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((Put your character's letters, or journal/diary entries they are to send here! You can also RP them in the Owlery, but this is mainly just for letters.))

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Dear Grant,
I really miss you, I know you're annoyed with me, but you're still my twin. It's not my fault that I'm a Wizard and you aren't! I wish you were here with me! It's amazing here, I think you would really like the classes, my favorite is Defense against the Dark arts, we learned about Ghosts and Inferi's last class. I'll tell you about every single thing I learned when I get back! I promise! Please don't be angry with me Grant. I'll bring you back lots of things from Hogwarts, and Hogsmeade! Oh Grant, Hogsmeade, oh it's spectacular! It's my first year I'm able to go and I'm going to bring you so many treats! You'll love them! There's Zonko's, that's a joke shop, The three broomsticks, there is the most wonderful drink called Butterbeer there, and a candy store! They have the weirdest candies! They even have things called cockroach clusters that have actual cockroaches in them. and blood lollipops for vampires! Maybe I'll bring you some of these just to show you. ;)

Please answer my previous letters! I've sent you three since I've got here and you promised to answer them! I really miss you Dad, I want to bring you home special things too. Please please answer, and make Grant answer too. I really miss you and am longing for something from home. Can you please send me some of Grandma's cookies or brownies. Love you both.

Lots of love,

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Clary walked into the Owlery and called to Brass. He tucked his wings and plummeted towards her. At the last second Brass spread his wings and landed on her head. "Always the showman, Brass?"
He cooed in response.
"Here, hop down, I need you to deliver this to Gramma."
Brass stepped onto my arm and I lowered to a ledge and attached the letter.
"Here, you can have this."
I handed him a few raisins and he took off.

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Headmistress Sage jotted down the last of her letter as fast as she could.

Yes, the holidays are almost done, and I must say I am glad for that. There is so much chaos, so much havoc, that it is hard to bear. I long for everything to be in order again. How are you? I know you are enjoying your vacation to Guernsey, but I do not know much else. Is Tristan with you? I hope so, it would be such a pity if you were alone. Loneliness is an awful and terrible thing.

Thanks for the Christmas present - is it called an 'alum cook'? I have not figured out how to work it yet, but it makes a wonderful paperweight. Anyway. again, I hope you are happy and well,

Your older sister,

She then tied it up, and put her arm out for Bronwen, who flew over to her and let her tie it to Bronwen's leg. Bronwen flew up, and out of the castle.

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Rae walked into the Owlery, her scroll in her hand and her quill in the other. She began to write her letter:

My dearest mother Carlotta,

I was dead chuffed when I opened my Christmas present on Christmas morning. Thanks for the books, the sweets and the new quill-they are definitely appreciated. I'm writing this letter now with your quill that you sent me!

Hope you're OK,

She finished the letter and tied it to Calypso's leg. She watched as the barn owl soared out of the window and grew to noting more than a tiny speck in the sky, before vanishing.

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Dear Mum and Dad,
Thanks a bunch for the presents. I was dead chuffed when I saw the stuff you sent me. Thanks so much for the trading cards, the pranking box and-how could I have forgotten-the jackknife! See you in the summer,

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Mr. and Mrs. Jones,
I am sorry to inform you that your son, Jared, has recently caused mischief here at Hogwarts. He has set off several wizard fireworks, injuring several students. But this is not his first attempt at trouble-making, and so I have declared him on Probation, meaning if he causes the slight trouble again, he will be, immediately,
Jared is a smart student, and he has endless potential. I hope that you will discuss this with him so he can better understand the consequences for him and others.

Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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Your father and I were immensely displeased to get a letter from Professor Sage yesterday. It was not a good thing to do, set off those fireworks, but we hope you will not be expelled. Please try to work harder, Jared, because your father, Professor Sage and I all agree that you are a student with great potential. You'll never get anywhere in life by pranks,
Love Mum


Dear Headmistress Sage,
I apologise for the trouble Jared has caused. We have sent him a letter explaining how serious the situation was and I hope he will reform. It is my belief that Jared is like this because his father is always travelling (he is an ambassador) and the last gift he gave Jared was a box of pranks. I hope he does not repeat his actions.
Marissa Jones

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Olivia,
What's been going on lately with Mom and Dad? How bad is it there? School is great, as always. I wish you could be here too. Anyway, I have to go now, Charms starts in 2 minutes and I don't want to be late.

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Claire Gin and Rum,
I arrived at the school safely and felt that I should write to inform you of this. Or rather I thought back to your bountiful threats before I left that if I didn't do so, you would murder me and it seemed a good idea to not test the truth in that. I love you guys, Ginger and Rumford, you're the two very best godparents a girl could have. I promise to write soon and I promise not to get involved in any protests for at least a week.

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Granddad Lex-
Hope you're okay, everything's great here. Hogwarts is crazy as usual, though life gets boring if you don't spice it up a bit. Miss you, I'll probably come over for the next break.

~ Will

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Will looked around, then held out his hand to a small brown owl. It hooted and fluttered down to land on his arm, thne held out its leg. He tied the letter to its leg and carried the owl to the window, letting it fly off. Will stood watching the owl fly away, then turned and left the Owlery.

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Ayah (shadowkisss1958) I walked into the empy owlery and attached my letter to the nearest owl told it my address and it took off out the window i left straight away to get to my next class.

this is what my letter says

Dear Mum and Dad

how are you
all is well here i miss yous heaps even though i just saw yous can't wait to see you again in Easter anyway but i do love it here I've been getting good grades in all my essays.

Lots of love Honey.

