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Samantha (samanthan) | 28 comments What do people think of the TV show? I stopped watching it halfway through the first season because I was mad about how much it deviated from the books.

Spoiler alert! I stopped watching right after Toby was arrested instead of dying in a motorcycle crash like he did in book two. What are the worst ways the show has deviated from the book or do you think the changes are justified?

Tony | 64 comments Mod
I love it. It would suck if the show followed the books exactly, because there would be no element of suprise!

Sammy (sammy5428) Tony wrote: "I love it. It would suck if the show followed the books exactly, because there would be no element of suprise!"

Very true, very true

Tony | 64 comments Mod
Only 9 more days till the show comes back! And you bet i will be live tweeting! Follow me @tonyblack2

Kati I love the show. I think it is more suspenseful than the books.

Kati When do you guys think the rest of the girls will find out about Toby?

Jean (jeanbooks) | 18 comments Kati: I think that they will find out without Spencer. A is going to tell them or they will see him I don't really know but I'm super excited!. By the way; The show is really, really good. It is deviated from the books, a lot but its still pretty good :)

Kati Hannah's mom is such a mess.

Logan | 13 comments I love the show but hate it at the same time... the A-Team is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of ... especially since we know two of the people and it is just dumb, confusing, and annoying,.. they should of killed Mona off when they had the chance and should never have let Toby become a character.... no.. just no

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Jean (jeanbooks) | 18 comments That's so right! A is not scary anymore! The suspense is gone! We all know who A is now and it's kind of boring, I want something more interesting! I want Courtney to be a character in the show, that would be craaazy.

Logan | 13 comments I know right!! I think the main A's should stay the same ... and Mona and Toby gotta go... like now

Kati I think the team gives them more room to maneuver long term. The books get a bit silly/unbelievable after A is revealed multiple times to be different people who didn't work together. Makes more sense if multiple people hate them and work together.

Logan | 13 comments but there is almost no mystery.... its so dumb that the liars know... I would me fine with it if they didn't know, but they do...

Kati You guys see this? I don't even know what to think about it.

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Tony | 64 comments Mod
I know I read about it on the PLL website! I'm happy, yet kind of sad!

On the bright side they renewed PLL for season 5!

Logan | 13 comments Yep i was so happy for it!! Although i find the show kinda un realistic and has almost no mystery... It is still one of my favorite shows of all time!!!! I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT FOR THE SPIN-OFF :D

Kati Anyone else keeping up this season? I really liked Toby and Caleb working together trying to find red coat.

Logan | 13 comments I am!! although I missed two episodes since I am on vacation but i will watch them Sunday when I get back :D

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