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Vampires and Werewolves: Pro or Con?

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message 1: by Danielle (last edited Dec 26, 2012 09:18AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Danielle Those of you who have begun Grave Witch have probably noticed that there are no vampires or werewolves. I think this makes the book a little bit harder to figure out since I find the dynamic between vampires and werewolves fairly predictable as far as paranormal romances go. I'm a bit sick of vampires and werewolves, and generally avoid books who flaunt them on the cover. (this may stem from my strong dislike of the Twilight series, but to be honest, I just really don't find either supernatural being very sexy.)

Do you guys find the lack of vampire and werewolf action off putting? Are my opinions about these supernatural beings in the minority? What does everyone else think?

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments Just started the book too early to give an opinion. Will get back to you on what I think. New to this genre and haven't read a paranormal romance novel w/o vampires or werewolves yet. I can say that I am enjoying the vampires in 'Succubus Blues' and that I am a fan of 'Twilight.'

Chris I neither like nor dislike vamp/werewolf romances as a rule. Some are good, some not. I just finished Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison which ends up being the second in a series. It has fairies, were's of many types, vamps, demons and others. It was interesting enough for me to be thinking about trying another in the series. I generally like romances with Highlanders in it. So the supernatural characters are adding a newest I am enjoying at the moment.

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments Chris what is a highlander?

Chris Highlander- really hot Scotsman, often a warrior or lord wearing a kilt and chilsed chest. Most times historical settings. Do you have a Nook? I think I have a lend me copy in my Nook library you could borrow.

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments Jamie in the 'Outlanders' by Diana Gabaldron. I know what a highlander is now. I thought you meant some paranormal reference for the word highlander. Have you read the 'Outlander'? I have a nook alas as any reader too many books and not enough time so I thank you for your offer to lend me a book but I have to read 'Gravewitch' and I am a book club moderator at work I have to finish up 'Caleb's Crossing' and write up discussion questions for January's book club meeting. Look forward to discussing 'Gravewitch' on Thursday with you glad you come with the new time change.

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments I am almost done with the book. I am fine either way with or without vampires/werewolves. I care more about the banter, the sexual tension the protagonist has with her love interest no matter what it's form.

Chris Trish, you are so right.

Danielle Trish wrote: "I care more about the banter, the sexual tension the protagonist has with her love interest no matter what ..."

That's an interesting point. Clever writing and great story telling can make even the most overused romance novel tropes fresh, new, and interesting.

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments I agree.

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