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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Alright class, todaylesson is on Inferi. Can anyone tell me what an Inferior is?"
I raised my hand high in the air, but she called on another student.
"An Inferi is an animated corpse most often created and employed by Dark wizards."
"Very good. What is the main difference between an Inferi and a zombie or ghost?"
" An Inferi and zombie are both solid unlike ghosts. A ghost is aware of his/her surroundings and can interact with them. A ghost usually chooses to exist. However, an Inferi and zombie are different because an Inferi has a purpose. Whereas a zombie just exists."
"Well done. Please read the section in your books on Inferi, quietly."

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Clarisse sighed resting her head on one palm, how boring! If it weren't talking about these scary zombie like creatures, I would already be asleep! She looked around, there was some familiar faces. "I wonder if it's possible die of boredom!" She muttered to herself. Then My family will sue the school, and the school will have to either give us a lot of money, or risk getting closed down! Then millions of students can graduate and become real wizards or witches! Is that how it works? Anyways, better stay awake for the good of the Wizarding World! after that horrifying thought, she started slapping her face gently while telling herself quietly to stay awake. I cannot be responsible for so many students not able to get the future they wanted! Stay awake, Clarisse! You got to stay awake! She kept her eyes as widely open as possible.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) This was so interesting! I loved learning about this stuff! I had read a little of my school books before I had come to Hogwarts this year, but funnily enough, I had never known the difference of a ghost or an inferi, in fact, I'd always imagined an inferi as just a dead hand crawling on it's own, but it's a whole dead body controlled by somebody! Which is cool...but still pretty gross. I was scoring a lot of house points for answering a bunch of questions too! Unfortunately, the teacher was pretty boring. She talked in monotone and wore almost all grey, I think her hair would be pretty because it was long and light brown but it was put up in a tight bun. I wrapped my finger around of my red hair, a green cap laid on my head. It was my mom's before she left. My dad doesn't know I have it. He kept all her stuff once she ran away. I sighed and wrote more notes about the inferi and ghosts.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) I had been so eexcited for DADA today. The professor had promised us an interesting lesson and this what we got? Inferi? Really? Boring. When I finished reading the chapter, I put my head on my desk and tried to sleep. Last night I had stayed up studying for the Arithmancy exam that never came and I was bone tired. When everyone was done, we continued in the lesson.

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) After a while of trying to stay awake, she started doodling on her parchment paper. Drawing zombies and labeling them as inferis, just then she thought of a question. It might be a stupid question, but it would be interesting to see what the professor answers at any rate.

"Professor, I have a question! What's the difference between an inferi and a zombie?" Clarisse asked looking at the professor as if this was an important question.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Clarisse raised her hand and asked the professor what the difference between an Inferi and a zombie was.
"I believe that another student has already answered that question. If you had been paying attention you would know. At any rate, for anyone else who was not listening, a zombie is an animated corpse who has no purpose. An Inferi is an animated corpse usually put in place by a Dark wizard to guard something."
I, who had been woken from my quasi-sleep by her fluttering hand put my head down again, but was disrupted again by the professor saying, "Everyone should be done with the reading by now. And this concludes our learning on Inferi. Now we'll get into the good stuff...mountain trolls."

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"In which range of mountains can the Mountain Troll be found most of the time?" the teacher asked. Rae raised her hand. The teacher nodded for her to speak.

"The Alps, Professor?" she asked.

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Rose (dottedlines) "Correct!" The professor beamed. "The mountain troll is a breed of troll. They are the largest and the most vicious kind of their species. They are often depicted as bald and pale-grey. They sometimes use Graphorns as mounts, which results in scars due to the Graphorns not liking it." The professer added, pacing the length of the chalkboard. "Now, who can tell me the average height of an adult moutain troll?" The professor asked.

Gemma raised her hand. When the professer nodded at her to speak, she politely responded,

"Well professor, an average adult mountain troll grows to about 12 feet tall."

The professor nodded in consent. "And who knows who mountain trolls are related to?" The professor asked again.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I raised my hand, I hadn't really studied mountain trolls "The abominable snowmans...cousin?" I said smiling.

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Rose (dottedlines) The professor laughed a hearty laugh. "Maybe, but Mountain trolls are most commonly related to River trolls and Forest trolls."

Gemma quickly wrote it down. She didn't want to miss even a tidbit of information. Who knows, maybe she'd encounter a Mountain troll one day.

