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Zoey (zzoey) | 623 comments Mod
So assassins will have targets, and other characters will interefere in each others targets, and bla bla bla. Plots! Yay!


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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 1014 comments Name| Seraphine Dapniah
Gender| Female

Target| TBA

Rank| Bishop, her division is ranked by way of chess pieces, Rook and Bishop being the highest

Appearance| or here
or here

Background| Seraphine was born of humble beginnings. Most had though her not be of the right intelligence for much work that was established, so they had her sit idly by. Which wasn't the smartest of ideas in the end.
She surpassed many of her teachers, except for one, and is now one of the higher ranking members of the Chess Pieces, who are made to target only dignitaries and major company owners.
Purpose| To prove those who doubted her wrong

Interrelations| Chess Pieces, and several foreign dignitaries who have managed to pay for their lives in a steady stream of money. It only prolongs the unavoidable, of course.
Kin| A father and older brother. Both deceased through questionable circumstances.

Weapons| She prefers to use blades. They're harder to trace than a gun, because not many people by them or they're too common place. But she won't hesitate to use any other weapon available to her.

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 6829 comments Name: Deschen(Des) Tijo
Age: 26
Target: Nakamura Tenshi
Rank: Major
Personality: Tempermental little thing. Des often is often anti-social, focasing mainly on work. She was once nicknames 'Ms. Andriod' by her associates to her her calm and almost emotionless manner. She rearly has any inflection in her voice unless extremely amused, angery, or sarcastic. Mostly the later. She can be blunt sometimes.
Background: Deschen was born to a small but secessful forein family that moved from China here to the states right before she was born. Her parents controled every part of her life. WHere and when she went places and when she left, how she walked, how she dressed, and most of all how not to speak unless spoken too. She was a doll for them to mold. Her parents died in a plan crash when she was 17. WIth no one left to control her she no longer knew her self. Just who was she, what emotions where truely hers. She went into the next year, hoping that would bring her some sence. It's been 8 years and no sucess.
Purpose: Find her self
Interrelations: U.A.L
Kin: Mother and Father, both dead
Weapon: Sebon Needles, Kunai, Daggers, Wire(for strangulation and/or escape tactics), Glock with scilencer, Tactical/Sniper Riffel.
Other: Tattoo of a dragon on her back. Mostly used for missions where information is needed and so assasion needs to be close. Thats why she prefers weaopns that are easy to conceal and are for close range. Also due to her ability to change personlies with ease she is used for undercover work as well.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 1014 comments Name| Ferterline Adavere
Age| 24
Gender| Male

Rank| Formerly a Rook, but he went Rogue a few years back

Appearance| or here
or here

Background| Fert was the piece that never fit in his family. He didn't have the same skill sets as his siblings, so he was set aside for the "special" moments that never came.
Now he has his moments, each bloodier than the last. And done with a smile.
Purpose| To have his moment in the limelight and keep it that way

Interrelations| A series of informants, but nothing solid, besides Bruno.
Kin| He estranged himself from his family, and sees Bruno as all the family he needs.

Weapons| Fert lives the deaths he makes to be slow and painful. So, he uses whatever draws out the pain the most in a situation. Or makes it look gruesome.

Other| he trained he dog Bruno out of sheer madness to attack on command. Because she's a Bulldog, she has a jaw strength that allows her to grip tightly and never let go unless she wants to.

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 6829 comments yay! puppy!!! is the puppy an assasin too?!

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 1014 comments Lol no....maybe >.>

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 6829 comments I say he is. That'd be epic

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 1014 comments He's a sidekick

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 6829 comments yesss epicness!

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 1014 comments I give you, Fert and Bruno!

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 6829 comments YAY!!!

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DragonDreamer Is it too late for me to rejoin the rp? If not is there anyone who wants to rp with me?

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 1014 comments I will~

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DragonDreamer I just realized my old character has been deleted... So I will have to either dig her up somewhere or start from scratch :/ i should be able to come back by tues.

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DragonDreamer how do we decide rank? what are my options?

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DragonDreamer Name: Akira Petrova
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Target: Timothy Waters
Rank: TBA
Personality: Akira never chose this life. Not many would suspect her to be an assassin. Most assume she is just a shy bookworm from out of town. It's true that her nose can almost always be found in a book, but Akira can handle herself just fine. Despite her job, she is a rather gentle person. She is the type to smile and wave at strangers for no reason other than to brighten their day just slightly. She figures that life is too short to be negative. You never know when someone will want you killed. She still enjoys girly things like shopping and getting a pedicure, but more often than not, her time is spent extracting or researching for her job. This doesn't make her the most relatable person, so it is difficult for her to get close to people in relationships.


