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Alexander Wittworth, a notable and inspiring man of his day and time, walked carelessly through his grand mansion corridors. Upon his walls littered artifacts from the Great War including bowie knives, cutlasses, artillery swords, Springfields, and other rifles of a sort. It prided him to know that his grandfather had entrusted all of this to him. It prided him more, however, that the chancellors and presidents of the country were coming to bask in his wide, historical collection.
Lest it be known that most of this was taken from his gullible soldiers of lowering ranks. None the wiser would know.

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Sadie (sadester27) "This is a marvelous collection you have here," Sylvester mentioned to Mayor Wittworth. His collection truly was one to envy. He wished he could have something so grand himself, but he was content with the riches he had in women -- one in particular.
He looked at a rather impressive rifle that was hanging on the wall, coated in gold. He wondered if it actually worked when it came to the field of duty. He knew his brother Tyrran would mock the collection if some of these weapons didn't fulfill their intent.
"Are things running smoothly with the Enhancement Center?" he asked casually.

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Wittworth straightened with a hand on his lapel rather ostentatiously. "I am glad you asked. You'll indeed be glad to know that the Enhancement Center has redefined its standards. We now have state-of-the-art make-up tattooing that looks real and perfect, if said master desires. The bone strengthening serum has been tested again and we found that it is a major carcinogen for the slaves, so we have replaced calcium ions with phosphorus ions and the results have been tremendously better. Their bones are harder, and less likely to break at a blow. We also have ordered new healing stretchers that can be placed within a servant's quarters. They heal instantly after an abuse, and it is perfect for displaying your slaves when needed." He went on about hair extensions, cartilage implants, and breast augmentations.

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Sadie (sadester27) "Splendid," Sylvester agreed, a smug smile on his face. "I have just the girl to bring in then. She could use some bone strengthening. She can be a little too disobedient for her own good." That, and Sylvester had a bit of a temper that he liked to take out on his pretty Irie. "What can they do for limps? A problem maybe to do with a hip?"

Meanwhile, back at Sylvester Rimington's smaller and slightly less elaborate estate, Irie was preparing for his return. He liked to have his afternoon snack awaiting him precisely on the hour, which consisted of red seedless grapes, an array of the finest cheeses, crackers, and a glass of red wine. She smoothed his silky crimson sheets, tidying up his bed and throw pillows before placing the silver tray at the edge of his bed, just where he liked it.
Today, she was feeling much more exhausted than usual. It could be the combination of Sylvester's beatings and other promiscuous past-times, but she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. He wouldn't mind if she took a short nap on his bed while he was gone, would he? She'd still be right here waiting when he got home.
She struggled to pull herself up onto the bed, her hips bothering her as always and her arms bruised and scraped up. Of course, thanks to the Enhancement Center, her arms were healing right on schedule; they would be cleared up by the time Sylvester arrived.
She lay her head on the pillow, closing her eyes. Within minutes she was fast asleep.

Lethil was dreading today. Today was the day she turned sixteen, and would be sent to the Enhancement Center before heading to the brothels. Any moment now soldiers would be walking through those doors and she'd never see her mother again. All her innocence would be lost before the week was over.
"Lethil, you must listen to me. No matter what, find your sister. Tell her about Maria, and the plan to escape this wretched hellhole. I'll get the both of you out of here, I swear."
"But mother, what if I don't find her?" Lethil worried, questioning her mother's plan. She didn't want it to fall through, and she worried she would never meet her sister.
"Shh, child, you'll find her. I can feel it," her mother smiled, kissing the child's brow. "Keep faith, and don't get discouraged. Awful things are going to happen to you, but soon that will change. I promise. Now go, before they beat you for tardiness."
And with that, Lethil was taken from her mother forever.

