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Keep the balance between males and females please!








Powers: (Make sure your character isn't invincible.)



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Name: Skylar Whyte

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Nephilim

History: Skye's mother was raped by a fallen angel, and then died when she gave birth. She was moved from adoptive family to adoptive family because she would never fit in. Eventually she got into trouble with the law, and got sentenced to go to Snowy Mountain Resort in Canada. The only problem is that she doesn't know what she is, and that there are other types of people out in this world.

Personality: Skye is very sweet and caring when she wants to be. She has a very big heart, and only wanted to fit in somewhere her entire life. She is very intelligent, and loves to read and listen to music. She loves to play the violin and piano. She is very talented, and is always good at anything she does, but she can be clumsy sometimes. She is fierce, and is not afraid of anything. Nobody scares her. She can be cruel if someone hurts her, but she is usually a good person all around.

Appearance: Photobucket

Powers: She doesn't know yet. TBA

Crush: Open

Other: Loves to sing, and knows how to snowboard.

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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Name: Bailey McKenna Silver

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Wolf Shifter

History: Six years ago, Bailey and her older Brother Beckett were out running around in the woods behind their childhood house and were attack by a lone wolf. Their father and mother thought they were going to die because their injuries were fetal, but they both started to heal. They gradually started to become stronger and faster. Their smelling and sight grew stronger. When the full moon came around, they both shifted into wolves. Their parents sent them here to get to know other paranormal people.

Personality: Bailey has a pretty fun and outgoing personality. She is pretty hyper and seems to never be able to sit still. She enjoys life, even though she is a wolf shifter now.
You always know when the full moon is near, because bailey grows irritable and sensitive. You don't want to mess with her then.

Powers: Super strength and speed. Heightened senses and can shift into a wolf.

Crush: open


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