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ONLY MODS CAN POST HERE. We will tell you Who is approved, and what you need to do to get them approved.

Approved Teenagers

Male -
Weston by Amber
Andrew by Slippingbackwards
Female -
Jason by Taylor
Ashe by Lucy
Ruthie by Slippingbackwards

Approved Adults-


Female -

Approved Elders-

Male -

Female -

Young Adults-

Male -
Tyler - Savanah

Female -
Sephy - Athlea
Marissa - Amber
Jane - Prudence Marie ( faith, prude, jade)

Approved Kids/Tweens-

Male -

Female -

Approved Babies/Toddlers/Young Kids-

Male -
Johnny by Johnny

Female -

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Carmen just needs another sentence on her personality.

Roseary Just one more sentence on her perso. I like how you made them sisters. :)

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Marissa She's perfect! I'm approving her, but just know that we can't the pictures.

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