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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1343 comments Mod
Follow the guidelines below, but delete the "." from the HTML format! Be sure that you don't leave anything out, and if a mod asks you to add or change anything, please do! Your characters do need to be accepted. Be creative!

<.b>Full Name:<./b>

<.b>Clothes Style:<./b> <.spoiler>_______<./spoiler>

<.b>Personality:<./b> **Please be detailed; 3-4 Sentances! & No putting "To be Role-Played"!

<.b>Background History:<./b> Again, details people! There is NO putting "To be roleplayed!"



<.b>Riding Style (Western or English):<./b>
<.b>Relationship Status:<./b> Ask First!
<.b>Other Pets:<./b>

<.b>Appearance:<./b> You NEED a picture or link, you can't just have a description. Also, describe it WITH the picture!
<.i>Hair Color:<./I>
<.i>Eye Color:<./I>

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1343 comments Mod
Full Name: Cynthia Alessia Valentina
Nicknames(s): Cyn, Cynth
Age: 16 Years Old
Brithday: May 25th
Gender: Female

Clothes Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: Cyn is a very funny out-going type of girl. She has always been fun, was never the rude type. She loves to make new friends and is usually nice to everybody, almost everybody knows who she is. She loves to takes pictures of herself or anything else. Though, she isnt a girly girly, shes actually a tomboy. She doesnt wear dresses, skirts or anything like that, she usually wears things like skinny jeans, jean shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, really long sweatshirts or jackets, DCs, Allstar- converse, Vans, Flats. Shes a giggle box though, she knows a lot of guys fall for her but she ignores it, she isnt the type to go out with alot of guys honestly. Shes very active her favorite sport would be basketball and horseback-riding, but she does like to run and is pretty fast. Shes loves to joke around and have fun, shes the dare devil type. Though, Cyn does have a smart mouth and sharp tongue, meaning she can come back with the meanest come backs against someone else. Cyn does have those days when she not in a good mood, on those days, its best to not even mess around with cause even though she doesnt fight she can really well, she can easily knock someone out if needed. Cyn is very smart in school and has never really got a F, she was always a honored student, all the teachers loved her, but this doesnt mean Cyn is a bady bady.

Background History: Cynthina was actually born in Manteca, California, not a large and common town really. Cyn had lived a happy life with her family until the day when she was 9 years old and her parents started to agrue over things, it got so bad they started to fight over stupid things. Sure enough, her parents broke up and dirvoced sadly. Her mother and her older sister that she always thought of a best friend, moved away to San Fransico, California. Cyn and her father stayed in Manteca, California. Cyn was spoiled by her father by this time, but she never turned into a selfish little girl, she was always loyal. Soon enough, by the age of 14 Cynthia started to get into horses and horseback-riding it started when she went with one of her friends to a rodeo. Her father put her into horse lessons nearby and she learned pretty quickly over those lessons, when she was 15 she got her first horse, Firefly, he was a beautiful bay stallion, she loved him lots but sadly when she was 17 she had to get rid of him, her father decided that Firefly was getting to small for her, she was growing up fast. Of course Cynthia couldn't do anything, so Firefly went. She tried out for new horses but never found the right one, ontil one day she entered Harmony Hills stables where she found a untamed mare. She had mustang blood running through her blood and Cynthia fell in love with her. Her father refused but she comehow convinced him to buy her. Over the year Cynthia tamed Rebel to be a better horse. Now Cynthia & Rebel are champions in western riding at Rodeos. Soon enough though, Cynthia ended up with yet other horse known as Iris. Iris was already successfully broke into and trained for western riding so Cynthia had no problems with her.

