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regan ((RP!))

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Jet (jetfeather) | 184 comments Quix put down his stuff on his cabin and his cat, Yrael jumped off his head and settled down on the pillow. Quix looked around, remembering, then sat down next to his stuff and the cat.
"Well," he murmured, "I'm back. Welcome here, Quixotic."
He fingered his swiss army knife and flipped it so that the mini dagger flipped out.
"hmmm... Whip." he murmured, and the dagger flipped one more time, and the whole knife merged into a strangely flexible stygian iron whip with a celestial bronze hilt.
"Huh, not in bad condition, then..." he muttered, and patted Yrael absentmindedly on his head.

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Jet (jetfeather) | 184 comments Yrael purred, then went back to sleep.
Quix looks at his whip, then says quietly,
the whip shortens back to the swiss army knife, and flips back to the dagger. Quix put the swiss army knife away, then began to tidy the cabin; Inspections were coming soon, and he'd better get started.

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Jet (jetfeather) | 184 comments As soon as the inspector had passed, Quix glanced at Yrael.
"So? What do you think? Do you think I got a good mark?"
Yrael glanced over the nearly spotless cabin and shrugged.
Quix sighed, and told Yrael,
"I'm going to the Arena. Stay safe, Yrael."
He walked to the Arena.

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Jet (jetfeather) | 184 comments Quix entered the cabin after Yrael, who proceeded to leap onto his bed and snuggle on the pillow, his blue eyes darting around suspiciously.
"So, Yrael, what is it?"
Yrael shook his head, and focused his eyes on Quix's. Except they weren't blue anymore. They were mismatched, the left one black, the right gold.
Quix paused, then said,
His father's voice came from Yrael's mouth.
"Yes. Man, I hate using this type of message service, but you can't use phones and Nikola used all the golden drachmas to make an addition to your swiss army knife. You still have it, don't you?"
Quix replied, "Yeah, yeah I do."
Zephrael replied,
"good. Anyway, have you figure out how to swap the weapons easily? I remember telling you a while ago."
Quix hesitated, then muttered,
"Well, I knew how to but I forgot."
Zephrael sighed.
"Well, you say, 'Mutare' and the weapon you want it to change to. got that?"
Quix replied,
"Yes, I think I do."
Zephrael audibly sighed.
"Well, you'd better. See you after summer?"
Quix nodded, then replied,
"Yeah, I guess so."
Yrael blinked, and when Quixotic next looked, his eyes were blue.
"Well, that was weird," he muttered.

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Jet (jetfeather) | 184 comments "Hi, Quix."
Andrew dropped his things on his current bunk, and hugged his little brother, as Quix grinned at him.
"I hope your journey was good? How's life without cereal?"
Andrew laughed.
"you always ask that question. And I'll always reply, it's good. Hey, has this cabin changed since I last came?"
Quix shrugged.
"The Morpheus cabin changes, like dreams change."
Andrew frowned, then shrugged.
"Shouldn't we go to meet Nikola now? It'll be great to have an addition to your army knife."
Quix shrugged, and followed him to Thalia's Pine Tree Hill (or something).

