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Royal Servants-Unlimited/b>
Royal Chef-1
Royal Guards-Unlimited
Royal Attendant to Prince or Princess-4


Middle Name:
Position in Palace,King,Queen,etc.:


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Name: Adella

Middle Name: Erin

Last: Lyrena

Age: 16

Position In Palace: Princess

Appearance: have to add pic later. My nook won't let me :(

Personality: Adella is a very daring mermaid. She has an adventurous spirit and loves to explore the ocean, despite the danger involved. She is extremely curious and can't stand not knowing whats out there. Adella is also very imaginative. She will often make up stories and extravagent lies to explain why she wasn't hom on time or why there's a shark in the kitchen. Adella is a dreamer, no question about it. She is always wondering around with her head in the clouds. She gets bored with her life easily and has to dream up other lifes for herself.

History: Adella has never really fallen in line with palace rules. As a guppy, she would often come home covered in seaweed or mud, much to the disappointment of whoever had to clean up the mess she left behind. She would also get into things she wasn't supposed to, like going in rooms her father said she wasn't allowed in. She didn't really pay much attention to those rules though.
Her lack of regard to the rules is what led to a huge scare when she was 10. Adella was out in the gardens, picking flowers when she was supposed to be getting ready for a party. That's when she was kidnapped by bandits. They wanted her father's riches before returning her. The palace guards eventually caught the bandits and made sure Adella was returned, safe and sound.


Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Name: Arista

Middle Name: Mirabella

Last: Lyrena

Age: 17

Position in Palace,King,Queen,etc.: I believe there is a position still open for princess?

Appearance: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__c...

Slender, fair skin, light blonde hair in a sloppy ponytail, ice blue eyes, red seashell bra and tail

Personality: Arista is a beautiful spirited girl, who is very Confident, brave, curious and adventurous. She is a kind hearted girl and is a romantic girl. Arista is rather over-protective and is very headstrong and bright. She is VERY beautiful and perky. People see her as ditsy but infact sh is very smart and rather stubborn. She is also spirited, intrigued and impulsive.



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((Yes princess is open.))

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