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City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4)
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Erin (erinrmclean) okay, so i was rereading City of Fallen Angels when i cam across the scene where, Jace is in the Silent City and "Max" comes to his dream, claiming that he was hurting Clary and made him "kill" that part of him in the dream. "Max" then says "You are mine" is this where the possession started?? When Jonathan first gets ahold of Jace???

Melissa No, the possession started at an undefined point in time after Jace is brought back to life. The full blown possessions started after the 'max' dream. That's how I understand how everything happened.

Sophie (warpedline) | 5 comments When 'Max' says "you are mine" that is actually Lilith and that is the point she possess's him. But Jonathon started possessing him when he and Jace cut their palms and shook, mixing their blood and binding Jace to Jonathon.

Jenny (juliababyjen) I think the gateway was opened to him being able to be possessed after he was brought back to life. I think the dream is where he officially become "possessed" by Lilith, but the tattoo she gave him did the full blown possession. Then, Clary killed that by mutilating his tattoo, but Sebastian and he bounded together with the mingling of blood. Kind of blows your mind to think about it!

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