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Brother & Sister War-Trained Duo ...

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Lashya Wilson Brother & Sister War-Trained Duo ...

Sunil & Anamika Kalinga. (I think I remembered it correctly!!!)

Anyway, Anamika Kalinga was the Brains/Strategist, and became Durga.

Sunil Kalinga was the Brawn. And when Kishan had to stay behind, Sunil came back with Ren and Kelsey.

How do ya'll feel about him, Sunil Kalinga ???????????????????????

Lashya Wilson By the way, Sunil Kalinga was the Brother. And Anamika Kalinga was the Sister.

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Veronica You should mention spoilers in the title...

Nikki Hoehne I think he's cute! but I would rather have kishan back:(

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I agree Nikki! So sad we had to see him go :(

~Cassie~ I was ready to bawl when Kishan stayed behind. And I don't really have much of an opinion on Sunil since we didn't have much of a chance to get to know him.

Nikki Hoehne Ya! Ren is definitely my favorite but it doesn't mean I wanted Kishan to stay behind! that was so depressing!!

Nikki Hoehne The ending was really cute and all but i was too depressed about kishan to fully appreciate it lol

Julia Miller I agree, I wish Kishan was back. Although, I do like the idea of Sunil with Nilima. :)

Nikki Hoehne I agree:) Sunil was all cute with Nilima...it reminded me of how Ren would be with Kelsey:)

Julia Miller I wonder what will happen with them in Tiger's Dream. I can't wait for that book to come out. I would like to read more about Kishan too. :)

Nikki Hoehne I know!! i cannot wait for that book!! i hope it somehow reunites them all somehow..:( lol

Nikki Hoehne Oooh and when Ren DIED!!!=-O I was CRYING!!

Julia Miller I know me too. I said to myself, "No way this is actually happening!"

Nikki Hoehne I thought nooooo!!! he said it was impossible to leave her!! and then OF COURSE it happened anyways:( honestly i thought she would be more upset about it...

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Alyssa Love this series but I don't really have anything to say about Sunil we didn't get to read about him that much.

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