Hanging Ou
Making Videos
Taking Pictures or Posing For A Picture
Working Hard To Get Something Right
Playing With The Horses Around The Stables

Doctors & Hositpals
Car Sick
Bad Horse Accidents
People Making Fun Of Her Because Of Her Sport(Horseback-Riding)
Going Riding in The Water then Galloping in Sand
Oral Reports
Being Embrassed
Having To Be Stuck With A Stranger
Stromy and Rainy Days

Horse(s): Double the Trouble & Don't Blame the Irish
Riding Style (Western or English): Mostly western but also english
Crush: None (Open)
Relationship Status: Single & Strait
*Alice Valentina-Mother-Moved Away
*Alexander Valentina-Father-Alive
*Anja Valentina-Older Sister-Alive
*Joseph Valentina-Older Cousin-Alive
Other Pets:

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde; Black Underneath
Eye Color: Neon Blue
Height: 5'3
Weight: 95

Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) Full Name brodie
Nicknames brod
Age 14
Brithday may 19
Gender female

Clothes Style spoiler_______<./spoiler>

Personality is vary loveing and vary pretty

<.b>Background History: just live with her mom and dad in canada

horseback riding
horse books
hanging out


Horse finstger baby
Riding Style engilsh
Crush: none open
Relationship Status single
judy hawkins mom
paul hawkins dad
syd older step sister
Other Pets shadow (dog)
miss. kitty (cat)

Appearance i can't get a pic
Hair Color brown with pink under
Eye Color brown
Height 5'6
Weight 100

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1343 comments Mod
Accepted, When finished

Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) but i am

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1343 comments Mod
Oh shiz. Sorry, didn't think you were. Guess your Accepted Sorry again.

Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) o thats ok :) lol

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Finley Mac | 215 comments Mod
Full Name: Allie Bramble
Nicknames(s): Wolfie, Mouse
Age: 14
Birthday: April 13, 1998
Gender: Female

Clothes Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: Kind of mean and sarcastic.
She can be nice, but only if the person she's speaking to has earned her respect. She also does not like being corrected, especially when the information is wrong.
Background History: Well… Allie has just started high school, plays violin in the orchestra and also plays upright bass and melodica on the side, and listens to music that is either obscure or old. (Unless it's soundtrack from something, Jurassic Park being her favorite.) She is from Chicago. Also, she has three cats and a dog.

Likes: Water, food, cake, music, upright basses, melodicas, horses, unicorns

Dislikes:People in general, spiders, being stabbed, people being careless with sharp things, people who declare that comics and/or 3D modeling are not true art forms

Horse(s): Dante
Riding Style (Western or English): English
Relationship Status: No.
Family: Not here.
Other Pets: Rascal the Jack Russell terrier and Misty, Flame, and Clementine the cats.
Other: Bloop

Appearance: Oh look it's a Wolfie (view spoiler)
Hair Color: Mud
Eye Color: Shiny mud
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 103 lbs

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1343 comments Mod

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1343 comments Mod

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Finley Mac | 215 comments Mod
Ohmygod Westley

That is fantastic

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Finley Mac | 215 comments Mod
Thanks! It's one of a huge list that I made and definitely one of my favorites. (Other favorites/competitors being Chicago Jazz, Inkling, Steam Train, Grace Note, and Make Believe.) I've got about 55, give or take, but a lot of them are ridiculous. (Velociraptor, Hobbit, Wheatley… Catfish?)

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Finley Mac | 215 comments Mod
If I were to get a horse, I would name it Dante, but there's already a horse with the show name Dante, so I'd probably settle for Chicago (Jazz).

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Canterwood | 67 comments Full Name: Heather Candace Elizabeth Calder
Nicknames(s): None
Age: 13
Brithday: July 25
Gender: Female

Clothes Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: Heather is very smart. Has straight As everywhere and is very fashionable. Gets along with everyone except perfectionnist or people who complains. Loves to ride and is kind of a rebel.

Background History: Used to own a horse named Yasmine but died in a terrible accident. She moved far away from the accident that happenned in the state of New-York and moved to here.

