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Dragon Blade (War of the Blades, #2)
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J.D. Hallowell | 62 comments Swords forged by dragon magic. Ancient rivalries flaring into all-out war. Dragon Riders caught up in a clash of hidden powers. A world hangs in the balance.

Dragon Blade, the second book in J.D. Hallowell’s War of the Blades, is the epic conclusion to the story begun in Dragon Fate. Delno Okonan, his draconic bond-mate, Geneva, and their allies among the Dragons and Riders are once again caught up in events controlled by unseen forces. They must uncover the real secrets behind the death of a senior Dragon Rider and the sudden rise of the Roracks, ancient enemy of dragons and men, to defeat a threat that could destroy them all and leave the world they know forever altered.

Available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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A.L. Butcher (alb2012) | 848 comments YAY!!!
Got it already, much looking forward to this:)

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J.D. Hallowell | 62 comments Alexandra wrote: "YAY!!!
Got it already, much looking forward to this:)"

I hope you enjoy it!

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