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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) This is the biomechanics lab where many tests are run on the human body in regards to the addition of artifical intelligence as well as mechanical parts in general. Nina's Father runs it, but his highly assisted by Oliver.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Sabrina shifted nervously in her seat in the hospital like waiting room. The white walls and quiet staff were so intimidating for her at the moment. Her eyes would jerked up each time a new lab coat came from the halls, fearing they would be calling her to come with them. Part of her just wanted to get all of this over. The first time was surely to be the worst. It would of helped her nerves had she even known what they planned on doing to her...

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Oliver sat in the lab, memorizing his sketches before asking the assistant to bring Sabrina in. The assistant did as she asked, walking to the waiting room. She just went to the door, asking in a loud clear, robotic voice. "Sabrina Carter." Not waiting for Sabrina to follow, she turned around and started toward the correct room.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) God how Sabrina had wished the voice to call out her name has been human. But, of course, it was a robot. But, that should be reassuring, right? They had functional robots so probably wouldn't mess up too badly...Sabrina hoped. She rose to her feet, heart thudding violently in her chest as she walked after the robot and into the room. 

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Oliver turned to Sabrina, offering her the friendliest smile he had. He needed her to relax so he could get this over with quickly. He was always nervous around the test subjects. He didn't think it should be done in the system that it was. He stood up to shake her hand, "Hello, Sabrina." He made sure not to mention his name, though he felt rude doing so. He didn't want word of him getting out, it was bad enough he was meeting her in person.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Sabrina extended her hand and shook it. "Hi," she said monotony. She went ahead and walked past him to take a seat on the cold metal table. "Well, do what you must," she said slightly dramatically to try and lighten her own mode, but it didn't seem to work to much. Being new to the Nest still and oblivious to most things of their world, she wasn't familiar with the famous Oliver enough to recognize him as a lot of people may. So, he was in no danger of his name getting leaked out. 

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Oliver sat down in his chair. He rested his elbows upon his knees. "Tell me about yourself, Sabrina." His job was simply to understand how she worked. They had dramatic plans for her, with a hit or miss job. He needed help trying to prove just how much they had to lose.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Ah, so she had to talk about herself? Okay, what to say first. "To be frank, Sr.," Sabrina said, her voice coming out much clearer and with more confidence at this point since she had something to thing about--her reply. "Regardless of what I'm like, your plans for whatever you're going to do to me are already written and stashed neatly in that little folder you're holding. Those plans won't change based off of what I tell you. I could admit to being one of the most brilliant minds of this generation who was just hindered because she lived on Earth, but that wouldn't matter if it were true, now would it? You would still preform your experiments." Ah, truth had been told. Sabrina had been one of the most brilliant minds on Earth still, but her life hadn't allowed her to excel at all. Plus, her verbal filter was broken, so she would always sound arrogant to those that might have been able to give her her chance. Sabrina took in a short breath. "So, Sr., my answer is simple, it doesn't matter I'm like."

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Oliver cocked a eyebrow before leafing threw the folder in his hand. He pulled out a picture of a mechanical heart. (view spoiler)
"The people here are planing on replacing your heart with a mechanical one of my invention. If you live, it will be a breakthrough biotechnology discovery. If you die, you'll just be another dead test. I would like to know a little about you, figure out how your head and heart work before I replace one." He didn't mention about how if the heart transplantation went well, they would test her on a brain one as well. He also left it to her with the probabilities of the heart as well. If you always had a working heart and brain, they could reprogram the brain to demand the human cells to never die off. Thus a race of immortality.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Sabrina felt all the blood leave her cheeks and her forehead crease as well as small glossy layer coat her eyes. She wasn't exactly able to find a reply just yet. What was she supposed to say? She had an amazing heart, and they just wanted to rip it out and throw a new one in in hopes of it working? "Perhaps I was wrong," she said quietly to herself, a small tear trailing from her eye, "there is something worse than being on Earth. My heart is amazing, doctors tell me as well as my brain. As I already told you, I was categorized as being a genius. I--I don't think I can do this. Just throw me back on Earth and run your test on someone with a heart that is defective or aged..." 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) ((off for the night :(. Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays!))

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Oliver sighed, putting his face in his hands. "We came from Earth, you and I." He peaked at her through the top of his hands. He sat back, "I promise to make the best damn heart. It will be better then a real heart. We chose you specifically for this. I can't tell you all the details to what this implies, but they are huge." The first human able to live forever. Though, it was technically not-so human. They had tested on somebody similar before, but not as dramatic as they wanted to try for Sabrina.
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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) "The propose may be amazing and you may try your damnest to ensure that it works," Sabrina said a bit louder than she meant to as she stood from the table, arms crossed. She leaned back to it a little for stabilization when she realized her legs were like jelly. "But, neither of those means I will live. I could be cutting my entire life short just for a failed test run. If you put one of those in a person who's heart is failing and it doesn't work, then you haven't really killed someone. You'd be killing me, doctor." She just assumed him to be some variation of a doctor. "If it worked in place of a bad heart, then at least you'd know it'd work in me. You wouldn't be risking, as you said, the person you all picked specifically for this."

