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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 1014 comments Xerxes sighed as she awaited the arrival of the chariot for the prince. Of course he'd be going to a party at such an hour, when the moon had peaked and most were asleep. Unless they were they spoiled children of the wealthy. Xerxes would most certainly give each and everyone of them a piece of her mind, maybe a nice taste of broiled fist. But then it would just give the other guards something else to talk about. They already had enough on her as it was.
Sighing impatiently, she crossed her arms over her chest which she soon undid as she flt the cold brush of bronze on her skin through the cotton tunic she wore. She had to admit that Egyptians had style for all the grief they gave her for being, well, a her, but she paid it no mind.
Now, what the prince doing?

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