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message 1: by Zoey, Heed my commands. Or Die. (new)

Zoey (zzoey) | 623 comments Mod
There is a land called Evdern. There is a forest in Evdern called Ragturn. There in that forest, each mystical tree hides an egg, and in those eggs are dragons born in plenty.

Much like the story Eragon, these dragons are destined to be with one Ryder, whom may or may not know they're a ryder depending on their histories. It is their job to find their dragon, and then to care for their dragon.

But like all stories, there is a catch.

There is a witch who roams this forest, cursing eggs when she feels like it. The dragons are consumed by the curse, turned into creatures of a blackness.

In result, their Ryder becomes something like a zombie, walking during the day with no purpose, no life in their eyes really, except for the need to reconnect with their dragon.

Now this witch doesn't turn them all, for there are hunting parties sent out by lords and kings to kill this witch. She's often stopped, but never killed.

The dragons are going extinct.

The Ryders must hurry.
They must forever stop this witch.

Rank: (How good of a Ryder they are. Unexperienced, Poor, Fair, Average, Above, Excellent.)

Rowan *call me Red* (rowanmoss) | 4 comments Name: Saige Rosewood
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Rank: Above
Personality: sweet, depressed without her dragon, protective, outgoing
Background: Had a dragon named Emeralda, a green dragon, but her dragon turned her back on Saige. She has been very depressed ever since. Still she tries to get to Emeralda and will always try to get back the dragon that she has known for so long.
Purpose: Only the thought of her dragon coming back to her former self.
Interrelations: Her mom who lives far away, and her dad
Kin: Her daughter Rowan
Other: She knows how to fight with a sword.

message 3: by Alexandria (new)

Alexandria (aking2838) | 1611 comments Name: Pharrah Maygood
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Rank: Average
Personality: Outgoing, will kick butt if needed, courageous
Appearance: Fairly pretty, dark hair, alabaster skin, green eyes, heart shaped face. Wears dark clothes (i.e. black leather mainly)
Background: She has a dragon named Kareenagh. They were not disconnected by the witch but she wants to do whatever possible to stop her. She has devoted much of her time and energy to hunting this witch.
Purpose: Does not believe in evil-doers not being punished for their crimes.
Interrelations: Her mom left when she was 7 years old and she hasn't seen her since. Her dad died two years later when he was riding his dragon and something mysterious happened.
Kin: Has an older brother who has taken care of her since the death of their dad. He's only 3 years older than she.
Other: She is a decent archer and also possesses a few magical qualities besides being a Ryder.

Name: Jack Maygood
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Rank: Above
Personality: Dark, brooding, mysterious type. Loner. Very protective of his younger sister.
Appearance: Dark hair, white skin, green eyes. Handsome. Wears dark clothing like his sister.
Background: His younger sister and he are very fortunate to both be Ryders and to have their dragons still with them but they have a mission to find the witch to put an end to her evilness.
Purpose: Same as Pharrah's.
Interrelations: Same as Pharrah's.
Kin: Sister-Pharrah.
Other: Great swordsman. Has noticed Pharrah getting weirder as they get closer to finding the witch but maybe she's just going through those things he just doesn't want to understand.

QUEEN | 1 comments Name: Louise
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Rank: (How good of a Ryder they are. Unexperienced, Poor, Fair, Average, Above, Excellent.) Beyond excellent. She grew up with dragons.

Lousie Skywalker

Age: 15


Long deep rose red hair and silver eyes. Somewhat tall. Agile and strong. She's an advanced dragon rider.

Personality: -Aggresive, most of the time. Caring towards her dragon.
Feisty yet compassionate and would rather settle an argument face to face. Respects others, unless others do not respect her.

When she was a little baby, she was found upon a lone deserted mountain at dawn where an ancient dragon (Desceded) Found her and brought her to the valley of the dragons where they protected her and she grew up, knowing dragons extremely well.

Weapons/Battle skills:

She wields bladed katana's and designed her own dragon riding boots with claws and teeth upon the sided to aid her is she ever needs to slash someone. She adores the use of metal weapons and had great aim, but hates bows and arrows. She throws rocks hard.

She doesn't do love. She is deathly afraid of flowers.

Name: Skywalker
Age: 17

Personality: Has walls built up and rarely ever lets anyone touch him except for Louise. He's aggressive and doesn't listen to anyone. Extreme and always alerted. If he had it his way, he'd attack anyone he pleased. He has a deep rooted anger towards man.

History: Louise was wandering one day and came across the fresh smell of blood. She followed it and found Skywalker who appeared to have been betan by dragon and sword. He was in horrible condition and his skin was torn. A chunk of his lower neck is gone, a gruesome scar is there. Some ragged parts of his body have no skin and remain flesh and bone. His appearance is frightening and intimidating. He is very intelligent, sometimes too intelligent for his own good. He is incurable observant and can tell wether or not a rider has killed before.

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