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Oliver looked at her in shock for her talking back. He respected people who had the will to, but he knew others didn't take to kindly to that here. "I'm not a doctor." he replied smoothly. "It isn't just black and white, Ms.Carter. There are wholes in every system. There are reasons they picked you for this. You want to go back to Earth? Where people die on the streets with nobody bothering to pick them up? Fine. Live your life just as any other person, never remembered."

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) "Are you telling me that you'd rather risk dying early just for the chance to be remembered? Down there on in what little remains of a society at least things are black and white. Either claw your way through everything and live. Or die. Survival of the fittest," she added as she burned her gaze into his. "The fittest here, however, are out ruled by power and money--even if they are completely chubby or slow. You throw even the fit under the bridge by wanting to take out what makes them able to survive--one of the things that makes them a living being--in hopes your little machine works!" At this point, Sabrina was sure she was just rambling in circles. So she snapped her mouth shut and kept her stern glare on him. "I have no money, no power, or no name in this fancy floating world of yours, so, no one will miss me if you're a failure. I'm useless to your world beyond a little test subject that can easily be replaced and thrown away if things go wrong. So, do your tests. Deduct what you want about myself to answer your question. I've already given you plenty on who I am just through this conversation I'm sure." Sabrina placed her hands on either side of her on the metal table and raised herself back on it. Her face was burning with a bit of anger and rage from the truth of her words. Here in the Nest, she was useless. She was no one. There was no other purpose here for her beyond dying for their experiment. So, she might as well give up one of the few perfect things her parents were able to give her--her heart--considering she had nothing left to really live for anyways. 

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Oliver pursed his lips, contemplating how to respond. He could see where she was coming from, they had both grew up on Earth. She was right as well, she had given him enough information about herself for him to conclude his studies. She would be the perfect leader. Strong, thinks of things a tad bit differently. There was the small fact of her insecurities. He could tell as she talked, that she had a few of them.
"I would rather risk dying early just for the chance to make a difference." he replied softly. He was contributing to help making that difference. She should be too.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Sabrina cut her eye to him. "I assume this is being done to try and save those with bad hearts or who have had serious accidents. Now, if that's true, there shouldn't be any one set person perfect for this study. Anyone could be used to make this difference." She perked her brow and stared intently at the man. "Is that all that is trying to be accomplished here? A replacement heart for those that need it?" Sabrina wasn't stupid, this much was most likely evident. Questions were buzzing through her mind and she would try to use correctly worded questions to bend the answers to her. 

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) ((are you going to be on anymore tonight?))

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((Sorry! Oh, and somebody made a charrie that has a titanium heart so I'll play that into this.))

Honestly, Olive wasn't even classified to know that information. He had assumed the same as her though, that only the rich and powerful would get these perks. He thought of some way to reassure her. "I've made a similar heart before and it went fine. The patient says that they can't even tell the difference." The hard part was working with the un-biodegradable material so they would never have to replace her heart. He was sure the heart of titanium he had made in the past will one day, long after the patient is dead of old age, will start degrading.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Sabrina was well aware her questions were being voided or perhaps the man wasn't even listening enough to notice her questions towards the ultimate purpose of all this. "Alright," she said simply. Any other words or conversation seemed to be drowned deep in her. The answers she was trying to get werent being given and she really didnt have another choice in the matter. 

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Oliver noticed how her speech was now being clipped. He decided that the conversation should be at it's end, he had gotten what he needed from her and then some. He concluded personality traits that he would try to work into the new brain. Oliver swiftly stood up from his chair to offer his hand to hers once more. "Thank you for your time, Sabrina." his tone indicated that he was politely asking her to leave.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) Sabrina looked at his hand for a moment as she lowered herself from the table. "No problem," she said without much emotion to it, her gaze traveling to his eyes now. "It's not like my time may be even more limited than I expected or anything." She walked past him, not shaking his hand or anything of that nature. "Have good day, Doct--" she cut her words short and slowed a the door. She looked back to him, her lips a slight frown. He wasnt a doctor. What did she need to call him? "Sr. Have a good day, Sr." 

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Oliver slowly lowered his hand as he watched her leave. He sighed when she didn't address him by his name, he didn't think he deserved that kind of respect from her for what he was doing. He took off his rented lab coat and left it on a nearby chair before starting to gather up his things. He just wanted to get home and see Nina.
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