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I don't really know what kind of plot to put here. I know it's very popular in other groups and have done quite well. You guys can essentially do all kinds of things with this topic. So have at it!

Rank: (Peasant, royalty, builder, etc)

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 1014 comments Name: Xerxes Lodigona
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Rank: Royal Guard/Assassin

Appearance: Don't shoot me the anime one, I just thought it looked great...
or here
or here

Background: Xerxes had shown an expertise when it came to hiding after she was brought from the Rome to Egypt. They had sold her off to be slave, but the woman of the household convinced her husband of otherwise after his first wife's untimely death. Xerxes was thrown out to the streets and left to fend for herself.
As a young girl, she learned that she would need protection, even if the boys would do the protecting for her. She would sneak into the city guard compounds and watch them train, and she picked up more than enough skills. This got her far and into dangerous places.
After a said dangerous incident, she was brought be fore the pharaoh. He was feeling generous, as it would seem was her luck, and decided her punishment would be to watch over his son. Which would have been fine, if he wasn't a spoiled little shit of 17 years.

Interrelations: None, the Egyptians don't quite trust the "Roman Whore"
Kin: Her stepmother and father, as well as two older siblings. They were also sold off.

Other: The Egyptians don't really like her, especially the guards because she's a woman, as well as a Roman.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 1014 comments {someone make the prince please~}

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