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He nodded in agreement, pointing down the hall towards a huddle of white-suited doctors. Two of them were chatting to the other four, who held a long golden stretcher in their wake. "I am sure Doctor Free can answer your questions much more thoroughly than I can."
The doctor in question looked up at his name, bowing suddenly as the Mayor and his guest approached them. "Greetings, Mr. Mayor, what can I do for you today?"
"My friend Sylvester has an intelligent question to ask of you concerning cripples and limps."
The doctor's face changed to one of innocent surprise, "Why, sir, no disrespect intended, but how might you have happened across one? All children born a monstrosity in the birthing labs are thrown out. Unless they have grown into their deformities surpassing their sixteenth birthday, there surely cannot be a reason for such a question... Our whole civilization is inspired by Greece's famous Sparta..." He trailed off thoughtfully, "Unless, of course, a soldier had requested such a person to remain alive."
Alexander glared at the doctor. The response to the situation was inappropriate. "I asked you to answer the question, not doubt the good man's authority." he reminded calmly.
The doctor paled considerably, "Of course, of course... The newest of healing stretchers scans for disease and heals it in the due process of a few weeks. It is a process to heal such mutations and deformities. Those could take months."

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((I live in Utah too!))

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Sadie (sadester27) ((They let me off early! :D and sweet! Where do you live?))

Sylvester nodded, considering what the doctor had said. "And would the patient have to remain on the stretcher the whole time? Or could they be taken off for other procedures and other such activities? Or would you recommend getting other procedures done first, such as bone strengthening?"

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((*unsure of where to put Sarai into this*))

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((Happy Valley! Pleasant Grove area. :) ))
((Is she going to be a slave of Wittworth's? Because she can come to serve him and his guest and the doctors, or she could be the doctor's test subject. Etc etc.))

The doctor motioned towards the young slave in the back of the pack. "Come girl, let us demonstrate."

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Sarai stepped forward hesitantly. "M-me sir?" she asked in a soft, meek voice. Inside she hoped they werent going to do anything painful, she hadnt really been paying attention to what they were talking about.

((I was thinking she would be a slave of the mayor guy yeah))

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Ahh, Alexander smiled, she was one of his favorites.
Doctor Free, with his big, meaty hand, clamped her on the neck and pulled her out to face the two men. "Here we have a very normal, very weak girl. "Would you like to do the honors, Mr. Mayor?"
"Would love to," He snatched at her arm and smiled at her, yanking her towards him.

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Sarai squeaked when she was grabbed by the back of the neck. When the mayor yanked her forward she immediately ducked her head, hoping he didnt plan on hitting her in the face.

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"Remember those nights of wonder and magic," he whispered hoarsely in her ear. He had hurt her so many times before. Suddenly he struck her across the face, then grabbed her wrist and snapped it with his big hands. Bored, he threw her back at the doctor, who had the stretcher waiting.

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Sarai screamed and quickly bit her lip, her scream turning to painful whimpers. Broken bones were always the worst. He was the one she would never forget. Her scars may heal on the outside, but inside they would remain until she was free of this place.

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Sadie (sadester27) ((Happy valley!!! :) haha I'm from the other P-town.))

Sylvester watched the scene before him, hardly phased by it at all. In fact, he felt Alexander had been even a bit nice to the girl. He waited for the stretcher to do its magic.

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((Oooh I gotcha. Part of the Y I see.))

A soldier and his fellow companion stopped to watch as well, hoping to see how this new medical miracle would satisfy their commanders.
The doctors led her to the stretcher and sat her upon it. "Very well, here we are," Doctor Free continued, "This generates a changing of the molecular atoms back into the correct form. For a break, such as her wrist, it will take a mere six hours of stretcher time to heal it completely and to reamp the bone so it won't break as easily. If one is to leave the stretcher too soon, it will be healed in time, but either weakly or it will mutate as it heals on its own."

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Sadie (sadester27) ((That town, yes. But I don't go there. I'm going to go to the U when I get back from my mission.))

"I see," Sylvester nodded. "Well, when can I bring her in for the new bone enhancer serum? And I would like to order one of these stretchers." He gestured toward the object currently healing one of the slave girls. "I would prefer if it arrived as quickly as possible, you see."

