The Death Cure (The Maze Runner, #3) The Death Cure question

Newt or Chuck? *SPOILERS!!!!*
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If you haven't read DC, DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING!


I think Newt was worse, since you knew him and all, I just died when Thomas pulled the trigger.

But Chuck was such a hero, it made you stop and think.

What do you guys think? Whose death was more painful?

I'm gonna be honest, Newt's death hurt me more than most book deaths did. Ever. He was my absolute favorite character and honestly kept me going throughout the books. He seemed more real, to me, I suppose, than the other characters.So Newt just really hurt because he was genuinely kind. He actually cared and was actually selfless and was good to read. Next to Minho, he was really funny, or maybe that's just my dry sense of humor. In the first book, when he talked about how he got his limp, I was really and truly heartbroken. That small part, more than anything else in the entire book, reminded me that these were people. They were in a book, yes, but having someone who cannot take the wretchedness of the Glade world? That made it real to me because God knows I couldn't. I can barely take this world. He was the most relateable character throughout the books. And now I shall talk about his death. Okay. The letter hurt enough. He knew what he was becoming and he would rather die than become a Crank. Take a moment. He. Rather. Die. He can't bring himself to do it, but he knows it has to be done. And in his final scene yelling at Thomas in a frenzy and there's so much pain there. And he overcomes the craziness that he's being forced into. He takes a moment and in desperation he pleads. He pleads for mercy. He only ever wants the world to be a better place only wants to help and he knows that as he fades from humanity, he drifts from the person he has always strived to be. If that type of character, that person that holds everyone together, the "glue" in the much better sense of the word, doesn't rip your heart out, then I don't understand you. Chuck's death was sad, sure, but he died saving Thomas; it was a sacrifice willingly made, not one in need of mercy. Newt hurt because he cared and that's what made me cry.

(i apologize for the length here but I feel very strongly on the subject)

Newt. His death made me stare bleakly/sadly/miserably around for a long time before continuing.

Newt because you knew him more then you knew Chuck even though Chuck died saving Thomas it was still sadder for me to endure Newt dieing. He was so friendly then, he started changing and I was hoping they would get the cure. The ending depressed me though because it left off where something bad could still happen there even though it was paradise.

Newt of course!!!!!! He's British!!!!! Duhhh!!!

I think Newt's death was incredibly desperate. I'd accidently spoiled myself when looking for TMR quotes on Goodreads: I found Newt's message x.x

And... ugh.
Chuck was a hero, because he saved Tom and everything. It was heartbreaking, because he was so young and innocent (but deep inside I knew he was going to die at some point in the first book, to be honest).

Newt, on the other hand, was always very calm and supporting and it really irritated me when he became aggressive because of the Flare. I really, really loved him. I loved him and his story and everything about him and it broke my heart when we saw him in the Crank camp (don't remember the actual name, sorry).
I understood him. I, myself, would never live long enough to be killed by an illness like cancer or, in that case, the Flare. I would've done the exact same thing and when he died I just sobbed for what felt like 3 days.

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Chuck, because short fat men make my heart sing love songs.

Both deaths were VERY painful for me. When Chuck died I cried for so long I thought I would never stop. And when Newt died, I'm like NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why???????!!!!!!!!!! But out of the two I think Newt's death was more painful. I thought he was going to be one of the survivors in the end. :'(

NEWT I don't believe he died!!!!!!!!!!!

Newt, totally. He was around for so long, always sticking up for Tommy, and just being the awesome guy he is. And when he died... I died too... I'm serious, if he was still alive we would be dating. So to me it was like loosing my boyfriend, and that's the most heartbreaking thing ever. R.I.P Newt, I love you forever and always <3

I felt so miserable when Chuck died, it was really heart wrenching and horrible and made me completely despise wicked! But when I found out that Newt had the flare I couldn't breathe... and when he actually heart just completely shattered. Newt, Minho, and Thomas were just this incredible trio of characters and when he died I totally lost it. So, definately Newt for me.

