilities, the Nephilim overcoming his parent on three separate occasions, once by pure luck (there was a helpful heat ray nearby), another... also by pure luck, when he realized that he could twist souls.
Finally, by his efficiency and brilliance in combat, in a one-on-one, no-holds-barred, only-get-a-sword battle to the death.
He has also once hugged his father, who was required to make his son's life a living hell by his master.
Eliza Black, an orphan medicine woman of the Lakota Sioux, learned exemplary diplomacy skills and became a leading voice in the cry for the Black Hills to be returned to her people (by our own laws, it's theirs. Yeah, the USA is run by hypocrites). She came across a near-dead Belial, trapped in an amulet, and nursed him back to health. Then Belial healed a cancer out of her system and a piece of that healing magic reached her egg. Then... boom. Nine months and then Fredrick. She was murdered by an angel that had been turned by Lucifer right in front of Fredrick when he was seven. It wasn't a particularly gruesome murder, but HE WAS SEVEN!
Villain: Villain was a project of Belial's to create Lessers that were just as powerful as Ancients, along with his brother Darkness. When Belial was incapacitated by a red warrior (full story too long to fit in a GR post), the project was put on halt, with both Villain and Darkness half-finished. Villain absorbed Darkness and pushed the dumber demon deep into the recesses of his mind. With their combined powers, Villain created a form for himself and began hunting down the Angels' latest weapon in order to please a father who could only see him as another project. He failed.
Darkness: Darkness has a lot in common with Villain, the uncaring father and the hatred of Fredrick Black, who was AN ACCIDENT, yet still their father had only enough room in his soul for one son. Darkness was designed to be a brute, a dumb creature only good for overpowering foes. But he's good at what he does.
Great-uncle: He raised Eliza. He was the leader of a small group of Sioux in part of a reservation and was a large part of Fredrick's life from when the boy was four to when he was seven, when a military detachment sent by Belial attacked and butchered everyone there but the fleeing boy who had turned seven that same day, minutes after his mother had died right in front of him. His nameless Great-Uncle had put Fredrick on his own horse to escape. It was the only horse that the reservation had.
Okay, that was a little too Superman. They had others, but the equestrians were also butchered.
Son: Creo Black
Named for a soldier he fought beside, Creo Black possessed three different sorts of magic. Two of them Fredrick could teach. The third he sent his son to a boarding school to learn. In that boarding school, Creo met the main villain of his story. They killed each other, so sadly Fredrick couldn't vow revenge. It is likely that Creo would have become even more dangerous than his father had he lived past the age of 13.

And... that's it, methinks. Very short version.