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Jet (jetfeather) | 184 comments The instant they entered the cabin Andrew ran for the bathroom and locked himself in. Quix frowned, but didn't question his motives, even though he heard a soft drone of noise coming from the bathroom. Quix frown deepened, but nonetheless he went to his bed, patted Yrael on the head and decided to try out whatever Nikola had added to his army knife.
"Hmmm... Hey, this is new!"
He flipped open what looked like a pen, but when he tried to write on a piece of paper, nothing came out. Quix looked at it quizzically, then told Yrael,
"Can I talk to Nikola?"
Yrael yawned, then blinked slowly. When he opened them, his eyes were the familiar colours of Nikola's eyes: one black, one silver.
"Hey, Nikola," he started, "What does the pen do?"
"Wha-- Oh, hi, Quix. Oh, the pen? Wait a sec--right, the pen. Well, it's like, I put six of the same pen in all, and I have the seventh. So, you see the spinner? And the six notches? Well, each notch represents a different pen. There are seven pens in all. It's enchanted to have the initials of the current wielder of the pen under each notch, see? If you want to write to all of the pens, just push down the top button, and all of the notches will be selected. So, you write a message on anything, and you see the compartment? Yep, pull out the handle, and you'll see the message on that paper that's attached to the handle. Five of the six pens in your knife are detachable, but if you aren't the person who gave the pen to whoever has it, it returns to the knife. Unless it's me and my family, Andrew included, then it teleports to the nearest person. Or you, if you're nearer. Got that? Oh, yeah, tell Andrew that I gave him back the three arrows that Zeus, Poseidon and Hades gave Skie, then she gave Andrew, in his quiver, okay? Righty-oh, Nikola out!"
Yrael yawned, his eyes their familiar ice-blue, and fell promptly asleep.
Quix frowned, and knocked on the bathroom door.
"Andrew? You there? Nikola told me to tell you that he put your three arrows in your quiver."
Andrew yelled something from behind the door, but Quix couldn't tell what it was he yelled.

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Jet (jetfeather) | 184 comments Quix frowned, then said to Yrael,
Yrael looked at him, his blue eyes darkening/lightening until they were Nikola's familiar eyes, and said,
"Yes, Quix? What now?"
Quix glanced at the message cat and murmured,
"Do you know any powers I have that I don't know? To, like, open the bathroom door which is currently locked that has no key?"
Yrael/Nikola sighed.
"We-ell... It's better you ask Madeleine..."
Quix frowned, then said, "Okay, then, Madeleine?"
Yrael seemed to sigh, and his eye colour shifted until they were Madeleine's black-brown eyes.
"Hello, Quix. Hmmm... Let me check... Uhhhhh... Hmmm... Changing apppearance, doesn't help... uhhhh, Controlling dreams? Nah, doesn't affect... Here's one! You have the power to make dreams come alive or to crush them to nothingness. As you develop the power, you can actually teleport the people in the dream to wherever it happened and force them to do whatever they did until you lose focus, leaving them there. Ehhh, Side affects, Uh, you either lose your grip on reality and live in the world of dreams/ go insane, or you don't dream your own dreams, or, uh, You cause mental disarray and get your own personal angry mob. So, uh, Try to go for the last one. Okay? Uh, If you didn't dream about opening the door, once I dreamed I plumbed it for you. Okay? See you sooner or later, I guess."
Yrael blinked, and his blue eyes glared defiantly at Quix. Quix sighed, turning to the door, and imagined Madeleine coming along and plumping the toilet. The pain on the walls morphed until it was a beautiful mix of colours, changing colour depending on how you looked at it, and the bunks seemed to shift into a different position. A spirit Madeleine shivered into the room and opened the door as if it wasn't locked at all. Then she seemed to attack the toilet with plumbing supplies and an old toothbrush which looked suspiciously like Andrew's. Quix shook his head, and the spirit Madeleine disappeared, thankfully leaving the door open. Quix stepped into the room and frowned.
The room was empty.
So where is Andrew?
Quix waved to Yrael and Aquila, muttering,
"Take care, I'm going to look for Andrew."
He walked out of the cabin to camp.

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Jet (jetfeather) | 184 comments "You. Are. Crazy. Time-travelling hasn't been done for ages! And anyway, you? I might understand that, but..."Quix met Andrew's accusing glare and muttered, "Not that I'm saying this so I can deny that my bro's evil."
Andrew threw up his hands and loudly groaned. Then he headed for the bathroom, once again, and Quix began searching the bookshelves for something to attempt to read.

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Jet (jetfeather) | 184 comments "Quix."
Andrew reemerged from the bathroom, a long black and silver scarf resting in his hands. Quix turned to him, noticed the scarf, and started. Andrew noticed this and continued.
"What's this?"
"Uh... Nikola gave it to me as a birthday present."
Andrew raised an eyebrow, dropped it onto Quix's bunk, then returned to the bathroom. On second thought, he reemerged and headed for the door that led to the cabin's basement.
"See you later."
Quix stared after him, grabbed the scarf, then went back to reading.

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