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message 1: by Steelwhisper (new)

Steelwhisper | 10 comments One of the biggest British names in Sci-Fi television died today:

message 2: by Carole-Ann (new)

Carole-Ann (blueopal) | 26 comments *Ducking under the radar* here......:(

Yes, Anderson had a great idea, but, if I remember rightly, we spent too much time giggling at the string puppets and their lumbersome cavortings, to actually pay attention to the storyline.

Children's TV in the UK was desperately trying to keep up with the US stuff coming across the ocean, and it wasn't until 'Dr Who' got a reputation that we actually seemed to be making headway :)

Yup, I know we've produced some good stuff since; but the puppets still make some people cringe :)

message 3: by Steelwhisper (new)

Steelwhisper | 10 comments Ah, but he got them all very young ;) and opened up minds. It wasn't all children's programs either, think of Space 1999.

message 4: by Melanie (new)

Melanie (melaniescatteredthoughtsrw) | 12 comments A real pioneer. I remember Thunderbirds but I was a true fan of Space 1999 with Barbara Bain and Martin Landau.

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