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Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments This is where EJ & Nouh live. Kio will be moving in soon.

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Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments Kio parks in front of the Romans place looks to his right, of course EJ is out, he chuckles. She reminds him so much of his little sister even if she's just as wicked as himself. Kio and Nouh has been friends since 5th grade where Nouh has been in the 6th. It was like an unspoken promise that both their sisters are to be taken care of and NEVER get in the middle of the Lifted business. This stuff was dangerous, his own sister can't hurt a fly as to rob a store! EJ was totally something else, she has the potential to break in steal your money, and convince you it's for charity. He doesn't think she ever stole anything anyway. That was better, cuz he'd never let her become what he and Nouh are, even if she's more than halfway there. She would be a perfect fit in there they told him, and he knows it's true, but no. NEVER. He got out of the car, walked around and opened the door at her side, god the silence is creepy. He pokes her shoulder till she's conscious. "WHAT" She screams "Get up druggy you're home and i'm not carrying you and tucking you in bed" "Oh you wish" she mutters. EJ is soo damn dizzy she forgot how to move her legs. "Damn it! Move out of my way dude!" Kio mutters something under his breath walks towards the door and knocks. Nouh's the one who got it. "S'up man?" Your sister's wasted in my car" "Shit" Nouh walks and sees EJ "Yo get up mad manhater! Your wig's falling off!" She looks startled "What oh, Shit!" Gets up fast and runs into the house.

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Moshira El Balamony (musho) | 87 comments Of course, if she doesn't trip on the pavement she has to trip in the house! She raises her back and sits on the floor. She took of her wig, oh so i was Jaide to day. well good no one asked what my name was She thought to herself. She looks up, Kio is driving away and "Good lord what the hell is wrong with you man!" Nouh was staring at her. "Get up, into your room and I don't want to see you till morning" He said calmly trying to hold his temper. "Wasn't planning to. but when did you become such a .. you know what? Good night." She stomps up the stairs enters her room, slams the door and crashes on her bed.

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