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Arreana | 2 comments Hello readers and writers, my name is Arreana and I am the author of the series Farro and Sulfur and other Fantasy and YA novels. I self-published my first two novels in 2011, descriptions follow.


Khensa, a girl from the slums, is one of the last of a dying breed. Farro blood courses through her veins and for it she has suffered countless atrocities. Orphaned, kidnapped, imprisoned, and tortured, she endures without knowing if it shall ever end. For eleven months she endures…

Enter Bomani, her unintentional savior. Sent by his father to assassinate the high priest, he finds her, bloody, starved, and naked upon the floor. She is feral and half-crazed and yet still he takes her away. He introduces her to a whole new world – his own.

Together they navigate their way around a fragile society of kings, vendettas, and magic. Their story crosses deserts and mountains. It begins with fire and ends with water.

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Arreana | 2 comments My adult Fantasy, Umbra is now published and available to purchase on Amazon.


Please check out the page, download a sample, and see if you don't enjoy it.


Soren thinks it will be easy. He trades in precious salt and wields its spectacular magic. He has acted cowardly, but he has the tools to set it right. The creatures of the sea overrun his village, but he knows where to buy allies and armies.

But the monsters of the west smell the salt etched into his flesh. They stalk him through the darkness and swallow his dreams of knights and kings. Alone with his hired thug and bribed translator, the beasts of the forest maroon him in a crumbling empire.

It’s his fault for running when he should have stayed and fought. And now their chants follow him through his nightmares:

F’ngl mglw’nfh Y’hll wgh’ngl

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