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message 1: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) This would be the main street, tons of small little shops line the sidewalks and people clutter the way.

message 2: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Braylin leaned causally against one of the shop's walls, avoiding leaning against the window that displayed various trinkets that caught so many wondering eyes. His attention was no where on the crowded streets, but rather it was deep in his mind, tying thoughts together and trying to determine what he had come across. He had found the file of someone who had just made the transition from Earth to the Nest not long ago. But, he couldn't find what enabled her to do so. Then he finds out that the same girl had been called to the biomechanics lab that very day. He assumed the two were linked and he had a bad feeling in his gut. 

message 3: by Cathrine (new)

Cathrine Urie and her grnadparents walked through the crowded street. Urie would sneek off in the mist of the crowd to go into different fabric and old book stores, without her grandparents' knowledge and order items to be delivered to their home later in the week. As she walked out of one shop, she noticed a young man leaning against one of the shops.

message 4: by Cathrine (new)

Cathrine ((hello? is this group still alive?))

message 5: by Cathrine (new)

Cathrine ((is there anyone rping still?))

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