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Zoey (zzoey) | 623 comments Mod

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 6829 comments "Honestly I can't talk right now, Please"Adien Sauvugeau muttered in her soft voice, apparently to thin air."I can later but right now I'm in public and-"Adien suddenly cut off. She bit her lip."What you you mean it's really important"she murmured keeping her eyes head as she walked down the street, her art bag resting lightly on her shoulder. Her voice low so not to draw attention. Her dark eye brows furrowed."Ok, getting your mother-in-law a bunch of angry letters your wrote is not important"she said a frown marring her face. Her expression tightened a bit in what seemed to be exasperation, panic, and frustration."Stop yelling at me ok!"she whispered/hissed. She blushed as a couple turned and looked at the timid girl oddly. She gave a soft smile and they walked away, a bit diserbed. She turned to her left sharply."See what you did."

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((anyway i can come in? - im the native girl))

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 6829 comments ((hmmmm idk lol))

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((should we try and introduce a crisis where they can meet?))

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Rikki ((my character can be the crisis!))

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((okay so should i just randomly bump into you then?))

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Rikki ((I say we just roleplay and see where is goes. You know? Go with the flow.))

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'a new town, a new adventure...'
Jaci slowly pushed her way though the foliage around her and Una until she was mere feet from the road into town.
She lifted her muzzle to the wind and checked the horizon to make sure no one was around before she allowed her human form to emerge. a soft whine sounded behind her and she bent down next to her wonderful companion. "i know you hate this part, but don't worry" she smiled "i'll be back with you in no time" She quickly checked her shirt - it still amazed her how she could transform into and still be wearing the same clothes she had been wearing before the transformation as though nothing had happened.
'be careful my friend' she thought to Una and then walked out onto the road as her wolf faded into the shadows.

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Rikki Rowan lay on the seat of the town fountain, letting the mist sprinkle her face and hair. The sun was high in the sky and people crowned around the town casting shadows every which way. Except for her shadow, Rowan made herself completely transparent and invisible to rest of the world.
Someone came by and sat where she lay. "Get up old man. Don't cha got a life." She told him.
Of course he couldn't see her, only hear. He stood up, a little confused and tottered with his cane, in a hurry.
Rown giggled and reappeared.

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