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Newt was my favorite Character, followed by Chuck. I was SO sad when Chuck died, but I expected it to happen. Horrible--sure, but it was very sudden.

As for Newt, well, he had always been my favorite. When I first got to the part when the Rat Man read the names of those that were NOT immune, I accidentally read it wrong and thought that the man said Newt WAS immune. I was like, "Yes, Yes, YES!" Then I read that sentence again and was SO UPSET! I kept waiting for the Rat Man to say, "Oops! Wrong list!" But he didn't. :(

Newt's death was worse for me because it dragged on and on. The bowling alley, the note, and then the begging in the last scene. It was heartbreaking!!! I don't know what I would have done, if I had been in Thomas' shoes. I guess he did the right thing (maybe?)'s what Newt wanted.
Newt was such a strong, funny, level-headed character. The Glue. (Plus he had a british accent, that didn't hurt!) I felt that Chuck just didn't have time to grow as a character. After all, he was only in the 1st book.

I can't wait for the movie!!! :)

THEY WERE BOTH SO TERRIBLE! I could never choose which is worse, I only know that they both absolutely break my heart into a million tiny pieces.

Newt, he was a deeper and more developed character since we "knew" him longer. Also the fact that he died in a very horrible way, along with the fact Thomas killed him technically. It was just tragic. Also newt tried he wanted to live! I think chuck, his death wasn't that surprising. Whereas going into DC I had no clue about newt. (Until he got sick)

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OMG NEWT!! :'( I cried so hard I thought I was going to faint!

NEWT NEWT Always NEWT. Chuck's death was definitely messed up on so many levels. But Newt trumps it every time. I remember whining in my head "WhyyyyyyyyyyyyNewt! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!!(sob)"

When Chuck died, I felt bad, so bad for Thomas.
When Newt died, I died.
So Newt.

Newt was my favorite character throughout the whole book, we got to know him a lot more, so I do believe his death was much worse. Chuck was forced to kill himself for Thomas, also, since WICKED took over his body, but Newt wanted to die because he was scared and didn't want to be a crank. So obviously I would think Newt's death was so much worse, although I cried at both just as much.

for me newt death was more dramatic and i was about to CRY but i didnt

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NEWT!!! My heart seriously broke into a million tiny pieces when he dies and I had to take a little break from the book. He was my favorite character in the whole series and seeing him so miserable and begging for Thomas to kill him was unbearable.Just thinking about it right now is making me depressed. My heart hasn't been broken like this since *THE FAULT IN OUR STARS SPOILER* Augustus Waters.

Chuck's death was sad and awful but Newt's was worse because I've had more time with Newt. He was one of my favorite characters.


Newt so sad you knew him longer.


Yeah, I agree. We didn't get to know Chuck as well as we did Newt and his death was quite sudden and quick, but Newt... :'( (excuse me while i bawl my eyes out). Throughout the Death Cure, you were hanging on this impossibly thin thread, hoping that somehow Newt was going to survive it all, and after all the struggles and suffering, seeing it come down to Thomas having to kill him was just heart wrenching. Feel bad for Chuck, but Newt was my favorite character.

I think that Chuck's death was more sad and painful. I guess it was the thought that they finally made it out of the Maze. They were practically done but Chuck was killed right there, right when they thought they finally won. Thomas had also made the ultimate promise of getting Chuck to his parents. Chuck was the youngest at the maze and Thomas knew that a kid like him didn't deserve all this trouble. Chuck stayed strong and helped them escape the maze. Even during his death, all he wanted his parents so when he actually died, it really hit Thomas.

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Newt! definetly, i cried so hard! i thought he was a good friend, and he was someone thomas could trust. that letter he wrote to thomas made my heart ache! i was sooo sad. i liked chuck, but i really REALLY liked newt.


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I honestly cried over both of their deaths. But I cried over Newt's death way more that I spent the whole day thinking about it. Newt was my favorite character in the series and his death was just too depressing and devastating for me.