Likes: Horses, books, food, cooking, GossipGirl

Dislikes: Perfectionnist, fishes

Horse(s): Eblouissante
Riding Style (Western or English): English but does western too
Crush: None (open)
Relationship Status: open but has no bf
Family: Mom is Rachel Fiona Randy and dad is Frank Jr. Calder
Other Pets: None

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 2
Weight: 100 pounds

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1343 comments Mod

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Full Name: Serendipity Alayna Phillips
Nicknames(s): Sera
Age: 17
Birthday: Feb. 14
Gender: Feminine

(view spoiler)
Hair Color: Black with brown highlights
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'8
Weight: 115

Casual Style: (view spoiler)
Equestrian Style:
(view spoiler)

Sera is a very determined person, she gets what she wants and doesn't let anyone get in the way. Albeit she kind to her friends, people she doesn't know make her wary and she treats them with a very stand off attitude. She's independent and stubborn finding ways to achieve her goals even in the hardest situations. When she is with people she likes and knows, she kind and fun to be around messing with people and finding ways to get into trouble. If she deems you unworthy of her time or respect then she won't bother with you. You'll be a simple fly on her should. Sera will brush you off and ignore you completely but if you have something she wants then she will go about getting it. When getting something she wants, she can be sneaky and tactful often slipping around you until she suddenly has what she wants without almost any thought. Her friendly demeanor may be questioned in some situations though she really is a nice girl at heart.

Sera grew up very well off, her parents were always working and they had a nice house, plenty of food and everything she could want. Her brothers where often the ones taking care of her, creating a strong bond between them and when she became old enough, they took her out with them to horseback ride. Both her parents when they were able to make it home, taught her to be smart and determined. They told her that while she would have the money they have, she had to work for it and work for it she did. She started working for their company and got swooped up into the adrenaline and deception.

Sera stopped riding and focused on the business, her parents were proud. They had created their own prodigy, something the twins were never interested in, in fact they straight out refused to be part. Sera however, was sucked in and she had all but stopped her own life. The twins, seeing what was happening, decided to take action and they intervened.

At first, she didn't want anything to do with them and refused to let them take her anywhere but after a few weeks of constant persuasion and nagging, she finally broke down and let them take her back to the barn. She feel in love with horses again and stopped working with the company all together. She was 15 and already had enough money to last her a life time. Since then, she's moved out of her parents house and into one with her brothers and has been there ever since.
✔ Horses
✔ Clothes
✔ Her brothers
✔ Photography
✔ Boys
✔ Coffee
✔ Chocolate
✔ Necklaces
✔ Nature
✔ Painting
✔ Drawing
✔ Shopping
✔ Friends
✔ Holidays
✔ Music
✔ Competition
✔ Laughing
✔ Winning
✔ Gambling(She loves making deals)
✗ Her parents
✗ Stupidity
✗ Bugs
✗ Public Transportation
✗ People she doesn't know
✗ Paparazzi
✗ Shots
✗ Extreme weather
✗ Extremely small spaces
✗ Monsters
✗ Annoyances
✗ Things not going the way they are supposed to
✗ Losing
Dark Dream and Whisper In the Wind
Riding Style(Western or English): Both
Crush: Open
Relationship Status: None
Family: Mom, Dad, Twin brothers(older)
Pets: None
Other: None
Full Name: Nicolas John Phillips
Nicknames(s): Nick
Age: 19
Birthday: June 17
Gender: Masculine

Appearance: [image error]
(view spoiler)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'0
Weight: 145

Work Style: (view spoiler)

Equestrian Style:(view spoiler)

Personality: Of the two twins, he is the more calmer and mature one. He takes care of his twin brother and their little sister while also juggling college and his show jumping career. He is an amazing show jumper and is very proud of his horses. Nick is calm in collected, he is nice but can seem distant or closed off. Once he gets used to you he's a sweet guy with a caring heart and a sixth sense for horses. Nick is very protective of his little sister and often beats himself up for letting her get caught up into the business of his father and mother's company. While he is cool and collected, if you get him mad he doesn't hold back. He can become very nasty but it's almost impossible to get him to crack.