Story of his life so far:
Whoa. Longie. Okay, you already know the family issues, with every non-evil being in his family killed on his 7th birthday. Other scarring events in his childhood;
On his 4th birthday, three soldiers from his father's illegal bioweapons company (that had its own military, be scared now) burned down his house before his mom, the diplomat, killed them all, one with a knife, one with an arrow, and one she strangled with her bare hands. I haven't completely finished her backstory, but know that it will be BA.
On his eighth birthday (oh yeah, his B-Day is Sept. 18th), an old man who had taken the kid under his wing was killed while Fredrick was away, his blood scrawled in a message that, just in case the kid hadn't gotten the message yet, said this.
Those close to you will die.
His birthdays weren't all bad. On his ninth birthday, he came into contact with young supernaturals who were trying to protect monsters like Ogopogo an Bigfoot from other humans. On his tenth birthday, these friends of his were devoured alive by giant ants right before his eyes. His rage led him to discover one of his magical abilities, the creation and control of the flames of The Abyss, which are incorrectly called hellfire. He burned the ants to a crisp, also accidentally killing one of the members of the little band they had who wasn't quite dead. To this day he doesn't know that.
After that, he fled into the Amazon rainforest until he almost turned twelve. Then he found a pair of explorers who had been lost there for he didn't know how long and led them back to Texas.
It turned out he had been assumed dead at age seven and when he brought the explorers to the fuzz, the officer arrested him for truancy. He had the bad luck to run into the officer who had recently been promoted from alphabatizing the files of missing persons. On his twelfth birthday. He was put into a boarding school in Texas, where he managed to learn formal English (at home he had spoken a bizarre mixture of English and Lakota Sioux) and even graduate with a one hundred in English and also everything else, because he had focus, an attention span, and a memory beyond that of the other students, who were not enhanced-via-magic and therefore not as awesome as him. WEEP, nonmagical people aspiring to be just like Fredrick. He kept going until he was kidnapped on his 14th birthday by an assassin agency that recruited people by kidnapping them as children, putting them through training, and then brainwashing them. They'd tried brainwashing before training, but it turned out it actually hurt their overall combat performance. The training consisted of six months of torturing him until he could stay quiet and expressionless no matter what happened to him (I am honestly too scared to go into details). The next six months, they taught him the killing stuff, including martial arts, marksmanship, and using just about every modern gun. Once he'd learned the good stuff, he killed every one of those highly trained specifically-to-kill-people assassins with only six months of real combat experience, a half-dozen of them with his bare hands. While they had weapons.
Sadly, there was a fail-safe (huge explosion if the leader dies), and Fredrick tried to fly away on a jet plane to escape it, but ended up ejecting when it turned out that that was going to blow up, too. The larger explosion overtook him and burned his parachute, covering him in burns that would have most definitely killed a human. While he was falling. From two hundred feet.
Fortunately, there was sand beneath him... which his momentum buried him in. For nearly a day. On his, you guessed it, fifteenth birthday!
I guess chance just hates him.
He was found by a group of people who knew about magic, who nursed him back to health. They got off to a bad start when he tried to escape from them and disabled every single member of their group, which, by the way, had members that were all about his age, because I can. They made nice after that. These were the guys he fought his father with, though not before all but him and David, Lina, Tyr, and Rache were devoured alive by giant ants. From this group, he learned that he had been assumed dead at age 14. Those pesky multiples of seven. I'm not going to get into all the details of the armies of giant ants, the Enhanced Humans (humans weaponized by being encased in Tarturian Steel and put under mind-control, aka, humans with all the humanness taken out), the other experiments created by his father, all the father-son bonding they had while kindly trying to kill one another, and such, but they were awesome. I'm sure they'll come up if someone ever asks about his backstory *cough* Tara has an agreement with him for the question thing *cough*, and then that will be awesome. After he finally beat his father (on his eighteenth birthday), he went into... kind of a funk. No goal. No idea how to track down his mother's killer. Nothing. On his 21st birthday he finished burying all of the bodies of those who had died in his great-uncle's little town, the last one being his mother. Then he was pulled into my Illumination Chronicles, when Alana Salvador, Illuminator, asking for his help in destroying the demons' arsenal of weapons that they could use to wipe out the angels. He agreed, mostly to give him some sort of a distraction, as his funk was not PTSD, but NETS, or Not Enough Traumatic Stress. As a half-demon, he thrived on destruction, and he could feel his insanity climbing when he had nothing to destroy. He was in a danger of going crazy and destroying the continent before he received the welcome distraction.
During the last battle of the Illumination Wars, he discovered his mother's killer (vaporized him) and fought a creature that was made of pure power (the Spear). By continually outmaneuvering it, he battled the creature of very possibly limitless power to a draw, able to keep the fight going for an indefinite time, though he was running out of tricks. Finally, Alana managed to channel New Energy into the creature of Dark Energy and dispersed its form with the assistance of a huge explosion (I like those). During the fight, the essence of time was drawn out by a rune created by The Spear. The Spear tried to destroy it, and Fredrick prevented that from happening by absorbing it (absorbing bodies of power is a common practice under Belial's sons).

He sort of went through history, experimenting with it a bit, keeping himself well-trained and his blood-lust satisfied. Then... something unexpected happened.
There was a female.
She was... femalish.
I actually haven't worked out the details, but Fredrick fathered a son, who he named after a soldier he'd fought beside. Creo Black, the child was. I'm working on his story right now. It ends with Creo and his murderer dying, killed by each other.
Fredrick's done some other things, but those are the highlights. He's fought pretty much everything, using pretty much every weapon ever, though he prefers to use the weapons which I may describe tomorrow. If I get to it.
Fredrick Black carries a dozen tomahawks, a Sioux war hatchet, and fifty knives on him at all times, which he usually carries in a leather jacket that he always wears, even over his armor. The jacket is black and filled with tiny little straps where he keeps his knives. He has enchanted it to not burn up when his weapons set fire to attack things.
His bow:
It's really just a bow. It's immune to magical attack and has good range.
His armor:
His armor is regularly polished and completely black, very well cared for, as though it were a very treasured possession. It is made from tarturian steel, a metal found in the 7th dimension. It is equipped with hoveplates that Fredrick sometimes uses when he really needs them.
His hoverglider once belonged to an agent from his father's very illegal bioweapons division before that agent died horribly. Then Fredrick took it. It can fly and can even be used on lava without conducting the heat. Its control panel is hooked up to his armor.
His skinning knife was given to him by his father when he was three, which Eliza put in a drawer, promising to give it to her son "when he turns umpteen." When he was fifteen, he revisited the burned-down house he'd once lived in and found it again. The knife triggered memories in his mind which his father had tried to block off and he remembered what his fa