I think that Newt's death was more painful because Thomas had to do it himself. Chuck was forced to die because Chuck was forced to dive in front of Thomas by the people of wicked he didn't choose to do it himself. i also think that Newt's death was more painful because he was a really big character in the first maze runner, by this i am not saying Chuck wasn't, but Newt had a bigger part, being one of the leaders, and being in the glade longer than most of the other boys, he was also one of my favorite characters, so it was pretty sad to me.

O my God. Newt. I cried so much at this death. I think this was worst death ever. He was such an amazing, kind, funny and strong character. I died when he died. I just couldn't belive what Thomas did. HIS BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!! Bu t I understand why. Newt was holding the team bound and he suportted Thomas from the very beggining. His death made me SO sad. My heart was broken :-(
Chuk's death hurted too, but we barely knew him.

For me personally Newt's was much harder. I always had a much greater liking for Newt than Chuck. It's not that I didn't like Chuck, but Newt was by far my favorite character in the entire series. At the same time, I'm sure there are people who didn't particularly like Newt so I guess it just depends on who you ask lol.

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Chuck's death for me... obviously.

Newt. Definitely. I was so depressed when he died I stayed at home and sobbed all day.For 3 days. I cried so hard at when Thomas and Minho found Newt at the crank palace and he was threatening Thomas to strike him with his launcher. And then when Thomas saw newt again with torn clothes and bald parts in his hair, it killed me. Newt was losing his sanity so quickly and it was ... heartbreaking . Newt was such a good person, brave but at the same time kind. Such an amazin' protagonist... leader . He's really funny in my opinion and I loved him. I actually cared for Newt.And when he admitted he was trying to commit suicide it practically killed me.



Valentina La muerte de Chuck me hizo llorar a mares,era uno de los personajes que mas me gustaba.Y la muerte de Newt digamos que me sorprendio un poco por el he ...more
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Newt no doubt. Sobbed so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

Anna-Donnis (Ƥяσ-Яɛα∂ɛя;-p) I sooo agree when he died i cried 4ever ::-(
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I cried and cried at Chucks death because he was so young and never got to meet his Mam. Also you think Thomas would at least be nice enough to give his respect to his dead friend and actually keep his promise. I'm sure he said something along the lines of "I'll find your family Chuck". And did he? I don't think so!
I was also sad when Newt died because you got to know and trust him so well and you would've expected he was immune but no. I couldn't read on after Thomas pulled the trigger. I didn't believe he actually KILLED HIS BEST FRIEND! I know that Newt asked him to but if your friend asked you to shoot them in the head would you? I mean I know he was going insane and all that but it wasn't hurting him and he wouldn't even remember Thomas anyways?! I can see both sides of the argument here but I still don't believe he did it.

I loved both Newt and Chuck.
they were both my favorite characters from the start.

I thought it was really sad that Chuck died in the first book, espically how he died. I know he saved Thomas, but WICKED also MADE him get in front of Thomas when Gally was also forced to throw the knife. So even though Chuck saved Thomas it was sad that he was so young and didn't even know what was going on until after he was hit with the knife. I will admit I had a feeling that Chuck was going to die once all everything started falling apart in the Maze.

I think Newts death was the saddest.
He was such a strong character from the beginning, and he was always there for Thomas. He trusted Thomas when everyone was sorta against Thomas.
He kept everyone and everything together, and always had a level-head and always in control. It was so sad finding out that he had the Flare. Even worse that you could tell that it was taking over him, faster then anyone wanted to! And then when Thomas saw him again, and he looked more like a crank, with the pulled out hair and torn clothes, that really killed me, it was so sad.
When Newt begged Thomas to kill him it was just so emotional, and impactful. It was really sad that a strong character like Newt was taken down by something as uncontrollable as the Flare. Him admitting that he tried to commit suiside made everything just that much worse.

Oh gosh, how dare you make me choose! I think I hated Newt's death more, not only cause he was my 2nd favorite character, but also because you know him for a longer time in the trilogy, you know? Chuck's death was unexpected and awful, but you only knew him for 1 book, so I got it over it..........both death's were horrible though...

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