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 36 comments Suzume watched the teacher, slightly dazed. She wrote on her notebook, getting distracted and drawing the mountain trolls.

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Rose (dottedlines) "There are specific ways you can distinguish the mountain troll from its less aggressive relatives. Does anyone know one of the ways?" The professor asked, facing the class.

Gemma raised her hand tentatively. "Yes, you." The professor called on her. Gemma cleared her throat and in her soft voice said, "My mother taught me that there are two main ways to identify a Mountain troll: by the giant clubs they carry and their small heads on their large bodies." "Correct!" The professor beamed, turning back to the chalkboard and writing the information down for others to copy.

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 36 comments Suzume smiled, addin in something to her notebook.

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Rose (dottedlines) Soon the bell rang and the students leaped up, gathering their books and such. Gemma herself took her time. She had spotted another girl, who she was sure was named Suzume and wanted to talk to her. "Hello." She said, standing in front of the girl and smiling.

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) "...If you had been paying attention you would know. At any rate, for anyone else who was not listening, a zombie is an animated corpse who has no purpose. An Inferi is an animated corpse usually put in place by a Dark wizard to guard something."

Clarisse's face flushed red, and she gave the professor a weak smile. She let the other students ask question for the remainder of the class session, while still trying to keep awake herself. After the bell rang, she packed up her things and left for the next class.

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 36 comments Suzume smiled at Gemma. "Hi there, I'm Suzume. You?" She asked, smiling.

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Rose (dottedlines) "Gemma." she said with a soft smile. So her name was Suzume! Gemma had been correct. "What class do you have next?" she asked, her voice soft and a bit timid. If they had the same class, Gemma was hoping to walk with her.

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 36 comments "Herbology. Come on, let's go, if that's your class now!" Suzume said to Gemma.

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Rose (dottedlines) Gemma nodded and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Of course." she said softly, readjusting her grip on her books. Her afther's spell book sat on top, ready to be read when Gemma had spare time. "We better run. The professor doesn't apprieciate tardiness." she said with a small chuckle.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Aeris left with the first wave of students, and veered immediately towards her Charms class. While she didn't necessarily hate Charms, it was not her favorite class. There was something about her wand (after some research a few years back, she had discovered it to be the fault of the blended core) that made it very difficult for her to do the small, more subtle spells. Nevertheless, at least it wasn't Herbology. She'd never understood why that was a required class...

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Isa walked into the classroom, smiling brightly at the teacher before taking a seat near the middle of the class, getting comfortable.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ash walked into the DADA classroom and sat down next to the girl he had met earlier. It wasn't one of his favorite classes but it was interesting.

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"Hey" Isa greeted the boy she met earlier, smiling up at him.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) "Hi." He smiled shyly. He pulled out his books and placed them on the table. "What do you think of this class?" He asked her quietly.

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"It's fun" she replied smugly, taking her books out as well.

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"How do you like it?" She asked Ash, actually interested in what he has to say.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) "Uh...well, it's interesting..." Ash said, trying not to be rude.

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Isa frowned, not liking his tone very much.
She was only asking him a question, she didn't mean to sound unfriendly.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) He looked at her and saw to his surprise she seemed frustrated. "I'm sorry, it's just not my favorite class, I like Ancient Runes and Transfiguration better."

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"Sorry it's not that, I thought you were-never mind" she brushed it off, going him a smile.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ash blinked confusedly but changed the subject, "Anyways...Hogwarts is amazing isn't it? What house are you in again?"

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"Gryffindor" she replied, grinning up at him.
"What house are you in?" She asked.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) "Ravenclaw." He smiled happily, writing something down.

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"Ah, so you are very intelligent" she commented, tilting her head slightly.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ash blushed "I guess you could say that." He said quietly, but pleased.

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She grinned up at him.
"Can you tutor me?" She asked him.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ash looked at her surprised. "Wouldn't you want someone more aged to tutor you? I'm only in my second year."

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"Hmm, I thought you would have been a little older, I'm in my forth year" she stated, a little disappointed.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) "No, I'm sorry." Ash blushed

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"You don't need to be sorry for looking older then you are" Isa stated, smiling up at him, he was very tall for his age or maybe she was very short for her age.

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"I'll see you around then" she said, waving goodbye to him before leaving the classroom.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) "Thanks. And yeah. Bye!" He smiled

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