Background: Akira's parents were assassins until they died a few years ago. It was only natural that she be brought up in the business. She was never as strong as her brother or as talented with weapons (she is better than the average civilian, but relatively speaking they aren't her strong suit). She found her place among chemicals and poisons. It began when she was young and she picked up a book on plants. Those that can heal and those that can hurt. When her siblings would pick fights, Akira would hide and set traps so that if they did follow her they were in for a nasty surprise of poison ivy or thorn beds. She was very sneaky though and her parents usually assumed it was either luck or accident that she would best her siblings. As she got older, her talents began to excel amazingly. They were not the most supportive of parents for her, but her home life could have been much worse and she doesn't complain much about it.
Currently, her siblings are more valued assassins because they get the job done quickly. Though, Akira has a 100% success rate.

Purpose: To continue the good name of her family and act to make her parents proud.

Interrelations: Old clients of the family and those that know who to talk to to find them.

Mother - Regina Petrova
Father - Argent Petrova
Older Brother - Ezra Petrova
Younger sister - Trepida Seville (married)

Weapon: Poison of any kind. She is sufficient with other weapons, but prefers poisons.

Other: Akira is shy but surprisingly brilliant at killing people and making it look like an accident. She has a scar on her back running from her right shoulder blade to her left hip from when she was a child and her brother and she were made to fight with knives. Also, she loves sweets and candy. She usually has dessert before dinner.

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DragonDreamer Name: Ezra Petrova
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Target: TBA
Rank: TBA
Personality: Ezra is a bit blood-thirsty. He is the kind of assassin that enjoys killing people. On bad days, he may draw out their death a bit longer to make himself feel better. A monster, in a sense, but a restrained monster. He has his family to act as his conscience when his fails him. It is difficult for others to see good in him when they don't know him personally. He is difficult to read when he doesn't want people to know how he is feeling because he is very good at hiding it. He's a very troubled individual that lost his light last year and has been struggling to find it ever since.


Background: Similar to Akira, though his memories of growing up include a lot more blood. He was the first child and the first to be taught to fight and to learn to kill when he was told. He was very good at hand-to-hand combat and sniping so his parents had him practice with his sisters when they were away on a job. Once he and Akira were fighting and he got so into the fight he forgot to hold back and cut her across her back. She almost died that day from all the blood loss, but thankfully their parents got home in time to rush her to the hospital. Ezra stopped using knives whilst sparring for a long time because of this. When he was 21 he met a girl named Sarah Spencer. She was a normal girl. She was studying in New York to become a teacher. They fell in love by chance, though he never told her his true identity and it killed him. Last year she was murdered by another assassin that knew his face. He had been getting careless because he was so occupied with Sarah. He had even been considering quitting the family business, but after her death, he immersed himself in his work more brutally and passionately than ever before.

Purpose: To avenge Sarah and satisfy his thirst for blood.

Interrelations: Old clients of the family and those that know who to talk to to find them.

Mother - Regina Petrova
Father - Argent Petrova (deceased)
Younger Sister - Akira Petrova
Youngest Sister - Trepida Seville (married)

Weapon: Himself, guns, and sniper rifle

Other: He blames himself for Sarah's death and hurts others to vicariously punish himself. After what he did to Akira, he felt so guilty that every time her would would open again (from growing), he'd burn himself with a match. Akira found out and began sobbing so he stopped.

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DragonDreamer your picture isn't showing

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Zoey (zzoey) | 623 comments Mod
OKAY OKAY! I'm here to make an assassin!

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Zoey (zzoey) | 623 comments Mod
Name: Erin Gina Frostbase
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Target: (Plot twist?) Akira Petrova
Rank: One of the higher ranks
Personality: She's a devil in disguise, and she uses amazing disguises. So much so, that she can morph her personality to follow anything and anyone she wants it to. But her true identity allows for her to be quiet and morbid and watchful, a silent observer in the night.
Appearance: I'll roleplay it out.
Background: It's a complete mystery. (I'm not doing this to be lazy, i swear. I like surprises.)
Purpose: Also unknown, to be discovered in roleplay
Interrelations: She knows a lot of the other assassins in hiding, which is why her job becomes more dangerous and deceiving.
Kin: Part of her mysterious background
Weapon: Anything she likes, but her favorite is her sniper rifle with a silencer.
Other: Idk

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Zoey (zzoey) | 623 comments Mod
Name: Shia Berenstein
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Target: All of humanity, basically.
Rank: The boss
Personality: He's gruff, vague, and of the scary sort. He's the kind that you would expect to be in some cult worship. He's really mysterious too, but that's how most assassins are.
Appearance: to be roleplayed
Background: Also to be revealed in the roleplay, because it's all so big and huge that I don't want to spoil it for anyone.
Purpose: He's got many purposes, but it mostly concerns Akira's Father
Interrelations: Erin Frostbase is his employee, as well as a few other assassins.
Kin: Unknown
Weapon: His favorite is just a simple machine gun to mow people down with
Other: none

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