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Zeljka (ztook) | 2838 comments Mod
Hello everyone! Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and Happy New Year!

This is our gift to you for the end of the year -- just in a nick of time -- this new section in which we as members may create our own reading (and watching) challenges for this upcoming year and / or any other following year(s).

In short, what is this about? If there are some writers, genres, time periods, subjects or themes you've always wanted to get ahold of, but somehow you've never managed to find time for, this would be perfect section for you. And for any other member of the club who would also join you.

For an example, you would like to at last read all Stephen King's horror novels that were adapted on screen? Here you can make that kind of challenge for yourself, write some sort of the plan (books-movies-time schedule), and discuss it with the others as the project would go on. Although there won't be any tangible prizes after you complete the project, you might feel quite cool for that achievement. All right, maybe you might get some sort of congratulatory certificate from us ;)

However, there are some rules you should follow. Don't be afraid -- this whole section is supposed to be fun, it's just that we still need to have some guidelines with which to work. They are all posted below - three sets of rules: one general, second for project leaders and the third for project participants. So, before embarking into something concrete, read these rules first, please, and very carefully.

If you still would have some questions about this, of course freely ask :)

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Zeljka (ztook) | 2838 comments Mod
General Rules and Guidelines :

1. B2M Projects are side challenges and not obligatory. If you do not like what you see, don't join. These projects are supposed to be fun!

2. No posts outside already opened topics in this folder without permission. Such new topics will be automatically deleted.

3. If you have an idea for a project and you are willing to dedicate some of your free time to it during some period of time you specify, read the rules for project leaders. (right below these ones)

4. If you are willing to participate in some of the projects, read the rules for project participants. (right below those for project leaders)

5. If you are not for any reason willing to be project leader nor participant, you still can be a bystander or a cheerleader. That means you can participate in discussions you find interesting, you just won't get a badge of honor participants will.

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Zeljka (ztook) | 2838 comments Mod
Project leaders rules :

1. Project may revolve around anything - writers, genres, historical periods, people, themes.

2. For each book there must be a counterpart in the movies - they do not necessarily have to be adaptations. For an example, biographies may be paralleled with film documentaries that do not have to be based on them, but would nicely enrich the project.

3. Your project should consist of at least three books and three movies -- there is no upper limit, choose as many as you like.

4. Period of time you think it would take for finishing the challenge is purely your estimation - the challenge may last two months or two years.

5. The number of participants is limitless. There might be even only one - you.

6. So, you have great project in mind and will to go through it? Awesome - but please, provide us first with some kind of plan. Send us a message with short description of it (what is it about) and a list of the books and movies you intend to read and watch. We wouldn't like to see projects started just to be abandoned after a month or so, leaving other possible participants baffled and alone.

7. Every project has to have an introductory thread with its program presentation (aka the list of books and movies).

8. In case you won’t be able to keep up with the challenge for any reason (no punishment nor ban, don’t worry, this is supposed to be fun), pass the baton onto some other participant of your project.

9. In such case as above mentioned, of course you still may continue the challenge at the time more convenient for you. As with the participants of some public marathon, timer doesn’t really matter but the participation itself. In short, don’t give up.

10. As it would be your project, design the threads and lead the discussions any way you like.

11. Each project thread must have its designated name in the title, so it may be easily tracked. For an example, Austen project threads each must start with the name AUSTEN, followed by the number of the thread and its subtitle.

12. Your project, your rules. However, respect the other members willing to join your plight.

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Zeljka (ztook) | 2838 comments Mod
Project participants rules :

1. Applications for B2M Projects are not obligatory. B2M projects are supposed to be side challenges.

2. Once committed, you may bail out, of course, however, it is better to simply put the challenge on hold. One day you might like to continue with it.

3. To keep track of the project you participate in, go to the Projects Discussion folder, and sort the threads in the alphabetical order (by topics) so you may find your own under its designated name.

4. Read carefully what each project asks of you.

5. If you find yourself ahead the reading schedule, please note your progress in the appropriate thread, but resist going ahead in the discussion before the leader's approval. Topics may be opened only by the leader of the discussions.

6. Respect decisions of each project leader. You can suggest him/her books and movies tied to the subject of his choice in the project, but do not deprecate or deride his/her choices. If you do not like what you see, don't join. This is not competition nor are any tangible prizes given.

7. Upon finishing the challenge, you will receive a badge of honor for each project you were committed to.

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