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message 1: by Kelli (new)

Kelli Baeli (jaebaeli) | 2 comments Just a quick intro. I'm Kelli Jae Baeli, author of 29 books of fiction and
non-fiction. I am an American now living in New Zealand-came here to be with my
soulmate, Kate Genet, who is also an author. Anything you might ever care to
know (and some things you don't, probably) can be found at my author site and
blog. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter.

I have recently rededicated myself to writing lesbian fiction, exclusively, as
my diversification in this Indie-publishing climate is not an effective
marketing plan any more. (see blog Diversify and Die

My partner Kate and I also have started a joint effort for our literary efforts.
Still new, since we were so busy merging our lives and also recently relocated
to Dunedin. But check out Lesbian Literati on Facebook and YouTube

I just completed a novel, Also Known as Syzygy, but haven't released it yet
because I need to finish Book 4 in that series first, just in case there are's complicated. By way of explanation, here's an excerpt from one of
the blog posts below about it:

"It sprang from the first draft pages of my AKA Investigations Series, Book 3. I
was getting so bogged down in the plot machinations, filling my dry erase board
and desk pad and index cards with scribbles and bubbles and off-shoot ideas…and
suddenly my main characters had been pushed into the background, and the
secondary and tertiary characters were taking over the story. So in a fit of
brilliance (which looks very much like a Grand Mal seizure, and may or may not
have come from Kate–though she doesn't have seizures when she has ideas) I
figured out that maybe I was trying to write two different books–maybe this
other one wanted to be written first.

But because of this intertwining with the main characters of my AKA series, I
was dealing with a whole new species–at least for me. Syzygy is like a
spinoff-prequel, as the events in it happen parallel to the other story of my
main characters, with only a slight difference in timeline. But the book was
unique also in that it wasn't just a sequel or a spinoff, but it was an
alternate point of view, in the sense of not being the usual First Person or
Third Person Omniscient, but Third Person Limited, and also in the sense that
details about the events behind the scenes, going on with the other characters,
during the same storyline. I found the concept fiercely intriguing."\

You can find my author bio at

I'm always intensely interested in the perspectives of readers (and also other
writers), so I look forward to chatting with all of you.
I hope to add a poll here in next few days...I'm interested in opinions about a
particular aspect of novels. How readers feel about it, and why.

Until then, just know you survived the Mayan Zombie-Sheep apocalypse, and let
that inspire you in the new year. :^)


message 2: by Jeffrey (new)

Jeffrey Jude (jeffreyjude) | 11 comments Hello Jae, your work looks really interesting. I have to admit that I was not familiar with it. I am going to check it out.

FYI There is a small website called where you can post an author bio as well as a page for each book if you are so inclined.


message 3: by Kelli (new)

Kelli Baeli (jaebaeli) | 2 comments Hi Jeffrey. thanks.
I am in the process of separating my work into genres, and doing some branding with the marketing, with pen names for each right now. The volume of my writing has gotten unwieldy and I think it's been difficult for readers to find the genres they are interested in, under just my one watch for that. I'll be writing mainstream fiction under the pseudonym Kaeli Monk (and changing the books to that name which are currently published). I'll still publish the lesfic under my own name.

Would love to stay in touch with you- always interested in other writers, and I've yet to make a male friend in the bunch. Maybe you have insights into the fiction for men? Considering writing at least some erotica in that genre under my erotica pseudonym. Already put out 3 stories under that one (for lesbians).

Thanks for that link, I'll go check that out!
Kelli Jae Baeli

message 4: by hooolahoopp (new)

hooolahoopp | 1 comments Hi y'all. I go by the alias hoolahoopp. I have a blog, it's more like a journal that I like to keep about this person who inspires me to muse such. here's the link -
technically this would count as lesbian literature since im female and so is my muse. but I avoid identifying as anything that links us to the binary gender convention.

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