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Kendra (madamejade) PERSONALITY

Species generalities: According to Belial's notes, the Nephilim spell was invented by accident when an angel attempted the first healing spell on a crocodile and accidentally invented siposucus, the super croc, by sparking the crocodile's immune system and leading it to lay a few dozen eggs of superior crocodiles, smarter and stronger than their parent from the magic in their systems.
Then the Fall came. Demon magic was different from angel magic and what came out was a weaponized version of the species being "healed." Lucifer christened the term "Nephilim" from the Hebrew word for "giant," saying that "they will rise above the simpler beings and stamp down upon them." He insisted that they create a human/demon hybrid to wipe out Adam's sons. Belial was openly opposed, for the Nephilim were (personality here), and I quote, "a most cunning and cruel people, rejecting their parentage and joining together with the humans, who see them as gods and heroes. The Nephilim are what we demons can only pretend to be, and what's more, they hate their parents. These are weapons that turn around and cut into their owners, and we should only feel threatened by their capabilities."

Fredrick Black in particular, of course, is
a) Cunning
Fredrick Black is fully prepared to use and twist whoever he needs to to accomplish his goals. While he is fully capable of trickery, he generally uses intimidation and threats, as he believes that trickery is a coward's weapon. He has always been good at guessing the next move of his opponent in whatever game (or battle to the death) they were playing, for most people have very little ability as far as hiding their intentions go (at least to Fredrick's perceptive eyes).
b) Blunt
As I've said earlier, Fredrick views trickery and lies as a coward's weapon and prefers less subtle means. He will answer any direct question honestly and generally expand so that the question that one meant is answered, rather than just what one said. He does not hide his personal secrets, nor does he put them on display. He will answer questions if asked, all with his perfect picture of indifference.
He is also very used to delivering and receiving bad news.
c) Insane
While he does not allow it to show, he knows full well that he is completely insane. As a result of his half-demonic-ness, he has only one-half of a spirit (spirit is the part of your soul that allows you to have a relationship with The Almighty). This has resulted in his feeling of the same void in his soul that the Ancients feel. The Ancients had everything, and then they lost it. Fredrick Black was born with half a spirit, but the fact that he saw what he was missing out on was enough to open it up on him. Over time, he realized that activity, particularly violent activity, made the void, the loss, able to be ignored. This, naturally, resulted in a kind of addiction, and when not fighting he was in danger of losing to his demon side, which had a bloodlust that was only satisfied BY the fight, and exterminating North America. Maybe the entire world, if he paced himself. So, yeah. Insane. Possibly suffering from PTSD. Definitely suffering from a burning desire for revenge that overwhelms almost all else. Is that a disorder?
d) Kind
To be fair, he gives off a bad first impression. As in a maims-your-friend-and-nearly-kills-her-to-make-you-talk bad first impression. But, like every introvert, he begins to open up the closer you get. Unlike other introverts, he does not feel threatened when people get close, because he knows full well that he can kill them, which leads us to...
e) Arrogance
Fredrick has had falls from pride before, when his leadership failed to face unconquerable odds (only happened once, now he sort of tackles unconquerable odds on a weekly basis). However, he has never lost a fight. Once, in a battle against a creature of unlimited energy that could not die, he reached his all-time low of a draw. With someone of his abilities, it is inevitable that a sense of superiority will develop. The problem? It's more well-founded than any human's sense of superiority, so you superior humans can't look down on him. BOOM!
f) Regret
Now, this one comes up in a lot of PTSD people.
What could I have done to same them?
For example, when he was seven, and he saw his mother being attacked, he knew he could have saved her. But he didn't try. The seven-year-old fear stopped him. And he's been cursing himself ever since. Likewise with the tenth birthday present. And that part where he was chasing his father and one of them had to sacrifice themselves so that the others could go on. Fredrick knew he should have stepped forward, that he had cheated death enough times now. But he couldn't. He didn't. And instead Mat did, and consequently his friend died. Oh, and that time his son died.
g) a son's love
Now, I think we've established his mother's death as the worst thing that happened in his early childhood. He loved his mother, and he could not accept that she was dead until he reached the age of twenty-one. She was his whole world, back in his simpler years.
But he also has a father. Not a perfect father (main-antagonist-in-your-life sort of father), but still an existent one. He's had short conversations with his father (before they battled to the death), slowly forgiving the horror that was Belial. At the end of their final battle to the death, Fredrick told Belial,
"I forgive you," just before he plunged Blacksblade, covered in hellfire, into his heart.
Now wasn't that the sweetest thing ever?
Naturally, Belial's reformed since then, but Lucifer was convinced that not even Belial's best efforts could capture or kill the Nephilim and abandoned the project to work on something else. And Fredrick has spoken once with his father since then, when finally, after 21 years, he embraced his father for the first time since he was three (and he hadn't fully understood what was going on, that first time). Deep inside, Fredrick Black loves his father, and nothing will change that.

