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Imaan Ella frowned, She was painting a statue of her mum, something another Athena girl had sculptured. She was trying to be as delicate as she could, only making the slightest brush swishes and was mute. There was some other people in the room, and in the distance, she saw a girl. The other peope in the room were boys.
"Hi!" Ella said softly, and beckoned for her to come nearer to her.Ella could now see her closely. She was very pretty - must be an Aphrodite girl, she thought to herself.
"Hi!" the girl replied. Ella frowned, but only slightly. She was trying to recall where she had seen her before.
"Aren't you Charlotte, Charlize's best friend?" Ella saw her embarassed face and quickly said
"No, nobody really knows. I just know because she has don me a 'couple of favors. She told me about you". Charlotte seemed to feel better. She admired the statue Ella was painting and Ella exclaimed at the beautiful, APHRODITE sign she was making. Roses sprouted out of it and APHRODITE popped in and out. Romantic usic played and APHRODITE thing once in a while bursted in colour. The Athena staue so far looked humble compared to it.

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Tommy concentrated hard on his miniature sun chariot, a monument that would be put on the collection of Cabin Seven's ornaments. He was quite pleased with it, considering the only thing he had for reference was a photo one of his cabin-mates had given him. Slowly, he dipped the paintbrush in the yellow paint and painted small strokes on the car, glad he was a son of Apollo, god of the arts, and good at art.

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Imaan Ella looked across the table.
"Hi, Tommy!" Ella said, recognizing him at once.
"How nice to see you!" Tommy blushed, and murmered his greetings. Ella grinned wickedly and said
"You look just like your sister!" Ella continued. Tommy raised his head in question and said "You know my sister?" he said. Ella rolled her eyes playfully and said "Of course I know her! She's my friend! We play volleyball together!" Tommy seemed startled, but he covered it up with a "You must meet each other in the Council meetings because aren't you the Head Counseller of the Athena cabin" Ella nodded and it finally occured to her to say somethinbg about his masterpeice.
"Nice charriot!" Ella said, and pointed at it. Tommy smiled and said "Thanks" he looked at Ella's and added "Yours is pretty good" and with that, they both continued with their engrossing work.

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Tommy finally finished his chariot when a girl entered the room. She was eight, like him, and has a blonde ponytail and grey eyes. Athena kid? he thought; his suspicions were confirmed when she opened up a book on a picture of a grey owl and began to paint an owl someone else had done.

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