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Sarai held her wrist in her hand as she sat on the stretcher, her head tilted down in submission but secretly a fire was burning in her eyes, one of rage more than anything else. If she were to fight against them, they would kill her in an instant. Her only hope was escape, and even that was a small window of opportunity.

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((I want to go to the U really bad, but I'm going to UVU first. The cheapest is the neatest.))

"And you have chosen well in your distributors," Alexander agreed immediately, leading Sylvester down the hallway away from the others. "We'll have them shipped tonight."

The soldier, Eric, frowned at the happenings, but knew it wasn't in his place to do or say anything. His comrade and him, instead, waited as Alexander Wittworth and his guest left. He glanced cautiously at the slave girl. This was all so wrong.

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Sarai felt eyes upon her and glanced up, still holding her wrist while it healed. She hated being treated this way with a passion, but she had not the strength to speak up against it and live through the consequences.

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Sadie (sadester27) ((True, true.))

"Thank you for your display," Sylvester said. "I wouldn't have known about the stretchers. And I think that's exactly what my girl needs. You remember Irie, don't you?" He have a wicked grin to Alexander, who knew Irie was his favorite.

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"Oh how could I not?" Alexander beamed. She was a charming little dove. "Just sign these papers and we'll roll out one for you in a few minutes." He handed Sylvester a shining document. It had gold-printed seals and signatures all over.

Doctor Free approached her, "Enough of you, out. This is for the needful only." He shooed her away before her arm could finish healing. "It'll heal on its own."
Eric straightened, "Sir, can we help you at all?"
"Yes, take the filth back to her room."
The soldier only nodded slightly and gently took Sarai's arm.

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Sadie (sadester27) Sylvester grabbed a golden pen and signed on all the dotted lines, hoping the stretcher would arrive quickly rather than not. "Thank you, my friend," he said, clapping Alexander on the back. "Let me know if you need anything. I would be happy to give my assistance."

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Sarai cradled her injured wrist close to her chest, allowing her other arm to be grabbed by the soldier. The submissive mask was on her face as she kept her head ducked and walked behind the soldier.

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"I have much that I want at the moment," Alexander mused more to himself, "But I definitely will let you know." He gestured to the doors and they swung open to present a beautifully gold-gilded stretcher. "I'll receive your payments on the 1st."

Eric glanced back at the slave, but didn't linger too much. She was a poor little thing. It was truly a shame. "Your quarters," He instructed, as they approached it.

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Sarai dipped into a curtsy. "Thank you for escorting me sir." she said softly, and turned to go inside, glancing behind her once at the soldier as she did.

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Sadie (sadester27) "They won't be a minute later," Sylvester nodded and strutted off toward the stretcher, examining its flawless gild with admiration. He whistled and one of his assistants helped him with getting the stretcher loaded into the cart where it would be taken back to his estate. "It was nice seeing you Alexander. Feel free to stop by any time."

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How peculiar that she would care to even glance back, Eric thought to himself. "Goodnight." He muttered more to himself, not sure if she heard. The other soldiers were coming toward him.
"Don't know why you bothered," One man growled, "She's just going to be summoned to the master's quarters."
Eric shrugged, "They're treated like dirt here. The least I can do is show a little bit more courtesy."
"Keep talking like that, and you'll be killed." His companion warned.

"Oh I surely will." Alexander nodded to the doors and they swung open again, allowing his client to leave. "My party is on the morrow. It is a grand event! I would be...disappointed should you miss it."

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Sadie (sadester27) "I'll be there." He gave a slight smile, thinking of the girl awaiting him back home. "I'll be bringing a guest with me...if that's all right?" He took hold of the stretcher, about to head out the open doors after a reply from Alexander.

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"Good night...." Sarai whispered, soft enough that only she would hear as she disappeared into the servants quarters. She dreaded the possibility of being chosen to 'warm the masters bed' as it was often put. She was still a virgin, and knew there was no way that there would be any kindness offered to her under such a situation. With any hope, she could just fade into the background and he would chose a different girl tonight. She was quiet enough that it was possible to pull off, unless he remembers her later tonight from breaking her wrist.

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