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<.b>First name: <./b>

<.b>Middle name: <./b>Optional

<.b>Last name:<./b>


<.b>Place of birth: <./b>


<.b>Appearance:<./b> Put pictures in spoilers, and if you can't find a pic, put a minimum of three sentences.
Eye color:
Hair color:
Height: Feet ' Inches
Body type: Slender? Tall? Athletic? Chubby? Ect.
Distinct markings: Scars, tattoos, freckles, birth marks, ect...

<.b>Personality:<./b> A minimum of three sentences, no TBRP'D

<.b>History:<./b> A minimum of four sentences

<.b>Strengths:<./b> A minimum of three, but keep in mind that you must have an equal amount of strengths and weaknesses

<.b>Weaknesses:<./b> A minimum of three, but you need to have as many strengths as weaknesses. We all have them too ;)




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you forgot to put her little brother Johnny

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It's ok

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Lizzy Annabel Witherson


Place of birth:
Here in Houston


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Eye color:
She has stunning bright blue eyes

Hair color:
She has naturally red wavey hair, she usually has it in a braid of two.

4 feet tall

Body type:
She is rail thin, from all the farm work she does

Distinct markings:
She is a pale, freckled girl. She has a small scar that crosses over her eyesbrow.

Lizzy is generally a bubbly person, even though she has had to grow up fast. She tried to make everyone happy, and gets sad when she can't. She loves to play and just do fun things, but also is a great caretaker. She is always looking out for other people.

Lizzy had always been a daddies girl, helping him work on motors and taking care of the horses. Even though her family was not perfect, she loved it. When she was very young, some of the older kids left and her eldest brother, Zack was murdered. Her father became paranoid about anyone leaving, so she rarely left the family farm, even for things like school. One day, her sister had been acting odd, so Andy took all the kids out to the lake for a swim. When they came back, one of their barns had been burnt, with their parents inside.

Caring for others and animals
horse riding
She is strong for her age

Can become very stressed and has panic attacks
Not great at meeting new people because she has rarely left the house.

Zack(Died at 22)
Tyler (not home, 19)
Eli (Not home, 18)
Andy (16)
Luke (Died at nine)
Sam (4 years old, very sick)
Max (2 months old)

Jessie (19)
Ruthie (16, Andy's twin, she is pregnant)
Harper (4,Sam's twin, both very sick)


The family has many horses, but Lizzy has her own that she loves and takes care of and ride.
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