Background History:
Nick grew up being pressured into his father's company, both their parents were extremely busy and looking for one of their children to carry on the family business when they had to stop working. Nick wanted his father's approval, he wanted to make him proud so he started working for them. As he went on working, he found he didn't really enjoy it as much as he had hoped and quit when he was still learning. Nick told his parents to leave his brother out of it and that's when they found out their mom was pregnant again. The whole family was surprised because his parents hadn't wanted another child and didn't think they needed another one. Not that they couldn't support him or her because they could, they could probably support a small army but they had two sons who they thought could take over the family business.

When they found out it was a girl, Nick became excited because he was going to have a little sister. He was calm from the time he was a baby, cool and collected which was why his father tried to push him so hard to the family company. Instead, he finished high school a year early and went to college to become a doctor. While he was away, he found out that his little sister had been sucked into the business and that she was one of the most successful in the business.

He flew back from college and took her to live with him, by then his brother was studying to become a lawyer so he joined them as well. They all became extremely close and between Nick's job as a doctor and his brothers as a lawyer they have done just fine. Now they go here and own several horses.

✔ His sister
✔ His brother
✔ Horses
✔ Food
✔ Jumping
✔ T.V.
✔ Dogs
✔ Cats
✔ Weight training
✔ Football
✔ Soccer
✗ Bullying
✗ Stupidity
✗ Annoyances
✗ His parents
✗ Extreme hyper attitudes
✗ People messing with his horses
✗ People messing with his sister
✗ Paparazzi
Horse(s): Charisma Cortez
Riding Style(Western or English): Both
Crush: Open
Relationship Status: None
Family: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister
Other Pets: None
Other: None
Full Name: Matthew Phillips
Nicknames(s): Matt
Age: 19
Birthday: June 17
Gender: Masculine

(view spoiler)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140

Work Style: (view spoiler)
Equestrian Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: Matt is a free spirit, he is extremely friendly and willing to help anyone who needs it. When it comes to his free time, he has no responsibilities and is a care free relaxed and laid back guy. He likes teasing people and brightens a room just because he is so fun and kind. He is amazing with horses and likes to hang out a lot. Most people would think he couldn't be a lawyer because he's so friendly and laid back but when he's at his job he's extremely serious and turns into someone more like his brother.

Background History: Same as Sera and Nicks

✔ Partying
✔ Laughing
✔ Sister
✔ Brother
✔ His job
✔ Horses
✔ Chocolate
✔ Animals
✗ Paparazzi
✗ Small crowds
✗ Losing
✗ Shopping
✗ Being alone for long periods of time
✗ Being to serious
✗ Animal Abuse
✗ Stupidity
Horse(s): Just my Luck
Riding Style(Western or English): Both
Crush: Open
Relationship Status: None
Family: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister
Other Pets: None
Other: None

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message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks! Haha I'm surprised I fit it all into one post, although I did have to cut off Matt's history to do it..

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dxisyy ✨ (alekss) | 387 comments Mod
Full Name: Anabelle Lane
Age: 18
Brithday: December 2nd
Gender: Female
Clothes Style: (view spoiler)
Personality: Ana is the type of girl who is a little bit of everything. She can be hyper, bubbly, calm, and sometimes angry. It all depends on how you treat her. But most of the time she is understanding and happy.
Background History: Ana lived in a big city all her life and honestly, she hated it. She wanted to live in wide open spaces and be able to run around without bumping into someone every minute. So she moved. Of course her parents didn't approve and they ignored her ever since. It hurt her at first but she got used to it. She bought herself a horse. Though she didn't know it was a wild mustang. She still kept it and has been training him ever since.
Bright Colors
Hanging Out With Friends
Preppy People
Horse(s): Jokers Special Trick (Joker)
Riding Style (Western or English): Western
Crush: None
Relationship Status: Ask First!
Emily Lane - Mother
Jacob Lane - Father
Other Pets: Blue (Dog)
Other: None
Appearance: (ignore the makeup)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1343 comments Mod
Accepted! ahaha your using Joker, the horse I made for your other character!!(:

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dxisyy ✨ (alekss) | 387 comments Mod
Shaylee~The Tommo~ wrote: "Accepted! ahaha your using Joker, the horse I made for your other character!!(:"

Yupp! XD

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Dahlia( Prehistoric Nut) (ILoveAnimals) Name Reika Ratchford
Birthday June 16
age 17
Gender Feminine

Clothing style Reika prefers wearing jeans and a snug t-shirt with sarcastic sayings. Examples . When needed, Reika can dress up pretty nice, but that's rare.

Personality Reika is more of a tomboy and not afraid to do some heavy lifting, unfortunately she sometimes bites off more than she can chew. Athletic, Reika is a confident cross country and track star, not in a show off way as she can be modest. Off the track, she is a pretty outgoing and juniors girl, always trying to stay on the positive side. Surprisingly she can sometimes be a book worm.

History Reika's mother was a South American jewel while her father worked with an insurance company. Reika had a cheerful childhood, until her mother was involved in a accident with a drunk driver, the drunk guy lived, but at the cost of Reika's mother. At age 14 was when she lost her mother, and it hurt her, but she lived and got over it.

Cross country
her horse, Rhapsody
central American food

snotty people
racist people

horse Rhapsody
riding style English

Crush none yet
relationship status single and open
Family Daniel-father

Other pets Rojo- two food corn snake and still growing and Soda- a spirited scarlet macaw

dark black and long,curly hair with startling green eyes
stands at 5'2 and weighs 108lbs

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 1343 comments Mod
accepted when finished c:

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Olive (pancakesgod) | 3 comments Full Name: Birdie Dare
Nicknames(s): Birdie
Age: 15
Birthday: July 5th
Gender: Female

Clothes Style: Rocking a loose, geeky and tomboyish style, Birdie loves to express herself though her clothes. Shirts a size too large with graphic or band designs draw her eye. Dark skinny jeans, combat boots or converses are her day to day wear. She lacks the love of makeup, only being girlish with big black studs and nails painted with various designs. For riding her style doesn’t change much, she doesn’t care much for jodhpurs or breeches, just switching her orange converses for black tall boots.
(view spoiler)

Personality: Birdie has a loosey-gooesy sort of attitude, never taking anything too seriously and willing to go along with anything and anyone. She’s naturally childish in her actions and personality, and struggles to be more mature in every day life. She tries to be kind when faced with something that annoys her, though she often lets her short temper show. She typically unfocused besides when she rides, and isn’t one to be the best in socialization, though she tries.
Background History: Birdie was born in the heart of the country, growing up riding and working on a farm. With the recent recession, her parents had to send her to foster care, living her with her kind, and rich, new foster mother. Birdie is still adjusting to her life, missing the company of her true family but enjoying her life to some extent.

Band Shirts,
Geeky Shirts,
Doctor Who,
Rock Music,
Mellow Yellow,
Standing out,
And Being at the Barn

Her Short Temper,
Anything Boring,
Being Restricted,
‘Mainstream’ Stuff,
And Being Like Everyone Else

Horse(s): Mister Big Shot & Dangerous Behavior
Riding Style: Western & English
Crush: None- Open
Relationship Status: Single- Straight
Mother & Father- in minimal contact with.
Foster Mother; Candid Grace- lives with.
Other Pets:
Large Dog; Bubbles, Bernese mountain dog
Other: ---


Appearance: Birdie has a sweet and innocent natural look. Her medium brown skin always has a slight glow about it. Her soft curls are normally pulled into a pony tail or braided, a side swept fringe just skimming her eyebrows. Her eyes are wide and always seem to be flicking around, even when she looks you in the eye you get the feeling her mind is somewhere else.

Hair Color: Dark Brown and Carmel Brown Mixed
Eye Color: Dark Brown with flecks of Gold
Height: 5’8
Weight: 155

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