Don't get me wrong, he can still kill you in ways you didn't even know were possible.


As stated before, Fredrick is more or less unparalleled in any form of combat, though he rarely uses modern weapons. However, he is highly allergic to chocolate. Good luck using that against him, though, because none of your chocolate weapons are going to actually hit him. That's the thing. Nothing hits him if he doesn't want it to. And the day when he wants something to hit him is a very rare day indeed. His throws generally hit whenever he wants them to, the exceptions being things that can turn smaller in less than half a second (and even those he often hits, depending on how small they can shrink), things that can travel at superhuman speeds (you would not be amazed at this point to learn that, yes, he has fought a dozen of those at a time. Did they die? Don't joke), and things that are able to teleport. Sometimes when it's the lead protagonist and they're not allowed to die until the end. Just sometimes. Maiming is fine.
He's pretty good at torturing and enduring torture. He knows to target the friends of those he's torturing instead of the targets themselves for the brave ones. It's estimated that it could take 679 years of torture for him to... nope. Still not talking. And good luck keeping him captive that long... or capturing him the first place...
Fredrick Black has spent over a century immunizing himself to most man-made poisons and is currently working on animal venoms. developed immunities to scorpion, spider, platypus, a species of octopus, rupa ant, tropical fire ant, and the crazy ants currently invading the Southern US' venom. Also the RIFA, and he is currently working on building his immunity to the Bulldog Ant's venom. Yeah, he's a bit paranoid of ants. Looking at his history, can you blame him?
Powers: Fredrick's powers correspond with those that Belial personally placed in the abyss, the powers that he most retained when destroyed and therefore the powers in him that were most predominant in him when he made Fredrick. These include green lightning, the misnamed hellflames, and the creation of portals. You'll notice that Fredrick channels his power through his weapons, usually. That is because, despite the fact that he has not yet figured out how much power he has, he does have a limited maximum output due to the half-humanness of himself. Channeling his power through items helps to accomplish the same goal with less power. For example, he generally fires his green lightning or rolls hellfire from the tip of Blacksblade, the magic sword. He can use his hellflames to wrap around and control his knives, which turn into burning death-tools (because I thought it was cool). His mini-abysses, likewise, are generally put through the earth. Fredrick rarely tries to create a normal portal, for it requires a lot more power than it would seem. While going through a portal would return most of that power to the creator of the portal, his problem is not a lack of power, but that it can burn his brain out if he uses too much at one time. This has nearly happened on a few occasions before, generally ending in him collapsing on the ground from the stress and requiring a recuperation period. So he is not without limits, though he would like us to think the inverse.
He also has an ever-constant scan, using his ears, eyes, and other senses to their utmost to have a near-omniscient knowledge of his surroundings. He can use echolocation to get around if necessary.

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Kendra (madamejade) Appearance

His left eye appears in a burning green shade. His right eye is deep brown. He is 45% Lakota, the side of his family that he most closely resembles, with their natural lack of facial hair and black head hair. His eyes were a natural murky brown before the left one became burning green from his father's final blow in their third battle to the death. He cuts his hair very short, because something swinging around on your head is a huge liability in a fight. His left, murky brown eye is piercing (though not as much as the burning green one, which can see your soul) and inflamed with a hidden passion (for the death of enemies), carefully controlled and contained. He is 5' 11, has three scars visible (one across his left cheek, one down his neck, and one across the chin), and dozens that are concealed in his rather concealing clothing (covered in a black shirt, jacket, gloves, socks and military shoes, long pants, really all of him but his head. He covers his left eye with an eye patch when he goes out, because his left eye is an unnatural burning green). Over all of this, he wears full body armor all the time, except when...

When leading his brother Lakota (from a different time period) into battle, Fredrick carries a a war club or hatchet, along with his arrows, and older bow than the one he generally carries, and a tomahawk, just in case. Oh, and he wears... pants, I guess. Bison-hide pants, or whatever you call them. Moccasins too, but... yeah, radical change. He does this because the Lakota see no honor in one who hides behind his armor at all times. He also wears a longer, black wig to fit in more with a people who believed that growing one's hair long was a sign of bravery (many actual Lakota have been quoted saying that there is no honor in killing a man with short hair). When riding his Buffalo Runner horse, who is called Hooves as the Thunder, he carries a Sioux war lance. I should have put this in his history, sorry.

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