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Hall of Swoon!

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message 1: by Emily, Ms. amazing lady who invited me to join :) (last edited Jan 18, 2013 01:16PM) (new)

Emily (emilydodd221) | 530 comments Mod
Hello, and welcome to the Hall of Swoon! To add somebody, you must have:

Their Name:
What they are from (e.g. book, movie):
Your opinion:
*SWOON* Points /10
A photo of them at their most swoonful:

There are also a few rules (sorry)
1. Sorry Directioners and Lil Rockers, but Reece Mastin and 1D are a disgrace to the *!!!SWOONOER!!!* name. No 1D or Reece Mastin.
2. Pictures can be shirtless, but not of girls (see the definition of *!!!SWOONOER!!!* in the New and Improved Oxford Dictionary), and pictures are not fully naked - this isn't an R18 group.

message 2: by Emily, Ms. amazing lady who invited me to join :) (last edited Jan 18, 2013 01:15PM) (new)

Emily (emilydodd221) | 530 comments Mod
Name: Benedict Cumberbatch
Age: 36
From: (T.V. Series) Sherlock
Opinion: Where to start? Well, firstly, he ALWAYS has the most gorgeous hair. Secondly, he has the most swoony deep voice. He does voice impersonations too. He is genenrally vair swoony. He has the best type of English accent too. His lips are vair naiiice and good for snoggling. His eyes are bluey-greeny, and his middle name is... TIMOTHY! Oh, and of course, he's a natural ginger.
Abs? Sort of. He has beginnings, but you can't really see them.
*SWOON* Points: 11/10
Picture: (or web address of the picture since I am not good enough with computers to work out how to get an actual picture on the comment. I always use copy+paste but it's not working now!)


Shirtless: (I'm not sure what he's so angry about. There was a better pic when he wasn't yelling, but that was on Tumblr and it won't let me stay on the picture. How rude)

message 3: by Jessica, Ms. fun and very entertaining (new)

Jessica (jesskingxoxo) | 876 comments Mod
But now you love him 10/10 Swoon Points after that vair long YouTube squizz of him and his cumberbitches. (Fangirl name)

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