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The house has eight bedrooms. Seven for the occupants, and a guest bedroom. There is a nice living room, plenty of space, and a big dinning room and kitchen.

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Jason walked down the stairs, on her birthday. She yawned. She was wearing plaid pajamas, and her hair was in a french braid. She felt someone breathing down her neck. She turned around just in time to be swung around like a child by one of her older brothers.

" Happy birthday, Jas." A voice whispered in her ear.

Jason slammed her foot down on Carter's foot." Put me down!"

Carter let go of her." Why did you do that for?"

Jason turned and hugged him." Because it was something dad used to do." She whispered in his ear.

Carter nodded." Okay, fine."

Jason looked at the kitchen. Her grandma and mom were making breakfast. Her brothers were setting the table." Is this really happing? My brothers. Helping?"

Jake looked at her." You gotta help too, even though it's your birthday."

Jason punched his arm." No. I don't. Right mom?" She turns towards her mother."

Her mom shakes her head." Jason gets to help me."

Jason groans, and her brothers laugh.

" Jason gets to taste the cookies for later. See if their any good." Her mom looks u, smiling. ''

Jason smiles and looks at her brothers." Well, I guess I'll help. It's going to taste good!" She hops away from some hands trying to taser her. She walks over and tries a cookie." Mom, your the best!"

At the table, her family sings happy birthday. Jason covers her ears, because the boys purposely sounded like shit.
Amy smiled at her, and so did Elizabeth.

After breakfast, they walked into the living room to give her their presents.
Carter gave her a Nerf gun, with no bullets. His quote:" So you can't kill me with this gun."
Jake gave her the bullets. She rolled her eyes. Jake and Carter always teamed up for gifts because they're twins.
Ryan gave her blanket ( Her mom made it) with horses running across it. Jason looked at them." Did any of you buy me a real gift? Mom made this, and you two traded that with your friends! Mom did a wonderful job, but I'm guessing it's her gift too."
Mom nodded.
Bennet looked at his sister." You haven't gotten my gift yet. You open the last three present, and I will give you your gift."
Jason shook her head. She got riding boots and a book from Amy and Elizabeth. She got pajama's from her grandparents, and a drawing from Andrew.
Bennett stood." You stay here." He walked out of the room. A few minutes later, Jason heard a bark. She looked at the door way, and in walked Bennett. With a puppy.( This is how she got Bandit.)
Jason jumped up." Oh my god!" She walked over and asked," Where did you get him?" She took the puppy from Bennet's hands and looked at the little Collie.
" He's all yours. Found him at the pet store. His owners abandoned him, so he was free." Bennet said.
Jason heard her brothers groan." All she needed was a puppy? Really?" Jason grinned. She put the puppy down, and it scampered over to her line of brothers. When Jason nodded her head, he started running across their laps.

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What was most funny to Jason was the fact that puppies pee when excited. So, he also peed on her brothers.
Carter, Jake, and Ryan glared at her.
Bennet was laughing.
Amy and Elza were laughing. They were being attacked with licks from the puppy.
Andrew left the room.
Her mom was trying not to laugh, and was cleaning up the pee.
Her grandparents had left the room too.

After all the craziness went away, Jason was sitting on the couch, fully dressed in Jeans, a plaid shirt, and a hat.
The rest of her family was out of pajama's too.
Her dog asleep in her lap, Jason felt happy. Her grandparents weren't in the living room, but Andrew was back.
Her brothers and cousins looked at her.
Andrew broke the silence." What are you gonna name 'im?"
Jason shrugged." I don't know."
Amy asked," Snickers?"
" Spot?" Elizabeth suggested.
" How about trouble?" Jake said.
" Hyper." Carter said.
" Oreo." Samantha said.
" Goof?" Bennet asked.
" Bandit. He looks like a bandit." Ryan said.
" Perfect! His name is Bandit." Jason said.
Her mom, Samantha, looked at the clock." Wow. It's already past 8. Better get going."

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Jason grins and runs out the door. She finishes her chores quickly. Jason grabs a bag filled with the things she needs. She runs out the door and over to the big truck.

Bennett walks out the door and unlocks the car." Anyone else coming?"

Jason climbs into the passenger seat in the front.

Carter and Jake climb into the seats behind her.

Ryan climbs into the next row of seats.

Amy and Elizabeth climb into the way back.

Andrew climbs in next to Ryan.

As the trucks starts to pull out of the driveway, they see a car pulling into the driveway. The car that belongs to Max. Jason's stepdad.

