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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Today we will learn about Edric the Evil."
Clary groaned inwardly. Everyone who didn't sleep through History of Magic knew everything there was to know about Edric the Evil. He was the teacher's favorite goblin, ever. There were times when he waxed poetic talking about Edric the Evil. It was getting really old.

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Rae sighed as she took notes about something that must have been in her notebook a billion times. Instead, she thought, wouldn't it be better to read what they should have done this period? Carefully, she put the papers (a photocopy of Bathilda Bagshot's A History of Magic) in between the pages of the notebook and began to read about ancient witch-eradictating rituals performed by Muggles.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Derek leaned back and watched the reactions to today's topic. Some groaned, others leaned forward as if receiving the information for the first time. And others were already asleep or reading comic books under their desks. As the teacher continued talking without noticing that hardly anyone was even bothering to pay attention, he watched the professor's scattering of hair on the mostly bald head flutter up and down whenever he rocked back and forth on his heels. It was a strangely amusing activity.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Edric the evil...again?? I sighed. My notebook was filled with my drawings and notes about him. So I pulled my colored pencils out and started drawing a fire breathing dragon with green and red scales and red, orange, and purple fire. I was almost done with it when I felt someone's eyes on my head. I looked over and someone was staring at my drawing with their eyes wide.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Wow, that's really good Ginger, how long have you been drawing?" Clary asked.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I blushed but smiled. "Thanks Clary" I finished drawing the shadow on the dragon's wings and ripped the page out of my journal and handed it to her "You can have it if you want. I've been drawing since I was pretty young, my dad...well uh, he's a pretty famous artist. and great-great-great...I don't know how many greats, grandfather...he's Leonardo, Leonardo DaVinci. Want me to draw you something? I do pictures and I can do unpermanent tattoos if you want." I laughed.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Wow thanks! That's amazing about Leonardo! How do you know?"

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I smiled "Sorry I can't tell you, that's classified information." Then I winked. "So how about that tattoo?"

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "I think I'll hold off on the tattoo," Clary said jokingly. "Thanks for the offer though, so anyway, why can't you?"

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Derek had dozed off a while ago, but he woke up suddenly, looking behind him, he saw a smirking girl laughing behind her hand.
"Did you just kick my chair?" He asked.

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Daphne Schigiel Julie loved history. And since this was her first class, she was very interested about this Edric the Evil. She took our her notebook and started to take notes.

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) Clarisse purposely walked slowly because she didn't enjoy the History of Magic that much, the professor always have a way to make history sound so boring.

She slipped into the classroom as quietly as possible trying not to get the Professor's attention, and sat down quietly in a seat closest to the door. She's sit and listen, and escape quietly afterwards. This was her less than brilliant, but still may work plan.

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Daphne Schigiel Julie wrote. And wrote. And wrote. The teacher was getting a bit boring. Just a bit. She would admit it. And she realized that she hadn't actually been taking notes for the past ten minutes. What if she had missed something important? Julie went back to takes notes instead of doodling stars on the sides of her paper. She gave a loud audible sigh.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Clary heard a loud sigh from somewhere near her and turned to look around for it's source. She finally laid eyes on a first year girl who was studiously taking notes.
"It's no use you know. He'll just talk about this everyday for the rest of the year."

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Daphne Schigiel Julie looked up. A girl was talking to her. "But I like history. This is very... very... erm. Interesting...ish. It's just a little boring," she admitted. "I'm Julie by the way. This is my first day."

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "You'll probably lose that love of history soon Julie. I'm Clary by the way." Clary smiled at Julie. "I remember my first day. Is it nerve-wracking?"

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Daphne Schigiel "Oh, I don't think I'll loose it. At least it's very interesting in books. I guess it's a bit nerve wracking. A bit. I feel very comfortable here at Hogwarts. When is this class over?" Julie was getting quite bored. She had never been able to talk to someone during a class time while the teacher was talking without them catching her.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Oh, don't worry about him, he's got his nose buried so deep in his books, it'll never come out. Not to say that reading is bad though. I think it's over in about 5 minutes. What class do you have next?"

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I was drawing more animals on the side of my book when I heard loud snowing coming from in front of me. I looked up curiously and giggled. It was Derek. I nudged his chair and he sat hurriedly up, he looked around at me at said "Did you just kick my seat?" I smirked, well now, that depends, were you snoring?"

