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Lucy (DesertsAngel) | 27 comments Mod

Jake sat at his police sheriff desk, doing paper work.


She sat in the back of a police car, her gaze looking down as she thought,'brothers going to kill me..'

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Katherine kept banging a tin cup against her cell door, just trying to annoy everyone. Feels like I'm in the Andy Griffith Show..., She thought with a smirk. Katherine really did have no worries. After all, her dad would be here to bail her out in no time...

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He blinked, watching them bring aqua in and he sighs,"again?" she shook his head disappointedly and lead aqua to the cell next to katherine's, giving her a slight annoyed glance at her banging the tin cup against the cell door.


Once in her cell, aqua sat down, pretty used to being in this cell since she was in it last month.

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Katherine watched as the new girl came in. "Hey there, darling. How are you this lovely afternoon?" She called out.

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He narrowed his eyes before walking off.


"just fine, you?" Aqua called back.

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"Just fabulous. You know, if it wasn't for the smell of urine this cell might be considered quite quaint." Katherine wrinkled her nose at the stench.

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Aqua let out a little giggle, nodding in agreement.

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Katherine muttered something under her breath. Then, a man in a black suit with dark, combed back hair came in. He held a briefcase and a strange look in his eyes, similiar to the gaze of a lion at a gazelle, as if he was the predator. He walked up to the sheriff. "Excuse me, I am here regarding the business of my daughter, Katherine Davis' bail."

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Jake looked up,"did you sign in?"


She layed back, stareing up at the dark ceiling.

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"Of course. I know the routine, Sheriff. And may I say, your secretary out there is quite the looker." The man, Hunter Davis, gave him a conspirators wink. "Now, where is the paperwork?"

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Jacob sighed, handing him the paper work.

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Hunter looked over it for a moment and quickly filled in several areas. He offered it back to Jacob. "All should be in order. Katherine, come along." He called.
Katherine swung the cell door open and stepped next to her father, tossing the key to Jacob. "There you go, Sheriff. You might want to keep a better eye on that."

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He rolled his eyes before looking threw the paperwork.


She giggled slightly.

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Hunter raised an eyebrow, watching Jacob. "Is eveything there, Sheriff?"

Katherine glanced at Aqua. "Davis. Katherine Davis. Look me up if you ever need a lawyer." She winked.

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he nods,"have a nice day you two" he went on with his work.

Aqua smirked."nah, i wont be in here for long, jacob i mean.. the sheriff.. is my brother.."

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Katherine snorted. "Sucks for you, darling." She chuckled before sauntering outside, her father trailing behind her.

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"stay away from girls like her, youll get in trouble more.."

Aqua shrugged,"you tend to like girls like that.. besides, people i hang out with are worse" she stretched out on the hard bed.

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Katherine ditched her father as soon as they were outside, leaving to go get something to drink. It wasn't dark yet so she'd be stuck hanging with drunk soccer mom's at the local bar. Great.

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"how long do i have to stay in here? Aqua asked, boredly sighing. "you can come out now.." Jake said as he continued on some paper work. Aqua slipped threw the bars sense she is that skinny.

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Katherine slid into a barstool and ordered a martini. She glanced around at everyone around her, looking for an easy target.

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Aqua sat in a chair with wheels, boredly spinning it around, waiting for jacob to finish his work so they could go home.

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The local bar was kind of rundown but had an adorable vintage theme, which Katherine loved. She walked over to the old jukebox and looked through the songs, putting on a Frank Sinatra song.

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Jake annoyingly glanced up at aqua who kept spinning the chair before he said,"alright, im done" he got up, putting on a jacket as aqua gets off the chair, slowly falling to her knees from being dizzy.

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Katherine sighed, closing her eyes and listening as Frank sang about being a lonely italian guy. She liked classical music, which might be considered strange if you took into account her personality.

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Jake sighed, walking out, Aqua following close behind.

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After finishing her drink, Katherine left the bar. She walked through the street. There was a new club she had wanted to check out but couldn't remember where it was...

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Jacob gets in his red corvet, Aqua getting in the other side and he drives off.

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Katherine wondered aimlessly through the streets. She sighed in annoyance and stuck her thumb out as a red corvet drove by. She had never hitchhiked before but wasn't really afraid of strangers plotting to kill her. So, why not?

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jaobe tilts his head and pulls to the side, rolling the window down- what are you doing out here in this weather?

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Katherine raised an eyebrow. "Howdy, Sheriff." Her eyes slid over to Aqua. "I'm just outside marveling at the beauty of dear old mother Earth." She said. It was hard to tell if she was being sarcastic or not.

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Aqua looked at jake then at katherine as jake asked,"where are you heading?"

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Katherine narrowed her eyes at him, as if studying an opponet. She didn't answer for a long silence. "Uptown." She finally answered. "Little club called Le Aries."

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he nods before asking,"you want a lift? unless of course you're afraid to be seen with the sheriff..." he teased with a sly smirk.

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Katherine yanked the back door open amd slid in the back seat. "I'm not afraid of anything." She retorted. Katherine turned her attention to Aqua. "I'm dont think i ever got your name, darling."

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He drives off. Aqua blinks before smileing- blue... Aqua blue that is

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Katherine smiled. She had a devilish smile. "And I know I told you my name. We should hang out some time, don't you think?"

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Aqua smiled,nodding.

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Katherine looked over to Jacob. "What about you? Whats your name? I'm willing to bet your parents didn't name you 'sheriff'."

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Jacob chuckled slightly,"im jacob, but everyone else calls me jake"

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Katherine yawned. "Thats boring. You shouldv'e lied and said your name was like Reece Remington or something cool. Aqua, you officially are cooler than your brother."

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Aqua smirks,"thats the first..." Jake rolls his eyes.

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Katherine chuckled. "Turn up here." She instructed as they came up to croassroads. "Maybe you should come to Les Aries with me, Aqua. I think you'd like it."

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Sorry, this account isnt working unless i use my cell, i made a new account with the same username and pic tho so from now on im going to use my new account on here

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 134 comments Aqua blinks,"you think?"

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Katherine smiled deviously. "Of course. You'd probably even see some people you know there.....and you would probably know them from jail." She shrugged. "But sorry Jake, no cops allowed."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 134 comments Jake doesnt seem to be paying attention as he pulls in before saying- keep an eye on my sister, she ends up in jail again im going to be pissed.

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Katherine raised an eyebrow. "I'm no babysitter, Reece." She winked once before opening the car door and hopping out. She opened the passenger door, looking at Aqua. "You coming, darling?"

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 134 comments Aqua nods, getting out as jake growls low,"im serious katherine.."

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Katherine rolled her eyes. "And I serioualy don't give a shit." She didn't stay around to hear more of his crap. Instead, she walked over to the door and walked right in, leaving it up to Aqua if she wanted to follow or not.

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