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Autumn Brown Autumn Dec 26, 2012 09:59AM
Moving on after losing a spouse is a personal choice. Some women/men never move on. But I’d hate to think that we judge these poor widows/widowers on our standards. No one knows what they would do until they’re faced with that exact same dilemma. And no two dilemmas are alike. Most widows/widowers are filled with guilt and confusion, just as Avery was.

What would have been an appropriate time period for Avery to wait? I don't want her judged so harshly by the future readers of Washed Up. She really did love her recently deceased husband, and I'd like to portray that better than I obviously did. Any answers out there?

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I'm wondering if you have posted this question, based on my review of the book.
For me it wasn't just the period of time since her second husband had died. Though I believe by a lot of peoples standards, 4 months is very quick, to get involved with another man, old friend or not. But the fact she had a sixteen year old son to consider as well. His grief needed to be taken into account, before she embarked on another relationship. Plus even though Cameron is separated from his wife, he is still a married man. Avery's close friendship had caused problems in Cameron's marriage in the past. Throw in the fact that Cameron's wife wanted to try and work things out. Made Avery come across as selfish and totally uncaring of others feelings. It seemed like she was lining up husband number three. This was firmly cemented in my mind when learning her past history, when husband number one died, and she married husband number two while still pregnant.
As I said your writing was not the reason for my two star rating, the story did not sit well with me. But any readers view is subjective. Others may feel differently and love it.
Perhaps you did not fully consider, that your story could be interpreted differently to how you intended.

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Autumn Brown Linda, Thanks so much. Yes, I did notice your comment on another of my books. I didn't know which one it was, until now. The next one is coming out so ...more
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