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Maybe, I was. What's it to you Ginger?" Derek mock-glared at her, but couldn't keep it up for long against Ginger.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I raised my eyebrow at his half mock glare "Oh maybe I was just wondering if you were trying to get your house docked a few points, but mostly you're just disturbing my drawing peace."

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Well sorry, it is your house too after all." Derek grinned. "And I wasn't aware that drawing required a particularly large amount of thought."

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Daphne Schigiel (To Clary)
"I think I've got Astronomy. What about you?"

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) "Maybe it does Maybe it doesn't, does this look like it requires much thought?" I showed him my extremely detailed drawing of him in his chair snoring." I smiled innocently.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) ((Oops didn't mean to have that quotation mark after snoring))

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Oh, Astronomy is cancelled today. Professor Ahadi told me. She said to consider it a study hall. Anyway, I'm going to the library when this gets out." Clary said to Julie.

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Daphne Schigiel "Oh, thanks for telling me! I wouldn't have known otherwise. I think I'll go explore the castle a bit. And get a snack. Or go to my dormitory. There's just so much to see here!"

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) ((Would you mind role-playing for Derek? :) ))

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Maybe, then again, maybe not. You could just be a creepy stalker who draws my amazing self so often, that you have every detail memorized in case you need to suddenly whip out a drawing without me there." Derek said jokingly.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I laughed so hard I started crying. When I finally calmed down enough to realize everyone in the room was staring at me and Derek I calmed down and raised my hands "It's ok everybody, I think I just had a little more of that potion left in me from potions, I'm good!" Then under my breath so only Derek could hear me I whispered "Or it sounds like somebody's got their hopes up...But maybe I do have drawings of you..." I said thinking. I smiled slyly remembering something. "Yes, I have lots and lots of drawings. Would you like to see them?" I said mischievously.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Of course I would you crazy stalker. Why wouldn't I want to see the pictures you drew of me? I mean, it's only marginally creepy, maybe a little weird, but that's okay! I encourage weird!" Derek said.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I smiled and flipped to the pictures of the trolls that had a stupid look on their faces. I showed them to Derek. "Aren't they wonderful??"

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "I'm sincerely flattered by all the attention you've been giving my features in your free time. These are true likenesses."

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I nodded, pretending to be serious. "Do you see how I captured the light on your armpit hair?"

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) "Yes, you have an amazing touch with the pencil."

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) (((Sorry, have to go. Getting a glare from mom and the sense that my allotted computer time is up)))

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) ((Haha ok, continue tomorrow?))

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Derek turned back towards the professor who was still droning on and on about Edric the Evil. He glanced at the clock, only 10 minutes left!

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) I laughed to myself quietly and started actually drawing a picture of Derek.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) The professor dismissed class. Tessa finished the last of her notes, then packed up her belongings and left.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Professor Chopiak walked into the classroom. A few students were already seated. He turned to the board and wrote, The Sword of Godric Gryffindor. He then took a pencil out from behind his ear and transfigured it into a life-size model of the sword. This he placed on his desk.

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ginger gasped. That had been so cool! She quickly pulled out her notes and wrote down notes.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) When everyone had sat down, Professor Chopiak called out, ''Alright everyone settle down. Today we are clearly learning about the Sword of Godric Gryffindor.Can anyone tell me who made the sword?''

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Faith Alexandra (gingeralexandra) Ginger rose her hand "Goblins, right sir? did you do that?"

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) ''Transfiguration, I'm sure Professor Nyx could explain better. And yes, goblins, more specifically Ragnuk the First. But, there is some dispute over who he made it for. What's one theory?''

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) A few students raised their hands and Professor Chopiak picked one at random.
''Some people think Ragnuk made it for himself, and others think that he made it for Godric Gryffindor.''
''Very good, that was two theories, but very good.'' Professor Chopiak smiled at the student. ''Who believes what theories?''

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Daphne Schigiel Julie thought she knew this one. She raised her hand.

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Alexandra (flightofthebumblebees) Professor Chopiak looked around the room.
''Ah, Julie. What do you think?''

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Daphne Schigiel "Well, Golblins believe that Ragnuk made it for himself and that Gryffindor stole it. Some wizards and witches believe that it was sold to Gryffindor and got passed down in generations, which the Goblins perceived as stealing because he never gave it back. And, other wizards and witches believe that it was made for Grffindor," said Julie. She hoped she understood the question completely and had answered it correctly.

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