Jason looks like she's going to pass out or die in fear.

Bennett stomps on the brakes. He climbs out of the car followed by Ryan and Carter.

Jake stays in the car, ready to hop in the front seat and run Max over.

Jason watches as her brother step in front of Max as he tries to walk into the house.

Max looks right at Jason and smiles. His eyes twinkle.

Jason starts hyperventilating.

Jake puts a hand on her shoulder.

Bennett growels and says something to Max.

Max gives him a check.

Carter takes it, looks at it, and nods. It's one of the check for the money he owes us.

Ryan says something to Max, who shakes his head.

Bennett shoves Max in the chest, and Max stumbles into his car.

Max turns red. He points to me, and says something.

All three brothers shake their heads in unison.

Bennett opens the driver side door of Max 's car.

Carter pushes Max into the seat.

Bennett slams the door.

Max glares at them the entire time. He pulls out of the driveway and leaves.

Bennett says something, then goes inside.

Ryan and Carter walk back to the car.

Ryan hops into the drivers seat, and Carter returns to his spot.

Jason looks at Ryan." What did he want? He said something you didn't like."

Carter looked at her." He said he would leave if he got some alone time with you. After we of course' said no, he said he would come back later. No with another check."

Jason shivered. That's why Bennett stayed."

" And why mom told us to leave the house:" Ryan said as he drove the car out of the driveway, and into town.

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As the truck pulled into the driveway, a small black and white bolt streaked out of the house. The truck stopped, and Jason hopped out, and whistled.
Bandit leaped into her arms.
Jason smiled." Hi boy."
Bennett walked over." Sorry sis. He slipped out."
Jason shrugged." It's okay." She gave the pup to her brother. She climbed back into the car and helped Johnny.

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Johnny climbed out of the car.

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Jason took Bandit from Bennett and lead Johnny inside. She let bandit go inside and the puppy licked Johnny before running around the living room.

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(( GTG.))

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Johnny giggled.

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Jason smiled." Mom! We're home!"
Samantha walked out of the kitchen." That's good. I was..." She saw Johnny." Oh hi Johnny! What are you doing here?"

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"Im tagging awong untiw ten."

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Samantha nodded." Okay." She stands and looks at Jason in a I know what happened, but I can't talk to you about it, so go entertain your brothers.

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Johnny hugged Jason.

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Jason hugged Johnny back and walked with him into the living room.
Bennett looks up." Hey sis! Looks like you brought us a visitor."
" Yup. And I had a question for you guys. Andrew and Amy too. If Elizabeth wants to team up with some one..."
Carter perked up." What are you up to?"
" Horse races." Jason said.
Her brothers cheered.
Jason turned and sat in front of Johnny." Do you want to help me win the race? Or do you want to watch?"

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"I wiww watch."

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Jason nodded. She turned to Elizabeth.
Elizabeth said," I'll ride with Amy."

Samantha sets out four chairs. She says," Jason?"
Jason nods and stands in front of her family." Okay. With the exception of Amy and Elizabeth, we will be riding bareback. No saddle, only bridle. Four laps around the field. The winner, gets a week off from chores and work. But still get's paid."
They leave to get their horses.

After a while, they are ready to go,

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Johnny sat down and watched them.

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The race started. Jason started slow for the first two laps, as did Andrew, Amy and Elizabeth, and Bennett. Her other brothers just took on the speed. Jason passed them with ease. On the last lap, she was neck and neck with Bennett, and Amy and her sister. Amy's horse grew tired and slowed down.
Samantha watched.
Jason saw the finish line, and clicked her heels. She left Bennett in the dust.

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Johnny clapped with excitement.

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Jason grinned. She was only a minute from the finish line.
Andrew rode up next to her. He had a tight grip on his horses mane. He was riding like Jason.

30 seconds left and they were still tied.

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Johnny watched happily.

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They tied. That's how it ended. Jason hopped of her horse and walked over to Johnny." Hey. Did you enjoy watching the race?"

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Johnny nodded happily.

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Jason looked at the clock." Aw. Looks like it's time to go Johnny."

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Jason brought Johnny to the car and helped him into his seat. She made sure he was buckled, then got in the drivers seat. She buckled up and started driving Johnny home.

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Johnny leaned on her and fell asleep.

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Little Johnny ~Sad little Cubone~ wrote: "Johnny leaned on her and fell asleep."

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Jason drove to Johnny's house.

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((to there))

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