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((Remember, the Hunters stay here at camp. The cabin is there to make her happy, remember?))

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Gwen ripped off a piece of mistletoe that some idiotic half-blood had pinned to the door of Cabin Eight. She took off her boots, carefully wiping the ground of mud, and put them away. Sighing, she chose her bunk and waited for the other Hunters to arrive, looking forward to Capture the Flag.

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Imaan ((Oh. So the Hunters I adopted can be used here?))

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((Not all the time. Check the notice board in the 1st folder for dates of when the Hunters will visit camp. I have a special Hunters RP topic, if you noticed. :D))

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Imaan ((Yay!))

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Imaan Miranda and Phoebe were chatting softly in the Artemis cabin, talking about how awesome it was to be a Hunter and how they loved the fact that they were together, as Hunters. Forever. After all, they were Best Friends. Phoebe was the Healer, Miranda was the fighter. They were different, but who cared? The cabin fell silent as that Weird Satyr came in and said giddily "Lights out, ladies". The Hunters growled. They shooed him out without trying to make contact, and as soon as he was out, the Hunters sighed in relief. When you became a Hunter, you naturally felt...A bit sensitive with boys. The Hunters glanced at one another, and started to giggle softly. They got ready for the night, and right now, as Phoebe and Miranda REALLY couldn't go to sleep, the Hunters left a little Night-Light. It was very convenient.
" Well, at least Camp-Half Blood has a cabin for Artemis" Phoebe whispered, and Miranda nodded.
" I would be very upset. No, ALL the Hunters would be very upset!" Miranda whispered and Phoebe nodded vigorously and started saying something else.

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Gwen sighed. "'Course we would. Lady Artemis would too," she said, a air of importance to her voice. Of course she'd have it-after all, she was Lieutenant of the Hunters. She sighed and began to try and get to sleep. Gwen was actually a minor goddess-another reason she had that important air to her voice-not a demigod as most expected.

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Shahdia wrote: "Gwen sighed. "'Course we would. Lady Artemis would too," she said, a air of importance to her voice. Of course she'd have it-after all, she was Lieutenant of the Hunters. She sighed and began to tr..."

((DON'T DIE!))

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Imaan "Phoebe and Miranda looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Bossy old Gwen. And how was she awake. Now that Gwen was awake, Phoebe and Miranda decide now may be the right time to retire.

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Imaan Phoebe woke up in the morning, feeling fresh and anew. Well, she did feel like that all the time! She considered waking up Miranda, but she was sleeping peacefully and calmly, so she crept into the bathroom and started to get ready for the day.

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Imaan Miranda saw Phoebe walk into the bathroom, and thought perhaps she should have an early start too!

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Gwen woke up, sunlight streaming through the window, and listened to the sound of doves for a while. She got up and looked around, wondering if any of the Hunters were awake.

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Imaan Miranda looked behind her to see if Gwen had woken up, and groaned. Gwen looked at her, and turned her back on her. Miranda rolled her eyes, and turned away too.

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"I'm the Lieutenant," Gwen said, sensing Miranda's discomfort. "I'm used to waking up at the crack of dawn."

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