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Samantha (samanthan) | 28 comments I thought it would be cool to have a space for recommendations for things similar to PLL. I'm reading a book called Capital Girls by Ella Monroe that I would recommend. It's like PLL only set in DC and it's really good.

Also, the TV show Gossip Girl is awesome. If you like the Pretty Little Liars books I'd definitely recommend it.

Tony | 64 comments Mod
I loved Gossip Girl sos sad it ended!

Samantha (samanthan) | 28 comments Me too! The producers and some of the actors have been hinting that they'll be a Gossip Girl movie though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Tony | 64 comments Mod

Samantha (samanthan) | 28 comments Same! And I wasn't satisfied by parts of the Gossip Girl series finale so I would love to see if a movie would improve on that.

Kimberly (kimberlydiaries) I will have to check out Capital Girls! Another suspenseful series i really liked was Private by Kate Brian.

Tony | 64 comments Mod
I have started Private, I love that book so far! Did you see the movie?

Samantha (samanthan) | 28 comments Has anyone read Truth or Dare yet? I haven't but they're saying fans of PLL will like it.

Tony | 64 comments Mod
who wrote it?

Samantha (samanthan) | 28 comments Jacqueline Green wrote Truth or Dare.

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There's always The Lying Game

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