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Gemini entered the Owlery and found Professor Flavius' owl easily. She softly took it out of the cage and tied the letter to the tawny's leg. "For Janus," she said in an audible whisper. Then she found a Hogwarts owl, a handsome barn owl, and tied this letter to its leg:
Dear Mum and Dad,
There's a lot going on but don't worry, don't fret. I'm sending this letter with two bars of Muggle chocolate,
See you soon,

She watched the two owls soar through the sky and made her way to the lake.

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Dear Mum and Gran,
So, how are you guys? Hogwarts is really good now I'm with the fifth years. It's much more challenging now I'm sitting my OWLs this year. My favourite class is Ancient Runes; it's so fun to learn how to read them!
See you in the summer,

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Mum, Dad, everybody,
I miss you all a lot. I hope everything's fine, say hello to everyone from me! Hopefully I'll see you all soon.
I'm havin a great time here as always. Here at Hogwarts I learn something new every day! Most of the other kids here are nice.

~ With love,

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Dear Rosaline,
We expect Hogwarts has been splendid so far. We have recently been notified that you have been Sorted into Slytherin... if you were not, as your sister, there would most definitely be consequences.
Have you made allies? We certainly hope so - even decent Slytherins like yourself can make use of comrades. We hope you remember our rules, though, as a fine Pure-blood should not be mixing with... riff-raff.
We have hope you have made some influence on your sister. We love her, and do not want her to steer herself onto the wrong path.
With love,


With a grimace, Rosaline crumpled up her parent's letter, and tossed it in a corner. Furiously, she picked up her quill, and began to scribble furiously. See what she thought of their Pure-blood mania.


Mum & Dad,
Yes, I have made a friend, and yes, however insignificant this detail may be, she is Pure-blood.
Fiona is fine. Fiona is better than fine - Fiona is happy. Perhaps you should write to her directly?

P.S.: While I was Sorted into Slytherin, I won't be like you two.


With a small smile, Rosaline sealed the letter and tied it to Maye's leg.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Tessa wandered into the Owlery with Rosaline trailing behind. She turned to Rosaline, ''So, got any ideas for spells?''

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Rosaline thought for a moment, as she led Tessa to the vast, open space that was the Owlery. "An invisibility charm, I suppose. But we would have to make it so that it would only be temporary..." Rosaline went on, illustrating various choices and whatnot.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Tessa listened thoughtfully to Rosaline's ideas. ''Do your parents have a favorite candy?''

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"No," Rosaline said after a moment. "They're both nauseatingly health conscious."

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) ''What a shame, no wonder you don't like them. People who don't eat sugar irk me to death. Anyway, I was asking because I once read a book in which a djinn cast a spell on a book so that the next person who read would be so absorbed in it that they couldn't stop reading. If we were to transfigure the lollipops into something your parents would love to eat that would wear off, and add in a spell similar to the one that the genie used, then perhaps they would eat them.'' Tessa said rushedly.

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Rosaline smiled at the story, which she remembered from somewhere. "We can still imitate that. What do you reckon we make it something horribly plain, like toast and marmalade, or... pumpkin juice?"

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) ''Oooh, yes let's.'' Tessa grinned and tackled evilly, but ended up laughing.

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Suddenly, Maye flew in from above. Rosaline unsealed the letter impatiently, and read aloud:

"Dearest Rosaline:
What has become of you! Suddenly acting like a savage! Has your sister been influencing you? We will be notifying Headmistress Sage immediately. The way that school is run!
We both expect a full apology by owl, or else there will be... severe consequences.

"Oh, yes!" Rosaline said, shredding the parchment to bits. "They'll have an apology! And a gift to go with it!"

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Half-madly, Rosaline and Tessa discussed their options, finally settling on a container of pumpkin juice. "I can hardly wait!" She said between giggles.
The lollipops were changed, temporarily, to pumpkin juice, but would change back while they were eating it. Rosaline gave Maye as many boxes as the poor owl could carry, and sent her off.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) ''An interesting development,'' Tessa said. She had quit laughing when Maye flew in. ''Shall we continue?''

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Clarisse hurried in, the scroll of parchment in her hand. She stopped when she saw Tessa and Rosaline, not having expected them, then smiled. "Hi," she said, moving forward and looking around the Owlery.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) ''Hey Clarisse, how are you?'' Tessa asked. ''I haven't seen you for a while.''

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Clarisse shrugged. "I'm fine, how're you?" She nodded to Rosaline. "Rosaline, isn't it?" She looked from one face to the other and smiled. "You two look like you're up to something. Care to tell me?"

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) ''We're sending Blood Lollipops to Rosaline's parents.'' Tessa said, she looked over at Rosaline.

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Clarisse's eyes sparkled. "I'm assuming its not to thank them?"

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) ''You have assumed right my liege.'' Tessa giggles.

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Clarisse turned to Rosaline. "Pureblood, Slytherin, huh? I've seen your sister around. I can guess what your parents are like." Her voice was sympathetic.

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Rosaline looks over at the unfamiliar girl. "How'd you guess?" She said sarcastically. "

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Clarisse shrugged, ignoring the sarcasm. "Pureblood Wizarding family with an ancient bloodline, looks down on all Muggles, Muggleborns, and half-bloods. Am I right?"

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((I think I'm RPing as Rosaline now...))

Rosaline's lips cursed up as she fought to speak badly of her parents. "Yes," she replied stiffly.

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Clarisse dropped the subject and turned instead to tie her letter to the leg of one of the Hogwarts owls. She carried it to the window and watched as it flew off.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Tessa sensed that the conversation was more than over. She turned tail and left the Owlery.

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Rosaline followed Tessa, rolling her eyes.

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Dear Mum and Dad,
Hogwarts is awesome this year! Fifth year is very hard - we have loads of homework, and all that pressure 'cause of OWLs...but I love it all the same.
See you in the summer,

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